Back to the Past (Hamilton x Reader) 4

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A/N: sorry i am taking so long to update, you know me (or well, you should know me by now) anywhoo, this was really fun to write and i hope you like it

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She guided the five of you into a small room, with a round table. You were nervous, your hands shaking. It’s not like magic was not discussed in your time, it was just not real. And the fact that she knew your name scared you, a lot. Hamilton looked over at you, noticing your trembling. He touched your hand, squeezing your fingers.

I’m here. He mumbled to you, giving you a sideways smile. His arm brushed against yours. You smiled back, turning to look back at the woman.

Her hair was long, almost reaching the floor. It was a strange color, a dark blue, with flicks of blonde. You got a sick feeling in your gut, and you felt like something was wrong. She did not look familiar, but you felt like she was untrustworthy, like you should run away. But the boys wanted to help you, and this was the best shot that you could take. It was your only chance on getting home and seeing your family and friends again. 

And finally take a hot shower.

She grabbed some mixtures, and passed a small mug to each of us. Lafayette sniffed it, his nose wrinkling in disgust. Laurens coughed, pushing it farther away from him. Mulligan looked into his, his eyes widening. You let go of Hamilton’s hands, looking at the puke green substance in yours. Hamilton’s was a bright blue, contrasting to yours.

“Not to be rude, but, what is this?” Laurens asked, eyeing his cup. The woman laughed, drinking hers quickly.

“It allows me to read whatever might come your way. This is a way for me to find out how Miss Y/N can get back home. Please, drink. It will not harm you.” The way she said her last words, made you slightly suspicious. You hesitated, looking at the color. Why did each of you get a different liquid? Shouldn’t it all be the same?

“I, how do I know if I can trust you?” You asked her.

“The lady seems trustworthy to me!” Mulligan said, the first to drink his. You widened your eyes, and he burped, wiping his mouth with his sleeve. His was red, staining the blue he wore. Lafayette looked at his friend, then at you. He drank his soon after, not making as much of a mess as Mulligan. Laurens did so, and Hamilton looked at you, drinking his. The woman looked at you, gesturing for you to drink yours.

You held your nose, drinking it on one go. It tasted like copper being poured down your throat. It was extremely cold, and you shivered, placing the cup on the table. The woman looked at all of you, smiling.

“The reason there was separate drinks for all of you, was to match your personality. Laurens’s was for Ambition, Hamilton’s was for Intelligence, Lafayette’s was for Valiance and Mulligan’s was for Meticulous. You, Y/N, was for Humility.” You still felt like she was not truthful. None of this makes any sense, and she’s not helping you. It seems more like she’s tricking you.

You looked over at Hamilton for confirmation on your feelings, but he was staring at her intently, not questioning anything. You felt your negative feelings slowly slip away, and you panicked. She looked at you, smirking.

“Miss Y/N, do you have something to say?” You opened your mouth, but no sound came out. You held your neck, confused. What the hell did she give you? “Now, everyone, I have to ask you a few questions. Hamilton, since you have met Y/N, have you believed her to speak the truth?”

You looked at Hamilton, and he seemed to be in a dream-like state, not even glancing your way. “I was confused, when I first met Y/N. I thought she was some sort of escort, but after speaking to her for a few minutes, I knew she was truthful. I trust her with every fiber in my being. I, I do not want her to leave, but if that is what she wants, then it must be done.” Your heart swelled at his confession. He wanted you to stay.


Your voice was still stuck, unable to say anything. You wondered why she did this to you all, since they were in fact cooperating. The woman then turned to Mulligan, a smirk on her face.

“What about you, Mulligan? How do you feel about Y/N?” She dropped the miss from your name quickly, her fingers tapping on the table. You tried lunging out of your chair, but to no avail, your bottom stuck to the seat. Mulligan laughed, looking directly at you. You hoped that he wasn’t in a trance like the rest of the boys, but when his eyes met yours, they were glazed over.

“Y/N is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. Why would I not trust her? She is captivating. But I see the way she looks at Hamilton, I know she would not look at me the same. I’m not giving up, though.” He puffed out his chest, winking at you once. Your eyes widened. Mulligan liked you?

