Law & Order SVU

Alex: Get me a large coffee.

Barista: *hands over a large*

Alex: What the FUCK is this. THIS is a LARGE. You expect me to run off of this 32 oz cup for a whole fucking day. Get ME SOMETHING I CAN DROWN MYSELF IN. Something th-

Olivia: She’ll take it thanks.

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One falling asleep with their head in the other’s lap. With Dacee please ?

Macee: 17

Dante: 15

“Sorry we couldn’t get tickets to the movie, Mace.” Dante frowned. They were supposed to see the newest Marvel movie that had just come out but the tickets were sold out by the time they got to the theater. Macee smiled some as they two entered the Carisi household.

“It’s alright, Dante. We can just watch a movie here! Your parents have Netflix, right?” Macee asked when she picked her shoes off by the door. Dante nodded as Ruby and Roman came rushed towards the two happily.

“Let me take them to the other room. You can pick whatever movie you want.” Dante said as he took the dogs to the kitchen and put the baby gate up. Roman began to whine before Dante pet him. He quickly returned to the living room where Macee was on the couch with a movie already set up.

Dante sat beside his girlfriend and curled up against each other. Sophia and Sonny both were out on a much needed date, Amelia was at college while Lorenzo and Alfonso we’re both at Sophia’s brothers house. Macee has moved from leaning against Dante to laying her head in his lap. The blanket that was on the back of the couch covered the girl as she battled to stay away until the end of the movie. Once the credits began to roll, Dante looked down to see his girlfriend asleep in his lap. He didn’t want to move so he closed his eyes to rest of bit.

“Dante should be asleep in his room now. Meaning we have time to ourselves.” Sophia giggled as her and Sonny walked through the door. Sonny began to attack his wife with kisses before the light from the living room brought him into reality.

“I think Dante’s still up. Let me go check on him.” Sonny said as he walked to the living room. Sophia followed and smiled brightly as the two noticed the teenagers asleep on the couch.

“I’ll text Raf. Tell him Macee’s here. You think we should take her to Amelia’s room?” Sophia asked as she grabbed her phone from her purse and quickly texted Rafael. Sonny shrugged.

“Let’s just get him a blanket. I’m too tired to move them.” Sonny yawned out as he went to grab a spare blanket to drape over Dante. Sophia watched the two before a smile crosses her lips.

“It’s taken them this long to get together. Who knows how long it will take for them to get married.” Sophia said as she turned to her husband. Sonny chuckled and kissed her cheek.

“If he’s anything like his father, he won’t wait too long. I’m pretty sure I knew I wanted to marry you since we were six months into our relationship. I only waited to make sure you wanted to be my wife.” Sonny chuckled before the two headed to the stairs to their room to call it a night.

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