Jim, Harvey and Oswald confront Ed in the Warehouse

Oswald: Pffffffffffffffft!!!

Ed: What’s so funny?

Jim: Yeah Oswald. What’s so funny?

Oswald: *still laughing* Ed? W-what the hell are you w-wearing!?

Ed: What are you talking about?

Oswald: Y-you look like a goddamn l-leprechaun!!! *laughs harder*

Harvey: *snickers*

Jim: *shoots Harvey a dirty look*

Harvey: What? He does!

Ed: Green happens to be my favorite color!

Oswald: Yeah and I like purple, but you don’t see me parading around in a bright purple suit! You’re blinding me with all that green!

Ed: Shut up Oswald!!!

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Wait. Wait. Do you like Hatoful Boyfriend? *^*

((I LOVE THOSE GAMES SO MUCH, EVEN AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!! Nageki is my favorite character, though I also care a lot about Ryouta and Anghel and Kazuaki - well at least I find Kazuaki really interesting. Also, did you play Holiday Star?? That’s what made me love Nageki even more, though that was so bittersw– AUGHJSDKF))

P: You’re going to break my neck like that!! Don’t you also have an art blog for things like these??

So Depression Month™ has been a real blast. 

So I just found this project I did in high school for my creative writing class and it’s a 25 page thing about the Red Wings and some of the stuff in here is pure gold. I am dying. Like it starts off normal with a history piece about the team and then a piece about a Red Wings book I had to read. Then comes the good stuff.

The next part is a “Red Wings dictionary” and oh my god. So you’ve got normal hockey terms like assist and attacking zone and forward but then there’s “Datsyukian Deke” and “Kronwalled” or my personal favorite “Zetterbeard” which literally was defined as “Referring to Henrik Zetterberg’s beard.”

After that comes a poem talking about some of the players (I will type it up for anyone who wants to read it) and that’s followed by a “hockey card” I drew for Henrik Zetterberg and then a drawing of a rink that has different things marked on it with my favorite being “Quincey’s home” pointing at the penalty box and “Gusstavsson’s seat” pointing at the corner of the Red Wings bench

But here comes the best part of the whole thing. “How to be a Red Wing.” Now you can imagine where this is going right? This is the greatest thing I have written I swear because it’s too true. The first one “Make sure to pass the puck back to your defensemen while the other team is changing to allow them to set up once again.” But my favorite one that symbolizes the year that this was written “Make sure you pull a groin at least twice per season and miss several games at a time.” There are so many great ones. I can write out more if anyone is interested

That wonderful piece is followed by a story written from the Stanley Cup’s view and is absolutely wonderful. I also made a wonderful illustration with it

Then there’s a poem about a puck. I really don’t know lol and that’s followed by another poem called “Hockey is the game”

Oh and then the best story comes in called “The Hockey Gods.” Oh my god this story has killed me and I do not know how to explain it but it is pure gold and to give you an idea it has a drawing of “The Goose is Loose” with it

The last two pieces are two poems titled “The Good ol’ Hockey Game” and “The Tradition.” and with the tradition piece is an Al the octopus drawing.

I am seriously so glad I found this


So this is only a little bit of what happened during @vitariesocks livestream tonight. We got to talk about dumb PE teachers, eraser shavings (that somehow got in his eye) go undercover not once, but twice, see three of his wonderful cats, and much much more!

I was having a rough night and this honestly made it so much better so thank you, my guy. Thank you.