there were a lot of incredible scenes of the raven cycle, but by far the most beautiful was how almost immediately after comprehending Noah’s deadness Ronan actually went for picking him up and throwing him out of a three story building window while Gansey was having a melodramatic think session right outside the door at like 2 in the morning

Oh my - for a good laugh, go into the anti-Tony Stark tag, where the mewling and roiling jealousy is on mini-boil amid the rapidly shrinking ranks. Of course "Spider-Man: Homecoming" - just on the strength of the few scenes in the trailer - looks poised to become one of the MCU's biggest hits and make Iron Man even more of an icon for kids and the adult crowd. Marvel does these things wisely - they know RDJ is the most popular movie star on the planet and will draw legions of fans to see the movie. The scenes of Peter with Tony are adorable and hilarious, and the father-son vibe will increase audience engagement exponentially. Mentoring Peter, a new young superhero with zero baggage and tons of genuine optimism, will work wonders in healing Tony from the scars of Civil War. It's so brilliant I can't even...(and when *I* can't even find words, you know it's something!). Tony mentors Peter; Peter's guileless enthusiasm brings new life and hope to Tony. I love it so much. It's all we hoped for! Haters can suck on it - this will skyrocket Tony's popularity off the charts (especially since Spidey is Marvel's best-loved character - who better to pair with the founding father of the MCU? It couldn't happen to a greater pair of heroes.

and everytime he smiles, the whole room turned to see what shone 💗✨


Kol x Reader

Requested By Anon

“You have to be kidding me.” You growled into the phone which was pulled from your hand.

“I am assuming buy (Y/N)’s tone you’re on your way out to fetch us and she won’t have the pleasure of keeping me company?” Kol hummed and chuckled before hanging up. “Looks like my siblings are having witch troubles.”

“So, we’re stuck in here.” You sighed and walked as far away from Kol as the room would allow.

“You know you’re not being very friendly.” He chuckled and you threw an ornament at him, which he caught and set down with a short laugh.


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found this on facebook and i laughed way more than i probably should have

Little One

Requested by @phasiion : I was wondering if you could do a Derek Hale imagine where Y/N is mad at him and because that she’s so short (compared to him and generally vary short in general) He finds her so adorable and ends up laughing even more which angers her more.

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader 

Word count: 865

“Stiles, I won’t say again. Tell this werewolf to let me out RIGHT NOW!” You yell at your best friend, pointing a finger at Derek.

The thing is: This unknown pack just invaded Beacon Hills and Derek’s job is to keep you and Stiles out of danger. You have no idea why the Alpha is babysitting you while Scott is out there doing God knows what. Probably it was his choice, but you don’t care. You have a party to go and Derek is forbidding you to step out the bedroom.

He stands at the door, like a damn wall. You stand right before him, raising your head a bit to look into his eyes.


“(Y/N), c'mon, let’s just watch cute videos and wait for Scott to call or something.” Stiles pulls your arm, but of course, you violently push him away, making him fall awkwardly. You hold back a laugh and keep staring at Derek.

“Listen, werewolf. I don’t need a babysit. I have somewhere to go and you will move from this damn door!” You’re screaming again, and you notice a shadow of a smile on Derek’s lips. He’s handsome as hell, but you try not to let this fact distract you.

“There’s a whole pack out there. It’s too dangerous. Plus, it’s full moon and that means you’re not going anywhere until sunrise.” Derek’s voice is low, like a command.

You would kiss him again like you did last night, but you’re just mad at him. How can you be in love with this pain in the ass? Maybe you should kiss him with your fist.

“Derek, I’m not kidding. I will throw something at this pretty face of yours.” You check Stiles’ bedroom for anything heavy enough, and you choose his chair. You try to raise it over your head, but Derek grabs the chair and puts it down.

“I wouldn’t do this if I were you.” He’s looking down, lifting your chin so he can see your eyes. You slap his hand away from you. “You should be mad at me more often, it makes you look cute.”

“Excuse me?” You’re voice is arrogant, because you do feel insulted. You’re thinking about killing him while he thinks you’re cute.

“Oh my, now she’ll set my house on fire.” Stiles jumps on his bed, pulling the blanket over his head so he won’t witness you murdering Derek fucking Hale.

“Repeat.” You hiss, taking a deep breath.

“You should be mad at me more often, it makes you look cute.” He has a stupid smile on his face, and before you can think you try to slap him right in the face, but he holds your wrist. “See? You’re so little, anything makes you look cute.”

“It’s not my…” You struggle to get your hand free, and when you do, you try to slap him again, failing. “…fault you’re so damn tall!”

“That’s why I like you.” Derek moves, throwing you over his shoulder. “I can carry you easily.”

“FUCK YOU, DEREK! YOU WILL PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!” You command, pushing his back while he leaves the room carrying you.

“If you guys wanna have sex pleeeeease do it on the floor. Keep my couch clean!” Stiles screams from his bedroom but you and Derek just ignore him. Well, you’re too angry to give a shit about anything now.

“Derek, I want you to PUT ME DOWN.”

“Keep your voice down, (Y/N).”

“Stop telling me what to do!”  He puts you down and you try to run to the front door but Derek grabs your arm.

“Just brought you here to eat something.” He lowers his voice, pinning you against the wall. “Or to have some time alone with you, little one.”

