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Dear sweet Anon,

You sent me this ask and I couldn’t keep with my “answer asks in the order you receive them” because this needs to be addressed!

My Tip/Advice: STOP IT - If only it were that easy, huh?

I’ve literally been sitting here…trying to think of the right words to say because I so strongly want to help. I want you to love who you are! No matter what! Work on it day by day..little by little…because things won’t change over night.

but stick with it..

because they will change. And as many times that you read “they will get better” DRILL IT INTO YOUR MIND THAT IT’S TRUE. The mind is the most POWERFUL THING EVER….and it is hard to control..but that’s why we have a’s the only thing that can take charge of the reins when our minds start to loose control.

So…my real advice is..for you to always say to yourself..


Watch out baby..cuz I’m fabulous..”


On a side note…sorry you look like a glow worm…not sure how that happened. If you’re too young to know what a glowworm it…and know that you made me feel old… ;)

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Hello❤first of all, thank you for creating this masterpiece! It keeps making my day brighter! Could I please request for hcs with insomniac!s/o (Ace, Sabo, Sanji, perhaps Law)? You don't have to do it, tho. It's 7AM, my "attack" didn't let me sleep😭

Yoooo yes I can. and thank u for the compliment (’U’)/

Their s/o has insomnia:

Ace is a little lost on the concept of insomnia. The man has no problem falling asleep himself. Anytime, anyplace, he can just go out like a light, which can be frustrating for you. He’s the most likely to just tell you to do a lot of exercise in the day and maybe that’ll make your body let you fall asleep when it’s time to go to bed. He’d like to be helpful in other ways though, so if you can specifically tell him what helps you sleep he’ll really try to get those things for you.

Sabo is a little better with this than Ace. He’s had some sleepless nights thinking about the past so sometimes you two stay awake talking until the sun comes up. He knows that it feels bad not being able to fall asleep, so he’s pretty dedicated when it comes to helping you. Tea, an eye mask, white noise, he’ll get his hands on things he’s heard helps with sleep, and even ask others if they have or know anything that might help you out.

Sanji puts his culinary knowledge to use when it comes to helping you fall asleep at night. He’s ready to brew some chamomile tea with honey, get you a glass of cherry juice or warm milk, or make you a dish with tuna and rice to facilitate your body’s production of melatonin. He is also prone to being hell-bent on helping you with this, almost to the point of obsession so expect him to legitimately research this and use what he’s learned if he thinks it’ll help. If you really can’t sleep he doesn’t feel too well about going to sleep himself, so you may have to convince him that it’s okay for him to just go to sleep.

Law is the type to skip the whole food thing and straight up tell you to take some melatonin tablets and/or add vitamins like B6 to your diet. He doesn’t get a lot of sleep either, I mean just look at those dark circles, this man is stressed. He’ll still probably scold you a little for doing things that he knows keep you from falling asleep, even if he does the same things. He scolds because he cares. 

I’m the worst at getting myself to go to sleep at an appropriate time, so I hope you have better luck in the future, anon!

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love your work! how would law kid and zoro deal with an s/o who's known for being really strong but gets very anxious sometimes, kind of behind closed doors? (Just delete this if you feel uncomfortable)

This kind of stuff doesn’t bother me at all! I’ve struggled with anxiety my entire life so I totally get it. This was actually very fun to do! Thanks!

How they deal with a s/o who’s known to be strong but has anxiety behind closed doors:


  • He knows before they even show any signs. Law is an observer and very good at reading weaknesses.
  • He’s probably the cause of their anxiety at first. Law isn’t easy to talk to or work with. He’s pretty awkward and standoffish. And it takes him quite a bit of time to relax around new people.
  • He holds it above their head that he knows there’s something strange about their behavior, too. He’ll watch for what triggers it. Law will be on edge until he figures out if they’re a threat to him or not.
  • But he likes to learn, and someone otherwise strong but suffering from anxiety is an anomaly to him. 
  • It’s natural for him to take the doctor’s stance and want to find a ‘cure’ as well. Mental issues frustrate but fascinate him, so it’s more likely they’ll get more attention from him than most people do. If there’s one way to Law’s heart, it’s through his brain.
  • Whether that’s a good thing or not is up to personal preference.
  • He’s also brash enough to come out and boldly say what he’s assumed about them. So they’ll have to talk about it sooner or later. He’s pretty relentless on figuring them out. 
  • But he’s also very emotional, deep down. So this has a chance of working out well if they can get through to his thick skull that sometimes all the medicine a person with anxiety needs is for someone to listen and comfort them during panic attacks/ect.
  • He’d also be very intuitive to how they’re feeling. And get them out of potentially triggering situations/take the lead when necessary. Which would probably be a sigh of relief for a s/o whose always being the strong one of their group.


  • 0/10 do not recommend. Kid has a whole slew of his own personal issues and he can barely handle those as is.
  • Chances are he’s instantly interested in them at first. They come off as strong, perhaps even without flaw, and he likes how cool and collected they seem to be on the outside. He’ll assume that’s not an act and dive right into trying to get to know them.
  • When he finally witnesses the first panic attack/sign of anxiety, he’ll be confused. It’s not that he wasn’t intelligent enough to pick up on it, he’s just ignorant enough to think his s/o is ‘perfect’.
  • If his s/o is the type to hide their anxiety, then a relationship with Kid could work out. He’d let them have their time away when needed. Especially because he needs a lot of space himself.
  • It’s only if they start to try and rely on him for support that he gets finicky. Kid firmly believes he could never help or fix anyone, so he won’t even try.
  • Obviously this could turn out to be very unhealthy.
  • He could potentially make the anxiety worse, depending on the person. Especially with his track record of bad habits/emotional unavailability.


