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I saw the thing about Pokemon GO and thought, how would The Corazon, Doflamingo, and Law react to it. God, please do them.

Alrighty here we go^^


  • someone installed it without him knowing and he just cant delete the damn app
  • he props chose Bulbasaur
  • If he was interested in it he would sooner or later get run over by a bus


  • thinks it’s pretty dumb
  • installs it and pretends to have fun with it so he can into the pants of hot 20-something nerds


  • chooses squirtle
  • at first finds it dumb as hell 
  • but then he catches a little eevee and just cant stop playing 
  • pretty embarassed about it tho

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requested by anonymous: WHEE HELLO I hope you’re having a super fantastic day!!! Could I possibly please request a fluffy overload one where reader x Sonny are married & work in SVU together (how they met) and just had a baby, and it be where they ask Barba to be the godfather WOWOW I want to fling myself in the burning sun just thinking about it this ruins me (also sending v much love to u)

word count: 496

warnings: none

masterlist - request

Rafael had never truly seen Carisi nervous.

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Four Months - greygerbil - Law & Order: SVU [Archive of Our Own]
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Language: English
Summary: It takes four months for Sonny to be sure that he’s actually in a relationship.

If characters from One Piece were Otome game characters part 2

If you didn’t read part 1:  

(I like to play otome games sometimes… so my friend and I, fellow fangirls, made a list of Op charas that we thought would fit in the category of the common types of guys that appear in otome games.)

“Bad boy” type -  Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do?Fall for them of course 😁 Chicks always fall for bad boys right? It’s our Kryptonite …  So as a heroine, you develop soft spot for delinquents basically. Bad boy type is often arrogant, sarcastic, harsh. When he fights he’s like a wild beast. He’s almost always in some sort of trouble. Stubbornness is also a trait. But as the game progresses you find out he had some sort of shitty childhood or usually a “valid” reason why he’s acting like that (not always though). Behind all that hard exterior, he hides the kind side that he only shows to heroine. It’s cute actually.

Here was pretty easy to choose. Hello there, captain Kid   :*

“Athletic guy” - Ok, I haven’t played that many otome games with this kind of character, because this type is not so popular in otome games. So what I write, is based on what I played. The athletic type is devoted to some manly activity, most often a sport. He oozes masculinity and is mainly popular, and is a chick magnet. So, since sport or whatever his athletic passion is, takes most of his time, say goodbye to good grades/work performance and social life. Also, the reason why this type is not so popular is because the main focus is not on his personality but on his devotion to the sport/athletic career. When it comes to romance, the guy is pretty dense. My god, it’s even easier to get the senpai to notice you than this guy, cause he’s pretty much clueless. So, why in the hell is this guy in the game? ‘cause my dearies , hard work pays off (as Guy sensei said). After countless hours of playing, sweat and tears putted into him noticing you, you get rewarded. He transforms into friggin’ knight in shiny armor. He treats heroine like a princess. Devoted,kind and treats you with respect. What more could you want?

So who did we choose? A certain swordsman 😚

Manly, devoted 100% to his goal to become the best swordsman ever, Mr Roronoa Zoro

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“Quiet guy” type -  another rare type I’ve encountered in Otomes. Again based on the ones I came across: They don’t talk too much obviously, do not like to socialize much, are shy and are usually into some sort of hobby. Display of emotions? What are emotions? what is love? Heroine basically has to force them to talk with her. There are cool ones that are really cute, have some sort of mystery aura, and there are awkward ones who are the book-type. Not that I don’t like them. Basically they don’t know how to interact with other people and are finding their comfort zone in hobbies (books, computers,art etc). They live in their own world. Heroine has to work her but off to get them to open up to her. I also think their personality is not developed too much, of course there are exceptions. The ones that I played, turned out to be sweet and cute when you show them what love is 😁

So… which hunk from one piece is similar to this type? We thought of Basil Hawkins. A man of few words, and a smart one. Plus mysterious. But since we don’t know much about him, who knows maybe he has some quirky trait 😁

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“Childhood friend” type - Oh yeah,  this one is pretty common type. You have a long history with this type of character. In the games I played, this guy has probably been in love with the heroine for years but lives in denial, cause it would ruin the friendship he values above all. If not, he falls for the heroine as the game progresses, and he desperately tries to hide it, and starts avoiding heroine because of the many awkward moments between the two. There are different variations of this type. They are usually kind, easy-going, supportive, some of them brotherly type and over-protective. Others can be jealous, quiet and possessive. All in all, the guy cares deeply for the heroine, showing his “true self” only to her. There are some extreme Wtf cases though. Depends what game you play.

Hmmm who?  Ace. (my baby, i wouldn’t wanna stay in the friendzone for too long)

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“Kuudere” type - Cold, heartless, hot as fuck bastard. Also blunt, mean, cynical, and pretty much doesn’t care about anyone. Calm and composed. You rarely see display of emotions. They are strict and have a pretty huge self-control when it comes to emotions. But wait!  That’s only on the outside :D As the game progresses, they start to fear showing any sign of affection, such as admitting they like heroine, cause they see that as weakness.  But when that barrier is broken, hello :)