“Lafayette?” The woman asked, a grin appearing on her face. She was amused, listening to these men speak against their will. It was entertainment to her. You shaped your hands into fists, glaring at her. She barely glanced your way.

“Miss Y/N? She is interesting woman, very much. I, I am giving my trust to her.” He smiled. Even in the state that he was in, he still spoke broken English.

“Laurens? Last but not least?”

“Ahh, Y/N? I consider her my best friend already! She’s funny, she’s snarky, and she’s smart! Who wouldn’t trust her? She even believes in my idea to make the first black battalion!” He grinned, his smile from cheek to cheek.

The woman finally looked at you, pulling her hair back against her shoulder. “So, Y/N, it seems you have grabbed all of these handsome men, huh? You’ve barely known them for little over a day. What did you do?” She willed you to speak, and you were finally able to, glaring at her.

“Who do you think you are? Manipulating them this way? They just came to help me, no need to make them spill their guts.” She rolled her eyes at your spoken word, standing up from her chair.

“Oh, you poor child. Is this not how it works in the future? If you want something, you must give something in return. How about it?” She wiggled her eyebrows at you.

“What makes you think I would give anything to you?” She laughed manically, her grin seeming to break her face. You tensed up, unsure. Mulligan dragged all of you into this mess, and you had no idea what you were dealing with. Honestly, you were just saying what a hero would say on movies that you watch. It seemed to work, though.

“Since I have you friends stuck in this state. So are you, by the way. I can make you talk, and I can stop it. Now, are you willing to pay for the information?” You debated in your head. You looked at all the boys, then looked at Hamilton next to you. He had a small smile on his face, but his eyes were empty, his personality gone. You couldn’t leave them like this, you had to help them. They came here to assist you on getting home, and they did not need this in their lives. They deserved more.

“What do you want me to do?” You asked, and she nodded slowly.

“I’ll give you a clue on getting home, and, in return, I’ll make Alexander Hamilton slowly hate you. It’ll start as soon as I give you the cure for them. You have to see him hate every piece of you, hate everything you touch and everyone you encounter.” She grinned.

“Why? How could this help you? Why do you want this?”

“Because, I want you to suffer. I want you to feel what I felt, when you did the same to me.” She sneered, an evil spark in her eye. You stared at her, more confused than ever. Who is she? You just met her today, what could you possibly do to hurt her?

But the way she stared at you, the way she looked at you as if you two had a history, made you think otherwise.

“Did we meet before?” She laughed, giving you a small bottle. You looked inside, seeing a clear liquid. Before you could ask anything else, she disappeared, leaving you alone with the three men. You gave the substance to the men. They blinked, rubbing their heads. Hamilton was the first to stare at you, confused.

“What happened, Y/N? How did we get here?” She was right, they did not remember a thing.

“We were just taking a walk, and you brought me here. Mulligan said that he knew someone that could help me, but we walked in, and no one was here.” You glanced around the room, seeing nothing but empty shelves and broken furniture. The only thing that was the same was the table in front of you.

Mulligan dragged himself over to the two of you, rubbing his temple. “This headache is killing me. Let’s go back to camp, before Washington really tears us a new one.”

“Agreed.” Lafayette said, patting Laurens on the shoulder. Laurens groaned, and you all walked out the house, closing the door behind you.

You put the container you had in your pocket, walking alongside Hamilton. He was standing with a foot between the two of you, completely different from when you all were sitting at the table. You wondered if this was just the beginning of the spiral that the two of you would go through. You looked at Hamilton’s face, and gave him a smile. He gave you a small nod, the smile on his face unseen.

Your heart was in your throat, and you turned away from him.

The five of you made it back to the camp quickly, making it just before six in the morning. The boys ran off to their tents to change into their uniforms, and you stayed behind, sitting outside Hamilton’s tent. You wanted to talk to him, you wanted to see if the curse that that witch said was true, but he seemed to avoid you, like the day before was just another.

