“That wasn’t you.”

Startled, the lingerie-clad socialite jumped, dropping her perfume bottle in the process.  Before glass and liquid went splattering, Aiden Blinked to catch the expensive crystal container, holding it up triumphantly toward Lux…only to be met by that notorious eyeroll of hers.

“You’re a pervert sneaking into a woman’s dressing room like that. Creeper.”

He shrugged, placing the perfume bottle on her vanity table, “Nothing I haven’t seen before.  Yours included, Princess.”

“ Ugh.  You’re gross.  Whatever, what are you even talking about?  What wasn’t me?”  She huffed, moving to reach for a silk, black robe draped over the back of a chair before slipping into it.

“Your letter to Lauriston.”

She snorted, tying the matching waistband ribbon of her robe into a secure knot, “Oh, please.   Don’t act like he’s in the right about all this.  He’s the one that abandoned his family, not me.”

Aiden sighed, fingers digging for his jacket’s inner pocket and retrieving his silver cigarette case, “He’s not in the right, no.  But neither are you.  That’s not you, Lux.  You’re not a bitter, vindictive wench. Where’s that even coming from?”

Turning sharply, she hissed at the intruder, “You know what?  Fuck you, Aiden.  Fuck you and your self-righteousness.  Don’t come here acting like you know me.  You’ve been around for what, a few months now?  Our initial interactions were literally /forced/ upon me so you don’t get to come in here and act like the fucking beacon of right and wrong.”

He held up one hand, while with the other lighting the cigarette now pressed between slightly parted lips.  He took one deep inhale before smoke blew out his nostrils, then responded:  “Nathaniel would be really disappointed in you.”

“Yeah, because -he- was so great about restraining his own vindication motives.”

Aiden glared at the socialite, pointing at her with his right index and middle fingers as they gripped his cigarette, “That’s not fucking fair.”

“Oh, it’s not?”  She crossed her arms, glaring in return, “Because from what you’ve told me he knew about my mother being with child. /His/ child again. Me.   And yet he chose to avenge some trespass done to his oh-so-naive sister who willingly slept with my…with Alistar… over our happiness.  OUR happiness.  He chose to risk it all so he could avenge whatever stupid deed Alistair did which his sister was more than /wiling/ to go along with!  Because revenge was more important than us!  Unjustified revenge!   Luna’s mother wasn’t forced into it!”

In an attempt to calm his growing, seething rage and not smiting Lux on the spot, Aiden took another long drag of his cigarette, “You -really- need to shut the fuck up right now.”

Lux held her right hand up, “Consider me stopping.  But I made my fucking point, and you know it.”

“Lux…   Your brother?  He’s your only /real/ living blood relative in the sense you’re both from the same parents.  Are you really going to let this get in the way of maintaining a relationship with him?”

Another glare from Lux, “Me?!   Why are you blaming /me/ for this?!  HE was the one that chose others to go to during these trying times!  I never turned him away, he chose to go into someone else’s questionably comforting arms and have buttseks with him instead of being with his family!”

Aiden blinked,”Butt….what?   Eh, anyway, look, you’re being selfish.   Unlike Lauriston, you’ve Araxus. And you have Talia.   And in case you’re forgetting, his sister died too.  He lost Luna, one of the few people that truly cared about him.  And apparently he’s also lost the only other person he trusted and confided in because she’s being a little bitch.”

He stared pointedly at Lux following his words.

Lux wrinkled her nose and looked away, hugging her chest, “What am I supposed to do?!  Drop everything and babysit him?  He’s the one that left!  He’s the one that chose buttseks over me!”

“What is it with you and butt—-uggh.  Lux, you could at least reach out.  Maybe, just maybe, he feels like you don’t need him and therefore he’s letting you be.  Would it really be that difficult for you to at least reach out to him in a less….passive-aggressive way than your letter?”

She frowned, “How do you even know about the letter?  I just sent it to—oh, you dirty Chronomancer.”

Aiden shrugged, taking another puff off his cigarette and holding up a palm, “Guilty as charged.  My point still stands.”

“Aiden, the last time I tried to reach out all he did was try to convince me and get me to accept that…that abomination that calls itself Luna’s miraculous reincarnation in a freckled-faced peasant girl’s body, and he took her side like he was braindead or brainwashed or something, not even questioning her motives or how that all came about.   How am I supposed to trust the judgement of a man who’s got the mind of a child?!”

