Joni Mitchell

In late spring 1970, Joni Mitchell flew off to Europe. Her passionate love affair with Graham Nash had become troubled as she feared marrying a second time and what that might do to her creative life. At the end of May, Nash received a telegram from Joni that said simply “If you hold sand too tightly in your hand, it will run through your fingers. Love, Joan.”

It was over.

Later that year, Joni Mitchell wrote “River”. It says it all.

Over her career, Joni rarely played “River” in concert. Perhaps it was too personal. Perhaps it was just too honest. This is from a concert in London in late 1970.

Ladies of the Canyon
Joni Mitchell
Ladies of the Canyon

“Ladies of the Canyon” by Joni Mitchell, Ladies of the Canyon (1970)

Trina takes her paints and her threads 
And she weaves a pattern all her own 
Annie bakes her cakes and her breads 
And she gathers flowers for her home 
For her home she gathers flowers 
And Estrella dear companion 
Colors up the sunshine hours 
Pouring music down the canyon 
Coloring the sunshine hours 
They are the ladies of the canyon