The funniest part of the magnificent seven is when Vasquez is trying to ready an explosive and Faraday is smoking right next to him and he’s like “Could u fuckn not??? I am holding??? Explosives????”

and faraday looks at the cigarette and then juST THROWS IT AT VASQUEZ’S ARM AND VASQUEZ IS LIKE

BOI Di D yOu jUst

Just imagine it: Wright and Edgeworth in a retirement community.

God. Think of the calls Trucy would get.

  • “Your father has been banned from bingo night. He yelled ‘objection’ and accused another resident of cheating…again. For what it’s worth, he made a compelling case.”
  • “Your father and Mr. Edgeworth disrupted dinner for approximately four hours last night. Wouldn’t let anyone eat until they finished an impromptu trial they started…someone’s guide dog was the defendant? I don’t know. I heard he won. But anyway, can you ask him to…uh…not do that anymore?”
  • “Mr. Wright stole Mr. Edgeworth’s wheelchair again and now Mr. Edgeworth is hitting him with a cane. They’re both fine. Just thought you should know.”
  • “Sigh…your father…he convinced Mr. Justice he was dying in an attempt to ‘escape’ the community…Please come over immediately, preferably with Miss Cykes. Mr. Justice won’t stop crying.”
  • “Your father may or may not have gotten married to Mr. Edgeworth last night. It was really unclear.”
  • “Please tell Mr. Edgeworth to stop smuggling in dogs. And forcing everyone to watch that decades-old cartoon in the community space.”
  • “Your father went wheelchair racing in the streets and ran into a truck. Don’t worry; he’s fine. Kept laughing the entire time.”
  • “One of our residents passed away and your father and Mr. Edgeworth keep telling everyone it was a murder. Please tell them to stop.”
  • “Actually, it turns out they were right. Sorry.”


gendry meeting the starks brothers.
  • robb: so...gendry, what are your intentions with our sister?
  • gendry: i just want to make her happy
  • jon: of course you'll make her happy. or we'll kill you.
  • gendry: ...
  • bran: or she'll kill you probably. we don't know.
  • gendry: what?
  • rickon: do you have some candies?
  • gendry:
  • gendry:
  • gendry: what the hell is wrong with this family?