Lauren Toyota:

  • Went to the “Harry likes older women” cliché.
  • Excused the fact that Harry and Louis are never together in an interview with them and Liam being the “strongest speakers in the band” (yet we’ve seen how many Liam+Louis or Liam+Harry?).
  • Advised teenage girls to “watch gay porn”.
  • Advised teenage girls to “go to a gay bar”.
  • Criticised Zayn and Harry’s tattoos. Literally said “destroy your body”.
  • Talked about Harry and Niall getting pissed. Talked about Harry throwing up and drinking even more.
  • Said Niall was flirting with her.
  • Said Niall “acted all macho” with her.
  • Literally said the phrase “I rejected Niall from One Direction”.

And I’m not even touching what she said about the non-denial, that’s her perception, whatever it’s cool. But who the fuck is this woman? I cannot believe what I watched.