on a rainy day
  • <p> <b>john, pointing at the window:</b> fucking gay, man<p/><b>alex:</b> uhm you really shouldn't use the word gay to describe something bad - gay is not synonymous with shitty and, quite frankly, the weather can't even be gay cause it's no-<p/><b>john:</b> i was pointing at my reflection, dumbass<p/></p>

anonymous asked:

Can you help me find the full video when Camila is singing while lies down on Lauren's lap? I personally like the clip. I think the clip was the reason I board the Camren ship. 😁

Loool I got really confused for a sec and was like “omg Camila singing on Lauren’s lap? What??” But if you’re talking about this : 

She wasn’t singing, just talking 😂. Go at 2:23 😊

If it’s not what you’re talking about then please tell me, cause it would mean I missed something big 😂

  • Washington: Alright, now hug it out. It's a technique I learned in my leadership seminar.
  • Jefferson: Uh, I don't think...
  • Hamilton: That's really not necessary...
  • Washington: You don't leave this room until I see your bodies touching!!
  • *Jefferson and Hamilton awkwardly hug*
  • Hamilton: I will destroy you.
  • Jefferson: I'm about to vomit all down your back.