Laura Jenkinson


Lip Art by Laura Jenkinson 

London makeup artist Laura Jenkinson has over a quarter of a million Instagram followers due to her theatrical and ingenious make-up work. She uses her lips as a canvas to recreate images of vintage and contemporary cartoon figures from childhood. In order to complete each portrait, Jenkinson cleverly positions her mouth to fit each character’s personality. In her archive you will find iconic figures, such as Rogger Rabbit, Homer Simpson, and Garfield among many others. 


Perfecting the Art of Cartoon Cosmetics with @laurajenkinson

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With a little makeup, a lot of patience and a slight curl of the lip, Laura Jenkinson (@laurajenkinson) brings the most beloved cartoon characters to life on her face. From Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck to Nemo and Shrek, Laura has painted more than fifty cartoon masterpieces on her mouth and chin in the last year. She started this project on Instagram as a way to stand out as a makeup artist in the competitive beauty industry. “I knew I wanted to do something different, and equally something that would bring happiness to people,” she says. “If I can spend a couple of hours a day making at least a handful of people smile—then why not?”

Now with a growing list of followers, Laura gets constant encouragement and inspiration from her fans. “My creations now mainly come from people’s requests and their ideas. I generally don’t have many uninspired days anymore.”