Laughing Dove


Come to Miss Cocoa Dust’s After-Iftar tea party 💖
And you get to choose whatever delicacies you like! 💖
She loves to “fake eat” in her pictures 💖

So I keep thinking about Dove from the Scorpio Races and how, as a native island “pony”, her winter coat is going to be super thick and woolly for the upcoming, no doubt miserable, Thisby winter. The Capaill Uisce on the other hand… they come out of the ocean slick and defined and muscular as summer time, racing conditioned thoroughbreds. I know the race scene is fast and intense but I’m still giggling over the image of little floofballl Dove kicking ass against the water horses. I mean… that’s like a Pomeranian in a greyhound race.


♥ Birds n Roses ♥

  1. The ever handsome Sylvester Pearl
  2. The ever gorgeous Cocoa Dust
  3. Cocoa Dust & Glory Jr.
    She’s in love with him but he doesn’t understand

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Send me a ☺ to meet another member of my muses’s family

“There is no way that’s true!” Dove laughed at the story Alex had just finished telling, her fingers intertwined with his. The two had spent the day out looking at apartments in the city when they decided to take a break for lunch. A gasp escaped the small blondes lips when her eyes locked with the eyes of a familiar face; more specifically the familiar face of her mother who she had yet to introduce her boyfriend to. “Mom?” Dove stuttered seeing the unmistakable woman walking towards the young couple. 


“I’m coming stop knocking on the door Steven!” Dove yelled laughing as she ran through her apartment. She was carrying her heels and coat when she opened the door, “Hello love!” The blonde exclaimed kissing his cheek before moving to let him in. “Zip my dress for me?” Dove asked Steven turning around and pulling her hair to the side. The couple were heading to a party that Steven was invited to and Dove was nervous to say the least.


July 21 was Cocoa Dust’s Birthday! 🎉
She’s a big big girl now she’s ONE year old! 💟

When she came to us, we didn’t even know if she’d be able to make it.
But you see!

And she got a new Dinner & Tea set! 🎁💟
For 1 person only. Okay?