Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 17 Recap

1. Abby decided to go to Europe so they brought in Emmy-award winner dance instructor/choreographer to the Stars, Laurieann Gibson.
2. Nia cried when Laurieann asked for a show of hands to see who feels like Abby has held them back.
3. Laurieann asked everyone if Kendall is lazy.
4. Kendall told Laurieann that she isn’t lazy.
5. Laurieann had all of the girls dance individually as she gauges their talents.
6. Nia nabbed a solo.
7. Christi called Holly to tell her that Chloe will be dancing against them this week at the competition.
8. Kalani and the girls went for hot chocolate to talk about the studio without Abby there and Chloe.
9. Christi and Jill got into a public fight about Christi leaving them because she couldn’t control, Abby.
10. Jill continued to yell as she entered the building.

You……better be lucky your tribe is fighting for you!

Now let me tell you something!

Anytime you’re working with me you pack your own fucking shit…

You got me!

Don’t count on nobody for anything…


From Sista to Sista…

Don’t you be the only BLACK girl who’s forgotten her dress!

???Copy that???

Thank You!