Mulligan still joked with you as much as before, and you clung to him instead, ignoring the ache in your heart. After a few days of silence and quiet tents, Hamilton sighed, looking at you sitting on the makeshift bed. He didn’t bother moving you like he did before.

“Y/N?” He said, finally speaking to you after a week. He dropped the miss right after he woke from the magic, and you pretended that he just actually listened to your requests. You jumped at the opportunity, smiling at him.

“Yes?” You asked.

“Did you ever think about moving to the other men’s tents? It’s not like we are friends, and you have grown to be quite a nuisance.” Your smile faltered, looking at him. He looked annoyed, different from the man you met not too long ago.

You looked at your hands. “I have not bothered you this whole time, Hamilton. I’ve stayed quiet, I haven’t said a word. And even if I tried, you’d just ignore me.” He placed his quill on the side, staring at you.

“We have not found any clues on how to get you home. Making casual conversation is pointless, since you may be gone any day now. There is no purpose in me being kind to you, even if you are beautiful. I am attracted to intellect, not looks.” You twitched, unable to hide your frown.

You knew this was just all in his head, that this lady (who did not give you a clue to get you home yet) has done, but it hurt. He was so much kinder to you in the beginning, and seeing this side of him, it just, it hurt. “You know what, fine. I’m leaving.” You grabbed the clothes that you borrowed from him, and began walking out. Before you left, Hamilton called to you. You turned back, looking at you. He gestured towards the clothes in your hand.

“I may need those later, Y/N. You can give them back now.” You glared at him, throwing the clothes in his face. It almost touched the lit candle on the desk, and he widened his eyes. “You, you almost burned down my whole tent!”

“Good riddance.” You mumbled, walking out. You hoped he didn’t see the tears staining your cheeks.

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hi there! i was just wondering if you could list some latino fcs, ranging from late teens to early twenties? thanks so much


  • amanda arcuri (19) (argentinian / italian) 
  • isabella gomez (19) (colombian) 
  • paola andino (19) (puerto rican)
  • camila cabello (20) (mexican / cuban)
  • bella thorne (19) (cuban / italian, irish)
  • prima vikinga (20) (argentinian) 
  • becky g (20) (mexican)
  • chachi gonzales (21) (mexican)
  • victoria moroles (20) (unspecified latina)
  • rebecca black (19) (mexican / italian, polish, english) 
  • lauren jauregui (20) (cuban)
  • angel vanity (20) (cuban) 
  • marina nery (21) (amerindian, spanish)
  • vanessa merrell (20) (german, mexican, filipino, spanish, irish, portuguese)
  • veronica merrell (20) (german, mexican, filipino, spanish, irish, portuguese)
  • india westbrooks (21) (african american, native american / mexican, creole)
  • herizen guardiola (20) (cuban / jamaican) 
  • cierra ramirez (22) (colombian / mexican)
  • melanie martinez (22) (dominican / puerto rican) 
  • bethany mota (22) (portuguese / mexican, english)
  • bruna marquezine (21) (brazilian)
  • julia goldani telles (22) (brazilian / mexican)
  • danna paola (21) (mexican)
  • arzaylea rodriguez (22) (puerto rican)
  • camila mendes (22) (brazilian)
  • samantha boscarino (22) (italian, ecuadorian) 
  • sofia carson (24) (colombian)
  • ally brooke (23) (mexican)
  • jasmine v (23) (mexican / filipino, irish, german)


  • rico rodriguez (18) (mexican)
  • matthew espinosa (19) (colombian / irish, german, french)
  • adam irigoyen (19) (cuban)
  • david castro (21) (puerto rican / white)
  • mateo arias (21) (colombian)
  • brandon perea (21) (puerto rican / filipino)
  • rafael vitti (21) (unspecified latino)
  • ricardo hoyos (21) (ecuadorian, peruvian / irish)
  • jake t. austin (22) (polish, english, irish / spanish, puerto rican, argentinian) 
  • gabriel conte (22) (cuban, colombian, spanish)
  • nolan sotillo (22) (spanish, cuban / german, english, finnish)
  • alberto rosende (24) (cuban / colombian)
  • david lambert (23) (puerto rican / irish, english, german, french)
  • henry zaga (24) (unspecified latino)
  • sean teale (24) (venezuelan, spanish, welsh) 

non binary

  • brendan jordan (17) (peruvian / white)