“Oh, Princess, right now you have the /attitude/ of a child, so as far as I’m concerned you two are meant to act like toddlers with each other.”

Performing one of her epic eyerolls again and hoping he’d read her facial expression as indicating disinterest in the conversation, the socialite turned to face the vanity mirror and fluff her hair.

 Aiden sighed,  “Honestly don’t know what’d be more disappointing to Nathaniel right now…  The fact that his children aren’t getting along, or that they’re idiots.”

Lux snarled at that, “Stop talking about him like he’s alive!  Why do you keep doing that?!   I swear to the Six and their holy loins if he pulls a move like Luna with this resurrection dolyak dung I’ll send him back to Grenth myself!  Do you have any idea how hard—”

But as she turned around to continue yelling at Aiden….he was gone.  This only irritated her further, naturally.

“And you know what?!  For a Chronomancer, you really could use better fashion sense!  That vest wasn’t even vintage!  It’s from the Zephyr 1326 Vossi collection so you can’t even get that right!   I hate you!”  She shouted in her frustration…to nothing but empty space.

(( lauriston-larkspur & lunairalarkspur Ilu xoxo))

Would any of you ghosts be interested?

Hey ghosts, lately I feel like this blog hasn’t really been doing much. I know I like to talk to other ghosts and making new friends and I’ve made many friends in the ghost family. So I was maybe thinking of starting a project to introduce each other to our ghost family. I think getting to know our ghost family would be cool. So maybe we could start some tag or something and we post a pic of ourselves (repping gt stuff would be cool) and maybe just say like our name and our favorite ghost town song, art, maybe what part of the world you’re from just a lil introduction so we can just get to know each other more and become friends with our ghost family. Would you ghosts want to do something like this? Just like this post, reblog with your opinions on this, shoot me a message, whatever I’d love to know if this would be something you ghosts would like to do.
- Laurie
For transgender Jews, the ritual bath is fraught with questions about inclusion - Religion News Service
(RNS) As difficult as it may be for anyone to disrobe at mikvah, the transgender person may struggle with a far more intense anxiety.

Converting to Judaism about a year ago, a transgender man in Washington, D.C., asked his rabbi a pointed question about the last step in the process, which calls for dunking naked in a ritual bath.

Could he locate a transgender man to serve as the required witness for this immersion?

Dozens of Jewish leaders in the region, including Rabbi Laurie Green, got the email asking if they could produce such a witness, who, according to Jewish law, would have to be Jewish.

“We were looking really hard to find someone,” said Green, who presides at Bet Mishpachah, a gay congregation in the nation’s capital. “It was a problem that we couldn’t meet this reasonable request.”

But it wasn’t just this man’s request. Rabbis across the nation have noted the trend. Green alone is helping three transgender people to become Jewish.


This Old House, July/August 1998

“Look what Norm and Steve did with that old church: A GREAT RENOVATION loaded with ideas for your house.” Read more about this project at This Old House.

On the cover: Mark Dvorak and Laurie Ann Bishop move into their San Francisco church-turned-house. Photograph by David Peterson.


The komusō (literally “priest of nothingness” or “monk of emptiness”) were a group of Zen Buddhist mendicant monks who wandered the roads of Edo period Japan. They would play elaborate tunes on their bamboo flutes as they begged for alms, their faces (and thus, their ego) completely concealed by a distinctive hood woven from straws or reeds. Unsurprisingly, many were recruited as spies or were actually ninja or ronin in disguise, and eventually their temples and their schools were abolished for meddling in material affairs instead of spiritual ones.


So I got some positive response to my last post (if you don’t know what I’m talking about check my last post) so I want to start it up. So make a post with stuff like a pic of yourself wearing your favorite gt shirt or whatever you want, your name, country or state, your favorite Ghost Town song, and artwork, just a little basic introduction type thing to get to know each other. Oh and maybe put your twitter/instagram/Snapchat whatever type of way you like using, so we can talk to each other and get to know our ghost family better. This doesn’t just have to be restrained to tumblr feel free to make a tagged post on other social media too. I’ll try to reblog a bunch of our tagged posts on here so we can get to know as many ghosts as possible.

This is just a start for the basic Ghost Family Meet idea if you have any ideas on what we should do to make this more effective just reblog this with a suggestion, comment, message, whatever I’d love to make this as great as possible. :)