It’s so strange how many different laughs I have…

There’s the Vine laugh, which consists of high pitched yelping.

There’s the brother is reenacting the Fast and Furious franchise or is just being his very sarcastic self and he’s mocking this movie or TV show which consists of me suffocating with laughter.

There’s the Mom is being brutally honest and says what everyone else is thinking where I feel a sharp pain in my chest and want to fall over from laughing.

The Dad is joking around and I’m just there crying with laughter and wiping away my tears.

and there’s I’m watching my favorite show/smart alec one liner/an interview/an actor being a total dork/adorable llama/majestic moose/precious puppy/endearing Daddy and I just giggle like I’m an excited 5 year old meeting Cinderella

I really hope you have many different laughs, and that you paint with all the colors of the wind…

I Want a Bicycle--a joke

Little Joey went to his mother and requested a new bicycle for his birthday.

“Now, Joey, do you really think you’ve been a good enough little boy to deserve a bicycle? Tell you what. Go to your room and write God a letter telling Him why you deserve a bicycle.”

Joey rushed upstairs to his room and began to write.

Letter #1: “Dear God, I have been a good boy…” He crumpled up the paper and…

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I think I'll be alright.

The fact that Synthia left for France was starting to get me upset and moody, but now I know its not just me missing her terribly, its all my other friend too. I do hate all the lessons but lunch always makes me happy, because we’re always laughing at something. I really need thee laughter to help me feel better :’)

When feeling sad, it is always good to tell yourself a nice joke. Laughter is a very good medicine even though it is temporary.

For example, my favorite joke is: What room can a skeleton not go into? It is the living room. Because it is dead.

anonymous asked:

Yes, it really pisses me off when people remove the video links from your posts as well. I love, love, love your tumblr. It's so important, especially in the face of the bullshit we're having to deal with. When someone includes the links in your posts, I go and watch the videos and remember why I loved 1D in the first place and why I should continue in the fandom. A big kiss to you for all you do. xxx

Thank you! I’m so glad you like my blog!! :) I have a lot of fun making what I post.

I think one of the important gifts of One Direction, and a primary reason people say the boys have saved them, is because so many of their videos are funny. Laughter is, indeed, the best medicine. Watching concert footage is always good, too!

If someone wants to remove a caption, I hope they leave the links so people can think for themselves (or simply be further entertained). It’s really important not to neglect context; I’m a biased observer, after all.

I hope you have a beautiful day/evening, lovely person! Take it easy! 😘❤️‍


I did the supermarket shopping yesterday morning, and as I walked in I noticed a small group of street performers outside. They were performing well known classics but in a foreign language… possibly Spanish, I’m not sure. 

When I had finished, as I was coming back out to the carpark I could hear that they were playing another familiar song.

It took me a moment to work it out. But the moment I realised it was ‘Unchained Melody“ I remembered pranking you at work by making your computer blair out that song at high volume when you opened something I’d sent you - and I started laughing. 

It felt good - to laugh again….. because of a memory of you.