ISSpresso & Outredgeous

Italy’s favorite coffee, Lavazza, and Italian aerospace firm, Argotec, came together to manufacture an espresso machine suitable for space flight; astronauts can finally enjoy decent coffee while in orbit. Also now available in space? Fresh red romaine lettuce, dubbed “Outredgeous”, grown and consumed in space, and apparently tastes kind of like arugula. What we’re reading…


Elysian Fields - Black Acres 

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*Brewing espresso in the International Space Station, and then sipping it out of exotic, patented, capillary-flow coffee-cups.  Note the suction cup on the base of the cup, so that the “Space Cup” can be attached to the walls of the  Space Station.

*In the final picture, Argotec and Lavazza designers in Italy celebrate the first successful function of their coffee machine up in orbit.