  • Erick Brian Colón (16) *Cuban
  • Joel Pimentel (18) *Mexican
  • Zabdiel De Jesús (19) *Puerto Rican
  • Richard Camacho (20) *Dominican
  • Christopher Vélez (21) *Ecuadorian
  • Stéfano de Gregorio (22) *Argentinian
  • Andres Ceballos (22) *Brazilian / Argentinian
  • Franco Masini (22)  *Argentinian
  • Santiago Segura (scream) (23) *Colombian
  • Maluma (23) *Colombian
  • Julian Serrano (23)  *Argentinian
  • Rodolfo Valente (24) *Brazilian
  • Gastón Soffriti (25) *Argentinian 


  • Ángela Torres (18) *Argentinian
  • Martina Stoessel (20) *Argentinian
  • Eva De Dominici (22) *Argentinian
  • Candela Vetrano (25) *Argentinian
  • Eugenia Suárez (25) *Argentinian
  • Lali Esposito (25) *Argentinian
Introduction to the Victims

In the beginning of Rachel’s Tears, a book written by Darrell Scott and Beth Nimmo, there is an interesting dedication introducing some of the victims, telling you a little bit about who they were. Had to share this!

“We would like to dedicate this book to the loving memory of the thirteen beloved people who were the victims of the most deadly school shooting in American history. God gave them all life, but this gift was extinguished far too early.

The Teacher

Dave Sanders

Like many of the teachers and staff at Columbine, Dave risked his life to protect his students. When he heard the sound of gunshots in the school, Dave didn’t run for his life, but shouted out an alarm so others could protect themselves. Then he bravely herded all the students he could find to safety. His actions may have saved hundreds of lives that day, but his selfless sacrifice cost him his own life.

Serving at Columbine for twenty-five years, Dave was a beloved business teacher and the coach of the girls’ basketball team. He inspired his students do their best through both his life and his death. As he lay dying from his gunshot wounds, Dave asked students to hold pictures of his wife and his two daughters before his eyes. He was focusing on those images as he passed from the chaos of that day into eternity.

The Students

Cassie Bernall

Cassie’s mother wrote a book describing this young woman’s struggles with destructive beliefs and negative self esteem as well as the dramatic change she underwent that shaped the final years of her life. Her unquenchable faith in God exposed her to ridicule at school and may have contributed to her death, but her unshakable dedication has helped her become an internationally recognized symbol of Christian commitment.

Steven Curnow

A freshman student who excelled at soccer, Steven loved aviation. His dream was to join the navy and become a pilot of an F-16. He was also an avid Star Wars fan. The new Star Wars movie was scheduled to debut on May 19, 1999, and Steven was eagerly anticipating seeing it. He was a friendly young man who was known for his big smile

Corey DePooter

An amiable boy who loved America and hoped to serve his country as a marine, Corey spent part of Tuesday morning showing friends pamphlets that a military recruiter had given him. Mature beyond his years and cool and collected under pressure, Corey sought to calm nervous students who huddled with him as the killers roamed the school. Friends brought fishing tackle and gear to his funeral in memory of his love of the outdoors.

Kelly Fleming

Quiet and somewhat shy, Kelly expressed herself well on paper. She was writing the story of her life when she was killed. Her dad lovingly remarked that when they killed his daughter, they killed innocence. She was just learning to drive and wanted to get a job at a daycare center so she could save up money for a Mustang or a Corvette. She had a passion for writing and wanted to pursue that as a career.

Matthew Kechter

The night before he was killed, Matt was up until midnight talking on the phone to our son Craig, who was one of his closest friends. A friendly boy with an infectious sense of humor, Matt had hoped to land a starting spot on Columbine’s football team. The following fall, when the team won its first state title, the victory was dedicated to Matt. As committed to academics as he was to athletics, Matt died next to Craig in the library that day.