Oh please, who else than Dr. HeartStealer , Trafalgar Law

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“Villain” type - Huge jerks. I’ve encountered these types in fantasy/supernatural otome games. Malicious hot jerks. Their plan is really original : world domination. (yawns) They start going hard for the heroine from the very beginning, doing something shameless. like come wash my back while I’m butt naked. Heroine constantly fights them verbally or physically, they usually want “to feel you up” but when things get too exciting they just start laughing telling the heroine she will eventually come to them. Which she usually does, as the game progresses. (all according to keikaku). Anyhow, heroine develops feelings for them as she learns their often tragic backstory, you know they can be pretty persuasive, and somehow make everything they say logical? wut? In the game I played, heroine joined his side. There was one villain guy I actually loved, and his route was the most exciting for me cause he made heroine badass…

I think it’s pretty obvious who we chose… Doffy  ;) 

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That’s all guys, thanks for reading ;)

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headcanons of shanks, rayleigh, law and ace react to their female s/o waking up after getting fatally injured in a battle because of taking a blow that was intended for them? thanks (:

Reaction to female s/o awakening after a nearly fatal injury (sustained in order to save them):

(In order of: ‘I can handle this even though it’s difficult’ to ‘complete train wreck status’)


  • Guilt ridden. He probably hasn’t even had it in him to drink in the days leading up to her waking up. 
  • Nobody has even seen him, the crew can barely get him to come out of her room. They figure it best to leave him alone because Shanks only gets this serious when he’s really upset about something.
  • And he’s pissed. You can feel his haki from a mile away. A whirlwind of emotions and brutality, a long hand resting over the bridge of his nose, fingers blocking the light out of his eyes. He only looks up to check on her if he hears any sudden movement.
  • Once she wakes up his eyes soften. He’s going to put on a comforting face for her. He won’t reprimand her for trying to save him, only her method of doing so. He’ll express his sincerity, he’ll want her to know how much she means to him. And how lost he’d be if she’d of died.
  • She probably feels a little guilty for being so reckless. Shanks is usually pretty precise in his battles.
  • After the shock has settled, he’s out for revenge. He’s not a brutal pirate, but he’ll never forgive anyone who harms a person he loves.


  • This is going to crack his demeanor a little bit. The shock of a loved one taking a blow for him merely because he wasn’t paying attention/couldn’t see it coming would break his heart.
  • He’s already said his body doesn’t work the same way it used to, this will just be another reminder. 
  • He may start to feel like he won’t be able to protect them in the future. He’ll feel selfish for sticking around but he won’t leave her side.
  • Rayleigh sincerely loves the people he grows close to, and he especially loves his women. To be able to see her wake up from such a brutal injury would be nearly overwhelming.
  • He may come off as distant at first. It takes her reaching out to hold his hand for him to be able to engage in normal conversation. She’ll make a humorous comment about how it’s not likely to see him so quiet.
  • They brush it off for the time being. He’ll be more focused on getting her healthy again before he goes rushing out after the enemy. 
  • She doesn’t doubt for a second that he will not kill that person in her honor. And she’s not afraid, either. She never has been.


  • He’s knuckle deep in her wounds within the first hour of the injury. He’s bordering on mad-scientist. So much so, that someone else might have to jump in to get him to calm down before he continues operating.
  • Nobody really knows what to say, even Bepo is a little frightened.
  • He’ll never feel like he did a good enough job with it. He was ‘too emotional’ he says. But he wouldn’t let anyone touch her over his dead body. He can’t trust himself to operate in the heat of the moment but he doesn’t trust anyone else with something as dire as this, either.
  • He’s pacing in her room for a few days. He hasn’t slept, hasn’t eaten. Probably administered her more painkillers than necessary. He might even attempt to keep her sleeping longer than normal just to ease the sight of seeing her in pain.
  • When she wakes up, it’s pretty blissful. Law has done his job near perfectly and she’s pretty doped up. They probably don’t have much communication at first. He’ll have a longing stare, and she’ll see how broken he really is.
  • He’ll still check her stitching regularly and a look of panic will cross his face every single time. It breaks her heart to see. She’s the one that probably feels guilty.
  • It’s almost more stressful for her to have him in the room during her healing process than it would be to wake up alone, honestly.
  • He’ll reprimand her. Severely. It’ll almost become a punishment, keeping her locked away until he gets the point across that what she did was foolish. 
  • This entire thing was very triggering for him. Law is very sensitive and is riddled with memories of Corazon’s death as is. This is like a stake to the heart and he doesn’t even know how to even come to terms with it.


  • The entire ship is an inferno for several days. Trying to get Ace to cool down over something as worrisome as this is like trying to douse a flame with gasoline.
  • He’s so on edge. He’s ready to fight and bleed and destroy someone.
  • His victim complex has fully convinced him that this is entirely his fault. He’ll get so out of control as to say something along the lines of ‘if I was never born this never would’ve happened.’
  • In his effort to avenge her he forgets to be there for her in her time of need. Obviously reacting in that manner isn’t going to help anything.
  • His loved one will probably wake to Marco, who’s leaning slightly forward, elbows on knees and fingers intertwined in front of his face in deep concentration. They hold a minor conversation about how many days she’s been asleep and what injuries were sustained before she asks where Ace is.
  • In Ace’s need to avenge her and make things right (in his mind) he’ll have run off in seek of revenge almost immediately. He’s been gone for days. Probably refusing to tell anyone else his plans.
  • This will not be a pleasant thing for his s/o. She won’t wake up to see him in good health like she’d hoped, or get the support of him at her bedside. Instead she’ll wake up to him in danger and Marco attempting the best he can to console her.
law about the strawhats
  • sabaody law:incredible
  • punk hazard law:ok.... i made a HUGE mistake.... i fucked up.... i totally fucked up... why did i trust these guys....
  • zou law:yo straw hats let's chill