Why Lauren Lopez is the best Draco

Let us take a moment to take into account how perfect Lauren Lopez was as Draco in AVPM…

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First, we have the entrance.

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Her floor work was incredible.

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She played Draco as he truly is.

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She tied her art skills into the character she played.

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She had high aspirations for her character.

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She was never lacking in self esteem.

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And, last, but certainly not least, her dancing brought a whole new side to Draco that us Potterheads had never seen before.

Clearly, Lauren Lopez as Draco was just

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Sketch Comedy Number “Where the hell is Darren Criss now?”

Lauren Lopez, Joey Richter, Pat Rourke as FANS.

Joe Walker as Official Starkid.

TO ANYONE WHO THINKS THAT Darren and other (cause Darren is one of them) Starkids are in a fight or something like dat =)

Dumbledore? Pfft! What an old coot! He’s nothing like Rumbleroar. Rumbleroar is the Headmaster at Pigfarts.
He’s a lion.
Who can t a l k.
—  Draco ( AVPM )