Daniel Mauser

Danny had just been named the top biology student at Columbine for the school year, but he never knew that he won the honor because he was killed in the library days before it was announced. A smart, quiet boy who excelled at forensics as well as math and science, he had received straight A’s on his last report card. He had been planning to visit France in the summer after school was out.

Daniel Rohrbough

A hardworking boy who helped out at a family business during the school year and at his grandfather’s Kansas farm in the summer, Danny used the money he made to buy gifts and presents for others and was universally hailed as unselfish and caring. A good athlete and dedicated weight lifter, Danny was killed outside Columbine. When he didn’t show up for work that afternoon, his parents grew worried, only to see his lifeless body on the cover of the next morning’s newspapers.

Isaiah Shoels

Isaiah was a friend of our son Craig. He had played cornerback on the school’s football team, where he was known for his tenacity. Small in stature but large in heart and spirit, he held his own with larger players. He was killed next to our son under a table in the library. Some of Craig’s worst memories of April 20, 1999, are of hearing racial slurs flung at Isaiah for several minutes before he was murdered. Isaiah dreamed of becoming a music executive.

John Tomlin

John and Doreen Tomlin have become some of my (Darrell) closest friends. Their son, John, was killed in the library. His Chevy truck became one of the two vehicles seen worldwide as monuments of the tragedy. Rachel’s red Acura Legend was the other, John’s open Bible on the dashboard of his truck was a testimony of his beliefs to all who saw it. He had spent time in Mexico helping build housing for the poor and doing mission work. Weeks before his death, John’s mother had asked him where he would want to be buried if anything ever happened to him. Because of that conversation, he is buried in Wisconsin where his two close childhood friends live.

Lauren Townsend

Potential valedictorian of her senior class, Lauren was a member of the National Honor Society and served as captain of the Columbine girls’ varsity volleyball team. A gifted student who had recently visited England with other members of an advanced English class, Lauren worked at an animal shelter, and she planned to study wildlife biology at college in the fall.

Kyle Velasquez

A dedicated Denver Broncos fan, Kyle was often called a “gentle giant.” Kyle manifested a simple sincerity and a kind heart. He was buried with military honors at Fort Logan National Cemetery. His dad was a U.S. Navy veteran. Kyle was working on a computer in the library when he was cruelly gunned down.

Rachel Scott

Our beautiful daughter’s unique life and deep commitment to God are explored in the following pages.

The two perpetrators of these horrible killings took their own lives that tragic day. We ask that you pray for the Klebold and Harris families, who have been subjected to their own unimaginable grief.”

So you like the original Gay Trio that is Alexander Hamilton, John Laurens, and the Marquis de Lafayette.  But now you’re looking for someone new to study.  Could there be another trio that fulfills your desire to research the Revolutionary War era and queer history?

The answer is yes.  Allow me to introduce you to the Gay Trio: Geneva Edition.  Featuring…

Francis Kinloch.  The Alexander Hamilton of the group.  Very possibly a polyamorous bisexual man.  Exchanged some particularly affectionate letters with Vegobre and Laurens.

Louis de Manoel de Vegobre.  The Lafayette of the group.  Swiss man who starts out only knowing French, but he learns English from Laurens and finds true joy in every bit of English he reads or hears.  He learns about America and literally cries because of the hardships that may befall America because of the war.  Calls Kinloch “my beloved.”

And John Laurens as John Laurens.  Doing his usual John Laurens things.  The only difference is that he’s in Geneva.

There’s more to come on this, so stay tuned for some new quotes and information!

