Brilliant new Launchpad video that appeared on YouTube recently….


DJ Creates a Tetris-Themed Dubstep Barrage

In Soviet Russia, music houses you.

Why We Should Love ‘____’ (5th : Hugo Leclercq aka madeon)

1. look at that swag he got

2. dances when producing some music

3. He’s out of #BLOW…Damn!

4. photoshop magician (i think he seriously makes his own zeddeon pics for his fangirls in tumblr)

5. the typical french

6. seriously tall (he’s 19 and he’s taller than zedd who is 24)

7. barely smiles with his teeth exposed

8. hugo-fies people

9. someone has made a mistake on spelling hugo’s full name and hugo likes it

10. he’s like a light switch

11. looks like LADY GAGA’s young bro #artpop

12. sometimes eats fried bananas

13. internally perverted

14. gains magical powers if hugo is with zedd

15. dirty talks with porter sometimes (porter, DAT FACE)

16. crazy sets

17. annually notifies his fans how to pronounce his name correctly

18. actually a cat

19. the reason why it takes a long time to produce a music is because he spends his time playing zelda

20. the REAL baguette lover

21. turns his fans into ableton launchpads

22. ok look at his SHOES

23. loves warm cookies

24. tries to ignore zedd who gets insane sometimes

25. i bet he’s drunk or insane when he is on twitter

26. same old fashion he got (always black, white, grey, navy, and a little brown)

27. insane dj skills,  millions of fans

28. his show, so-called ‘diamond show’

29. no reason more. Because he is Hugo Leclercq, and he is our hero.

P.S. Welcome back to tumblr, Hugo. (fangirls are waiting for you :D)

In case of Dillon Francis :

In case of Anton Zaslavski aka ZEDD :

In case of Sonny Moore aka Skrillex :

In case of Porter Robinson :


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