Preview of the upcoming Furry zine I co-edited with sessasessasessa​. It’s a catalog-style book that serves to advertise artists willing to do Furry commissions. We made the zine because we’re ready to be Furries. We admire the community a lot, it seems respectful and fun, and undeserving of the gawking/dismissal it tends to get. The book also uses Furry as a general term for all sorts of creatures under the anthropomorphic animal umbrella.

Some excerpts from the intro:

“…we’ve collected a diverse group of distinctive illustrators, alternative cartoonists, collage artists, ceramicists, printmakers, etc; Each with different levels of current and past engagement with the Furry community. We hope to open up this functional art marketplace to new levels of creativity.”

“Much of our zine is safe for work, and many would argue that the Furry scene is more of a subculture than sexculture, but we want to affirm drawing and enjoying porn as a viable activity.”

“Speculating about mutant and otherworldly forms is necessary in our polluted Earth and endless universe.”

Featuring artwork by:


G.W. Duncanson

Sakura Maku

Sessa Englund

Katbus Brawl

AT Pratt

Lindsey Richter

Inés Estrada



Laura Knetzger

O.K. Fox

Ivy Atoms

O Horvath

Laura Perez-Harris

Lucia Love

Jenny Zych


Bunny Burdge

Julian Sh333p

Mimi Chrzanowski

Anders Nils Pierson

Andy Burkholder

Lee Masterson

and an insert piece by Chloé Rossetti



Hello! You should come to this great play I’m in, written & directed by Matthew Thurber, called MINING THE MOON. I play a flamboyant talking horse named Mr. Colostomy. The first performance is tomorrow (Sunday 6/8) at 5pm, with three additional evening performances on the 10th, 21st, & 26th at the Brick Theatre in Williamsburg. RSVP here on FB

The play also features performances by Ric Royer, Rebecca Bird, Raven Burnett, Austin English, Marlene Frontera, Dave Nuss, Kendra Sullivan, & Laura Perez-Harris.

Top image is an illustration by Matthew Thurber. Photo Credits: Laura Perez-Harris, Kendra Sullivan, & Rebecca Bird.

ATTN: Melbourne, Australia! MAILBOX ART SPACE PRESENTS: Happiness Comix NYC 31st July - 30th August 2014 Opening Night: Thursday 31st July 6-8pm

Happiness is a comic and art anthology printed in NYC and distributed worldwide. Celebrating the release of its fourth issue, Leah Wishnia has recruited past and present Happiness contributors to transform their comic narratives into small-scale sculptural pieces for the Mailbox exhibition space.

Featuring artwork by:
Krysta BrayerMimi Chrzanowski,Katrina ClarkAntoine CosséKrystal DifronzoO Horvath,Thomas HunterCourtney LobergKJ Martinet, Laura Perez-HarrisA.T. PrattConor StechschulteLasse WandschneiderLeah Wishnia and Dena Zilber.


MAILBOX is an Artist Run Initiative
141-143 Flinders Lane
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Regular Gallery Hours:
8am – 6pm Monday to Friday
10am – 5pm Saturdays.


BUY.BOOKLYN.ORG has the LAST few copies of Jeans 2 for sale! 

Edited by Harris Smith 
Color + B/W 
8.5 x 11 inches 
64 pages

Amy Searles 
Alex Degen “AD" 
Karissa Sakumoto 
Zach Hazard Vaupen 
Claire Donner 
Harris Smith 
Pete Toms 
Benjamin Marra 
Olivia Fox 
Steph Davidson 
Cory pappalardo 
Leah Wishnia 
Laura Perez-Harris 
Laurie Pina 
Anthony Meloro 
Madeleine Bliss 
Garrett Young 
Wiley Wiggins