926. Lavender Brown survived the Battle of Hogwarts, but lost the ability to speak because of her injuries. She eventually created the first wizarding sign language- before her wizards had either quietly abandoned non-verbal children or magically 'fixed' them- and wrote a textbook on using non-verbal magic that remained the go to textbook on the subject for the next century.

I’m in need of some money to pay off a few commissioners I couldn’t get too, so I’m selling this character!

If you buy them:
-you can change ANYTHING about them (name, gender, species, traits, etc)
-you get any art that was gifted to me of him
-any art I’ve drawn of them in the past

I’m only accepting through Paypal currently, but if you exceed the payment insanely, I’ll also accept DeviantArt points.

He’s going up for a base price of $20! First come first serve. Private message me if you’re interested

August 28, 2016

The Moon is in loving Cancer all day, helping us be kind and attentive so we can reach out to people we care about and express our feelings. This is a day to rally family together and nurture your soul and others. We are fairly intuitive today listen to your gut feelings.

Early this morning the Moon opposes Rx Pluto, then later semi-squares the Virgo Sun asking us to put our spiritual house and practical affairs in order while we reach for what we need and want, try getting your ducks in a row before proceeding.

 Venus and Rx Chiron (with a lunar trine helping) are parallel today, bringing us some amazing healing energy, loving self care and help recognizing our desires. Its time to tap into our instinctive knowing.

The Moon squares Rx Uranus promising some surprising revelations about family and loved ones. Keep your center and observe what happens around you.

Rx Neptune, Mars and Saturn have small irritating lunar aspects this afternoon so stay extra mindful and keep your cool, avoid lashing out or losing patience.

The Moon sextiles Jupiter late tonight bringing lots of good energy to our late night activities and into our dreams, look for some problem solving remedies embedded in your overnight visions. Write your impressions down they are sure to be creative.

 Mercury will align Venus, exact early tomorrow, helping our more intimate conversations tonight and through tomorrow. We have clear thoughts and speech and are ready to listen. Cooperative energy will be at its best.

Astrological Tarot Cards of the Day: The Empress, the 4 of Swords and the Hermit-we have fertile ground to develop our selves creatively and carefully. Go deep inside yourself with meditation and good rest. Seek teachers or your own inner guidance to show you the way, the trip is worth the time and effort.

We are again well grounded let’s just keep our crown chakra and third chakra open for wisdom and spirit, carry a white topaz, an amethyst and a blue tourmaline. Make a jasmine, rose geranium and lavender essential oil blend. In yoga stay in restorative poses to assist the deep meditative work you need.