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Starry Night Lavender Soup Jewels 

White Witch Hard Enamel Pin 

Opalite Stone Rune Set  { they also come in amethyst, rose quartz & more }

Stainless Steel Tea Ball Infuser with Crystal Embellishment 

Salem Pillar Candle 

Lunar Calendar 2017 

Perfume Necklace with choice of Scent 

Cat Coven Throw Pillow

White “Crystal” Ceramic Mug 

Hammered Brass Moon Phase Bib Necklace 

Hand Knitted Fingerless Gloves 

Fresh (dried) lavies! 💜💜 if only I could somehow attach the lovely scent to this photo I would share it with you all.
Witch balls being made NOW!
I know you’ve been waiting, I’m working hard to have as many made as possible.
Will be available this week- stay tuned!
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      Horoscopes and Tarot for December 7, 2016 

                        from manylighthands.com

     (Horoscopes heard weekdays on 100.7 WHUD at 6:45 PM)  

The Moon stays in psychic Pisces all day bringing us a clearer understanding of our inner needs and what we require to carry out our future goals. Overnight Venus and the Sun formed irritating aspects with the Moon that may affect our sleep, so write down any emotional insights.   

Early this morning the Moon sextiles Pluto, then squares Saturn, then Mars in Aquarius semi-squares Mercury in Capricorn, creating a bit of friction when speaking or attempting forward thinking moves that have not been well thought out. Make sure to listen to your inner voice for guidance here, pause before acting and shake off impatience. You need to finish tasks mindfully.    
Venus enters thoughtful Aquarius at 9:52 AM EST, improving how we perceive our love, financial and social life. We may feel compelled to give more of ourselves, time and charity wise. Our coolness or detachment may help us think more clearly and learn about ourselves along the way.   

This afternoon the Moon aligns with Chiron encouraging our sense of cosmic ventures, plus, allowing us to believe that little voice we hear is real and mostly spot on. Try to tune into your inner guidance through meditation. Follow your heart, it does know best.   

Tarot Cards of the Day: the 2 of Wands, the 10 of Pentacles and the Ace of Pentacles- look carefully at your future today, ask yourself if you want to travel through life alone or with a steady partner. You may have all you need right now, this revelation may stop you in your tracks and encourage you to think more about giving family and loved ones your time. Unexpected good financial news can come your way today, look for boosts in earnings and creativity.  

Remain centered in the heart and root chakras today with a green agate and a black onyx. Make a lavender, rose geranium and sandalwood essential oil blend. In yoga stick to yin poses for meditation. Stay mindful in all you do.                       

Aries-the good energy continues as your bright ideas flow easily again today. Be careful not to rush anything, instead listen carefully to your intuition and you will know when to act and when to hold back. Love relationships and friendships benefit from tolerance.   

Taurus- today you feel more social and outgoing than usual, which brings attention to your needs on a professional level. Your creative nature shines in all areas of your life but especially romance. Keep your work pace slow and steady. Stay calm when discussing relationship issues.  

Gemini-your instincts tell you to try something new today, explore possibilities and chat up a storm. Social situations bring business and increased earning potential to your awareness. Romantic connections grow and benefit from a heart to heart talk.   

Cancer-money and love will be flowing more freely to you for the next month and today begins in a prosperous and work enhancing way. Share your feelings, allow your love and care to shine through in everything you do so healing can occur.   

Leo-you may be even more attractive and alluring than usual. Your persuasive discussions can sway opinions in your direction and bring new work potential and relationships that feel easier. There may be proposals of commitment coming soon.   

Virgo- your focus turns to bringing your love, money and work life into an easy fluid balance. Self-care becomes more important and widens your social circle at the same time. Be understanding and listen carefully before reacting to news or criticism.   

Libra-your social and verbal skills are strong, bring your A game to work and love connections and watch them flourish. It may be difficult to stay calm and balanced but rely on your negotiation skills and light hearted sense of fair play to assist you.  
Scorpio-bring tenderness and a easy pace to the day in order to win over friends, family and co-workers. Your ideas are deeply rooted in creative talent so you are quite confident they will work. Begin open dialogues to improve relationships.  
Sagittarius-you have a knack for winning over hard to please people and influencing decisions that could shape your work life today and for the next month. Keep an open mind and remember to stay tolerant of others’ concepts of relationship parameters.   

Capricorn- redecorating or paying attention to living arrangements may be the order of the day. Make yourself a cozy nest or discuss the changes first with your partner first. Your drive and determination can take you to important heights if you listen carefully and speak your mind.       

Aquarius-Venus moved into your sign today and she brings a need and for beautiful, luxurious and indulgent items and people. You feel more strikingly attractive, talkative and ready for adventure than usual. Use this to your advantage, take time to enjoy the feeling.  

Pisces-it’s time to focus on yourself and your spirits today. Take the time you need to attend to the inner workings that power your emotions regarding love and money. With the Moon in your sign you have the instinctive power to know how to deal with any issue.    

Did you know everything in the shop right now is pre-made and ready to ship the day after being ordered? All available dolls and sproutlings are prepped and ready to be mailed off to new homes ASAP! (Home for the holidays does sound nice, doesn’t it? ✨❄️🎄🍾🕍🎁❤️)
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