Do you like Neon Genesis Evangelion?

The early episodes were a little too typical of the mecha genre for my tastes, but when they introduced Asuka in episode 8, I think the anime really came into its own, plot-wise. The animation is clear and crisp, and a new sheen of professionalism really gave the anime a big boost. Hideaki Anno’s been compared to Osamu Tezuka, but I think Anno has a far more bitter, cynical sense of humor.

In episode 16, the anime takes a completely serious turn, replacing what normally would have been fanservice with scenes of emotional trauma. I think the undisputed masterpiece of the series is episode 26, an episode so confusing, most people probably don’t watch it. But they should, because it’s not just one possible conclusion to the anime, it’s also a personal statement about Anno’s own depression!

Hey Paul!

Listen,,, I don’t make the rules but season two of TNG has some hidden gems. Deanna helps Picard a lot in season two and there’s even that scene where he tells her well done and all that stuff. But also, Riker. Idk what it is about those early TNG uniforms that I love so much, but season two fresh beard Riker is good.

  • luke: *no longer a penguin*
  • me: why you lyin? why you always fucking lyin? mmm oh my god stop fuckin lyin
great moments in translation

So I was working on the second part of the Chinese translation for the SS comic I posted recently. I usually just gloss over sound effects when I read manhua, partly because when I was going to Chinese school once a week on Saturday afternoons they didn’t spend a lot of time on sound effects and subsequent Chinese learning in an academic setting hasn’t prioritized it either. So I often have to look those characters up.

So I get to this panel:

And I just stare at it for a while, because this is the characters that I see: 年双

But that means “biennial” and thus makes no sense.

So I got out my handwriting dictionary and was trying all kinds of things trying to figure out what the hell these characters were???

Finally I threw in the towel and messaged the artist on Weibo (should have done it earlier but I didn’t want to bother her). And after probably getting a good laugh at my expense (which I don’t begrudge her at all), she told me it was the single character 轰, which means “boom”.

But privately I prefer to think that Sasuke is just really freaked out by the concept of something occurring every two years.