This was supposed to become a Lavitz fanart because I felt a pang of nostalgia earlier when I found my old “Legend of Dragoon” Game’s Guide… OMG… Lavitz was my first pixel crush I think… 

And then when I scribbled I realized… Lavitz looks like Alistair… same hair, more or less same facial features… So… Lavitz wasn’t dead… he went to Thedas 8D 


We Can Make This Remake Happen!

Game directors for the Ps4 are asking players to tweet them games they want to play including remakes.  This is how they are deciding on which games they should focus their attention on next.  To the legend of dragoon remade we all need to make sure to TWEET (on twitter) Adam Boyes and Gio Corsi and also use the hashtag #BuildingTheList and say Legend of Dragoon so we can get this to happen.