  • Zoro will know somethings up, but he won’t be able to figure it out as quickly as Law.
  • He also is pretty dead set on the fact you don’t make assumptions about a person until they show you who they really are.
  • He’d be intrigued by a strong s/o, especially if they’re good with a sword. Chances are he admires them from afar for a while and just deems them shy.
  • At first the anxiety clashes with his own defense mechanisms. If they have social anxiety chances are it’ll be even harder for either of them to communicate, seeing how closed off Zoro usually comes off on first impression.
  • But he likes to prevail. And he loves to be the hero. Once they spell it out for him he’ll be a very good supporter.
  • Really it won’t even phase him, either. He’ll still think just as highly of them and may even consider them stronger than he originally though.
  • Honestly Zoro would probably be one of the best OP characters for a s/o with anxiety. This relationship would be pretty solid.
  • He’ll be good at detecting the first signs of panic in his s/o and he’ll be good at protecting them from any triggers as well.
  • But he also admires that they’re strong, and can persevere. The relationship will be a really strong one so long as they continue to try and grow and work on themselves. He’ll have a lot of respect for them, as well. Which is pretty huge feat when we’re talking about Zoro.

I like the Alignment Chart. It’s perfect in its imperfection. I decided to do a little project; a series of collages with each alignment as the theme. Here’s Lawful Good.

And now, my attempt to label each of these characters. None of these characters belong to me, and most of them are not public domain. All rights reserved and whatnot.

FROM THE TOP: And from left to right:

[Angemon | Digimon.] [IRA GAMAGORI | Kill la Kill] [Albus Dumbledore | Harry Potter]

[Chun Li | Street Fighter] [Issho/Fujitora | One Piece] [King Arthur | British Folklore] [Saint Jiub, Eradicator of the Cliffracers | The Elder Scrolls] [General Tullius | The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim]

[Commissioner Gordon | Batman] [Uther the Lightbringer | Warcraft series] [Yoda | Star Wars] [Sgt. Mike Cosgrove | Freakazoid!] [Col. Roy Campbell | Metal Gear Solid]

[Vash the Stampede | Trigun] [Tyrael | Diablo] [The Lone Ranger | The Lone Ranger] [Insp. Akane Tsunemori | Psycho-Pass]

[BANG SHISHIGAMI | BlazBlue] [Robocop | Robocop] [Ky Kiske | Guilty Gear]

[Spock | Star Trek] [Cecil Harvey | Final Fantasy IV] [Optimus Prime | Transformers] [Marth | Fire Emblem]

[Jonathan Joestar | Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood] [Kenshiro | Fist of the North Star] [Phoenix Wright | Ace Attorney]

[Jet Black | Cowboy Bebop] [The Azorius Senate | Magic the Gathering] [Sky High | Tiger & Bunny] [Batman | Batman] [Simon Belmont | Castlevania]

[Superman | Superman]

If there’s someone that isn’t on here that you think should be, or if someone on here shouldn’t be on here, then feel free to let me know. Please. I’m lonely.

Spotify kept recommending me the song in 50 shades of grey while I was drawing them and I just - I dunno. I bet they are cinnamon rolls

[Donquixote Fam Sanji AU]

if he got Corazon’s position after Corazon’s “betrayal” - he would probably be at Dressrosa with Doflamingo. Imagine him being the invisible man and actually DRESSES with black feathers and imagine Doflamingo called him to come in the battle “Corazon.” and then he walked slowly and LAw’s WIDE AGAPE BECAUSE HOLY FUCK HE DOES LOOK LIKE CORA-SAN bUT hE IS NO CORA-sAN AT ALL also that means Law vs Sanji and Luffy vs Doflamingo

Another alternative IF he got the DF to become invisible and tried to board Sunny and retrieve Caesar, only to get busted because he was lusting over Nami and later on got defeated and tied up as well beside Caesar as they hoped Joker would save them

aNOTHER whAT IF he becomes back up in Punk Hazard and got face to face with Zoro or anyone???

So many posibilities

He could get stronger, or just actually be a smartie (invisible) tactician with weapons.

but either way imagine when he was along with Law, Baby 5, and others as children with a huge smile “Have you heard about All Blue?”

In the end of Dressrosa he also might or might not be Luffy’s nakama. He might still being loyal to Doflamingo or might sway. Either way, imagine him staring at Doflamingo’s loss and say “Now I can see why you said Luffy will be the Pirate King…”

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Sanji stumbling upon Doflamingo is interesting.

I’m really glad you liked the idea, anon! It was a random idea I got when I was thinking about… random things??? Though I am kind of thinking how the SH would survive without a cook until New World- but I am kinda sure they can manage it- somehow.

Also, Imagine Sanji being HEART EYES the second he see Nami/Robin on the first meeting of course HAHA

He might or might not be in the position of Corazon after Corazon “betrayed” Doflamingo, and Law will all be like “You are not worthy to take the position” when he heard about it.

There are many ways we can go with this AU @_@ He might appear in Punk Hazard as backup? Or in Dressrosa for the first time? If we take the route where he ate a DF to be invisible, or just being a simple tactician, or fighting in other ways.

Will he chase after Caesar and go onto Sunny invisibly(if he has DF) or attacking it? Will he get captured and hostaged as well with Caesar on Sunny??? There are so many posibilities with this AU and I am debating on all of it @w@

I enjoyed this AU so much in my head and I am glad you do, too!


I’ve been thinking about it, and I’m going to bump Katsuya from sergeant to assistant inspector/inspector in my P3/4/onwards verses. Obviously, I don’t adhere to the games-dated-by-release timeline (if I did, Katsuya would be, like, 40+) but it’s reasonable for him to have upped a rank or two. This doesn’t affect current threads much, but it might in future.