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I have an analysis. 1) the flower camila is holding in the BT mv (yellow rose with red tips) is the same type of flower in lauren's twitter header- this flower signifies friendship & falling in love, but if it is wilted like in Lauren's header means it's dying 2) camila wearing the sun ring and mgk wearing the crescent moon earring 3) The crown thing, I keep thinking about lauren calling Camila my pink princess on insta.

Damn it’s a fucking sign!! why is the world messing with us like this! These can’t be coincidences right like the flowers are the exact same like wtf…. and the sun and moon…. Pink princess AHHHH

I cant believe a girl in a girl group just came out as bisexual this is so amazing and so wonderful and im so proud of Lauren and I’m just thinking of all the girls out there who are fans of fifth harmony being so unsure about their sexuality or being ashamed of it and lauren helping them and that’s so beautiful and wow im tearing up 


Everlasting love - Fifth Harmony

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