25 Reminders To Remember When Trying to Solve the World’s Problems

 Activists are everywhere, trying to help make this world a better place, but as we have seen in the recent Miley Cyrus and Nikki Minaj feminist debacle, even when we are trying to end one problem, we can still add to another one. So in the spirit of Miley Cyrus’ dumb comment and the thousands that came before it, I give you 25 reminders that we have all probably forgotten at some point and all need to hear, or re-hear, in order to stop adding to the problems of the world:

 1. Thinking actually comes before speaking

2. Knowing your facts does not consist of mimicking and emulating the opinions and actions of your parents or biased TV shows

3. Knowing what a controversial term means consists of looking it up in the dictionary, not just listening to how those around you use it

4. The meaning of #blacklivesmatter can actually be found in its name and does not mean that black people hate white people or that white people are terrible

5. Wearing a turban is not a subtle indication that you’re a terrorist… or hiding something

 6. You don’t have to be a robot to be Asian, just human

7. Bisexuality and homosexuality are not a choice

 8. A feminist is not a woman who hates men, but a person who wants gender equality

9. You don’t have to be a man to be a misogynist

10. There is more than just one type of feminism

 11. There are many different genders, even though we mostly talk about the problems of only two of them

 12. Calling a transgender individual, who has transitioned, a “shim” or a “shehe” doesn’t actually make any sense since their brains and outer appearance both classify under the same gender – not both.

13. It has been scientifically proven that the female brain and the male brain are different and don’t always match the bodies they are in

 14. A woman who wears revealing clothing is not necessarily a woman that wants you to cat call her or have sex with her.

 15. A man who compliments a woman on her exterior doesn’t always mean that man wants to have sex with her

16. Men are also sexualized

17. The term beauty is subjective and therefore all definitions have equal value

18. Being overweight is not always caused by your emotions

19. Racism is NOT dead

20. White America and racist white America are two different things

21. Just because you are a certain race or ethnicity doesn’t mean you can’t participate or practice things like music or a dance that is typically associated with another race or ethnicity.

22. HOWEVER, there is a difference between appreciating a culture and its traditions and representing it or making it seem like your own without understanding it.

23. Just because someone needs money or any kind of help doesn’t mean others are obligated to pay or help that person

24. HOWEVER, saying, “poor people need to find jobs and don’t deserve handouts,” when you ask your parents or someone else for money is a contradiction

 25. And if you meet a hypocrite who refuses to remember these reminders, remember that person basically looks like this

Now let’s really solve this problem. <3<3<3


Laverne Cox shows up to the 2015 BET Awards 


countdown to nyc pride 2015 march - eleven days

↳           laverne cox speaking at the nyc pride 2014 rally

              « Stonewall was about loving who you want to love, but it was also about identifying in terms of the gender that you felt that you were.

              Being trans and gender nonconforming was criminalized and forty five years later it is still being criminalized in every part of this country. » (x)

Laverne Cox declares 'state of emergency' due to trans murders
The actress has declared a "state of emergency", due to the increasing death of rate of trans women in America.

TW for violence against transwomen

“Seventeen trans women are known to have been murdered in the United States this year alone – fifteen of whom were trans women of colour – leading activists to describe the the situation as “an epidemic of anti-trans violence”.

Speaking to Good Morning America, the Orange Is The New Black actress said: “We in the transgender community right now are reeling.”

Voicing her concern over the growing number of trans related crimes, she declared: “It really is a state of emergency.

“Your life should not be in danger simply for being who you are,” she added.

“I think the reasons why trans women experience so much violence has to do with employment, housing, health care etc., so we need to make sure that trans lives matter,” she added

Three trans women were reportedly murdered last week alone – bringing the total number of those killed in the US this year to 16 so far – though as there is little official monitoring, this may be a low estimate.

An official White House petition says: “Since January 9, 2015, [now sixteen] transgender women, mostly women of colour, have lost their lives due to hate and transphobia.

“With such a high death toll, something must be done to raise awareness and end the senseless killings of a targeted, vulnerable community.”

Read the full piece here