I want a bilingual!Saphael family so damn bad. (For these headcanons, they adopted three vampire kids (one 14-year-old girl: Eleanor, one 10-year-old boy: Oliver and a 7-year-old girl: Lauren), and Raph taught them Spanish.) I need:

- Raphael and the kids gossiping about the kids’ school friends in Spanish b/c Simon disapproves.
- The kids all talk to each other in mixed Spanish and English, and Lauren actually speaks French too, so the others learn it too, cos they love her so much.
- When Lauren sees boys picking on her brother for having two dads, she attacks them and when Raphael finds out, Simon has to mediate with the boys on one side and his family on the other. The boys run off screaming ten minutes later.
- Clary is the best god-mama ever, and her kids are basically siblings to the clan.
- Uncle Magnus is a terrible influence - his kids are almost closer, thanks to he and Raph’s mutual hatred of Camille. Luckily, Alec is a better one, and he and Simon share little friendly ‘what can you do’ shrugs whenever their husbands are making fools of themselves and their kids.
- Family dinners are loud and very confusing, and whenever they have guests, the kids are made to be calm, but those meals are always the worst
- When Eleanor gets dumped by her girlfriend, Simon insults her loudly in Spanish, and awkwardly admits that he’s been learning. Raph smiles and kisses him, and all the kids groan angrily, until they join in for a family hug.

There’s just so much multicultural love to be had in this fam, I want it so much there are no words

The Sound of An Angel

Is there a one shot where Camren is a canon but like camila is deaf and lauren has learnt sign language but camila gets one of those ear devices that allow her to hear for the first time and the first thing lauren says is “I love you” and it’s the first time camila ahs heard her voice and those words and she’s just a ball of emotion? Does that exist? Because it should"

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5 New Characters You Should Get to Know Before Outlander Returns in 2017
We still have a while to go until Outlander finally returns for its third season in 2017, but thankfully we have a few big things to look forward to. In
By Quinn Keaney

We still have a while to go until Outlander finally returns for its third season in 2017, but thankfully we have a few big things to look forward to. In addition to shocking surprises that will blow your mind and more hot scenes between Claire and Jamie, the upcoming season is bringing in a handful of new and important characters. Remember that whole time jump business? Well, it means a few of our faves won’t be returning (Fergus can’t stay little forever, unfortunately). Luckily for all of us, the new additions to the storyline seem plenty interesting.

John Bell as Young Ian Murray
You might remember John Bell from his roles in Wrath of the Titans and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, which helped him get cast as Young Ian Murray. Ian is Jamie’s gangly, stubborn Scottish nephew (the son of Jamie’s sister, Jenny) who can’t seem to keep out of trouble. With charm and a taste for adventure, Ian takes after Jamie, and we’ll likely see him grow up to be just like his uncle as the series evolves.

Cesar Domboy as a Grown-Up Fergus
Although we’re sad to know that we’ll no longer be seeing the adorable Romann Berrux on screen, at least he has a pretty hunky successor. French actor Cesar Domboy, who appeared in Robert Zemeckis’s The Walk, is taking over as the grown-up version of Fergus due to season three’s time jump. Hopefully he’ll be just as mischievous as ever.

Hannah James as Geneva Dunsany
Hollywood newcomer Hannah James has been tapped to play the eldest Dunsany sister, Geneva. The daughter of Lord and Lady Dunsany, Geneva had a spoiled upbringing marred by tragedy thanks to the death of her older brother, Gordon, who perished in the Jacobite Rising of 1745. She’s further described as being as “beautiful as she is headstrong,” which sounds a lot like Claire, doesn’t it? Her personality will contrast sharply with that of her little sister, Isobel (Tanya Reynolds), who is “warm, friendly, and genuine” and “inherently more likable.”

Wil Johnson as Joe Abernathy
The Walking Dead alum Wil Johnson has been cast as Joe Abernathy, a doctor-in-training who Claire hits it off with while attending medical school in 20th century Boston. Although he faces the hardships of being black in Civil Rights-era America, he’s smart, charming, and funny, and quickly becomes one of her closest confidantes.

Lauren Lyle as Marsali
Remember Laoghaire? The one who turned Claire into the authorities for being a witch so she could have Jamie all to herself? Well, it turns out she’ll have an 18-year-old daughter in season three, played by Lauren Lyle. The English actress’s character has a “rebellious and romantic mind,” just like her mom, and in the books, she has a romantic connection with Fergus. Keep your eyes peeled for any sparks between them!