Space orcs Morning People vs Non-Morning People

I’m laughing so hard right now because I’m imagining a crew having two humans and one of them is most definitely NOT a morning person.

Person A stumbles out looking a hot mess and ready to stab anyone who pisses them off in the slightest. Then there’s Person B cheery as fuck and laughing at the skittish aliens who are freaking out because, “are they going to attack us!? Are they sick?? What is going on!?” And Person B is just like, “nah man their just not a morning person!” And person A just growls at them to, “Shut the Fuck up or I will stab you in the liver you overly cheery asshole.”

So I’ve always loved those funny-but-relatable period stories about girls who do silly things and cry for no reason. I’ve never really had one myself, though, until today.

It was pretty awful, but not unbearable, until I was in my college algebra class working on a group assignment with my boyfriend and our other male friend. I was having a hard time focusing but it all went to hell when I was reading a word problem that said “A golf ball is hit…” But thought it said “A golf ball is shit” for some reason and started laughing which, with no warning, turned into crying and I don’t know why.

My boyfriend and the other guy were like, “are you okay?” And I told them I felt like that one girl who tried to make a bagel smoothie at 2:00 am and her dad caught her and she started bawling. The whole time I was telling it, I was crying and everyone was looking at me and it was really weird.

The funniest part of the magnificent seven is when Vasquez is trying to ready an explosive and Faraday is smoking right next to him and he’s like “Could u fuckn not??? I am holding??? Explosives????”

and faraday looks at the cigarette and then juST THROWS IT AT VASQUEZ’S ARM AND VASQUEZ IS LIKE

BOI Di D yOu jUst