“Don’t call me that.” Whispering, you avoid his gaze. “I have a party to go.”

“You’re not going anywhere.” Before you can say anything, Derek’s lips meet yours abruptly.

You can’t help but surrender to his kiss for a while, but them you manage to push him away. Catching your breath, you keep your hands on his muscular chest, in a stupid attempt to keep him from kissing you again.

“Your kiss is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but I’m still mad so don’t do that.” He gets closer again, your hands slowly moving until they’re wrapped around his neck. “If I let you kiss me you’ll allow me to go?”


You don’t let him finish, you just push him away and run back to Stiles’ bedroom.

“Fine them. You’re free to think I’m cute, but I’m still mad at you!” You yell at Derek while you run, soon reaching the bedroom.

“What? You’re guys are really fast.”

“Shut up, Stiles!” You kick his back, making him roll on the bed and fall to the ground. “We didn’t have sex, you idiot!”

”Just because she didn’t want to.” Derek shuts the door close, sitting on the same chair you were planning to throw at him.

“Shut. Up.” You cross your arms on your chest, jumping on Stiles bed making an angry face at Derek. “I love you but just shut up now.”

“Love you too, little one.”

  • <p> <b>Fiance:</b> ....did you just smell the knife?<p/><b>Me:</b> yes, i wanted to know what i used it last on<p/><b>Fiance:</b> well? What did it smell like?<p/><b>Me:</b> cheddar<p/><b>Fiance:</b> did it smell..... sharp?<p/><b>Me:</b> ....<p/><b>Fiance:</b> *laughs*<p/><b>Me:</b> ....<p/><b>Fiance:</b> *laughs more*<p/><b>Me:</b> you may not want to make puns when i am holding a knife<p/></p>

Ok, but just picture how fantastic Relationship Sherlock is going to be. 

Once he knows John’s his and not going anywhere, Sherlock is going to be so relaxed and happy. He’ll be more easy going at crime scenes (but still not tolerate stupidity), and back at 221B he’ll just be free. He’ll laugh more, and allow himself to be goofy from time to time. He’ll “trick” John into randomly kissing him (i.e. “I’ve hurt myself, better kiss it better, Doctor”). He’ll flop down next to John on the sofa, and kiss John’s cheek or neck, just to make John giggle and smile.

Relationship Sherlock would be the best. The world deserves to see Relationship Sherlock. Sherlock deserves to be Relationship Sherlock!

anonymous asked:

I can picture Calum bursting through Luke's room video recording him in bed in the morning yelling 'wAKE UP YOU IDIOT' and laughing making Luke wake up and sit up muttering 'what the fuck?' causing cal to even laugh more til you pop out from the sheets behind him muttering and rubbing your eyes 'what's going on??' making calum scream with laughter running to the kitchen to ash yelling 'i fUCKING KNEW IT I FUCKING KNEW IT'

sajhfdgskjkj omg this would so happen i’m screaming 

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Your laugh is so annoying

hey thank u so much for taking time out of your day to send me this. my laugh is actually something I have always been self conscious about and you voicing your opinion really helps. but here is the thing, sure my laugh might be annoying but dude if I’m laughing I am happy. I definitely am not fake laughing because who who make their fake laugh annoying right?? 

I think you need to laugh a little bit more and then maybe you won’t be sending anonymous hate. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and find out how to be a decent human in the new year <3 

He rubbed his lips together as he looked at the crowd. A slight chuckle left from his lips. “Excuse me y'all, I’m a little tipsy but I just had to say something.” He chuckled some more before sucking in his bottom lip. “But uh, I’ve known Onika or Nicki as y'all know her as, since I was 23 back on that Young Money bus. I used to try and bring her food all the time but she always took that shit and slammed the door in my face.” He laughed some more. “It took years but I was finally able to call her mine and now I’m grateful to call her my wife and the mother of my children. Me and little Aubrey couldn’t ask for a better spirit in our lives. I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to you, baby. Me and Aubrey made you something.” Directing his attention to the wide screen, he smiled as images and videos begin to play of Nicki when she was younger. The video transitioned into images and video of their baby girl from her birth to now which only caused him to smile widely.

At the end, it was a video of him and Aubrey sitting together. “Say happy birthday, mommy.” He told the baby to say. Instead, the baby murmured a bunch of gibberish and waved her hand happily with a smile on her face.

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The word of the day is.... 'golden' Have a wonderful day!

okay.  AU where Harry finds a stray golden retriever wandering around his neighborhood. It’s all scruffy and dirty and doesn’t have any tags, and after much chasing and struggle Harry manages to coax the dog into his car and get it over to the humane society.  He’s like all harried, and bursts through the door with this wonderful, overexcited dog on the makeshift leash he made out of a very pretty scarf, and then trips over his feet even more because of the extremely good-looking young man who is working behind the desk.  

It’s Louis, of course.  And Louis takes one look at Harry and bursts out laughing and says “you’re a cat person, huh?” and Harry blushes as he tries to keep the golden retriever from snout punching him in the face out of affection, and he’s like “I mean, I like dogs, too…” which makes Louis laugh even more.  

And even though Harry is more of a cat person, he’s accidentally gotten attached to the dog.  He keeps checking back in over the next few weeks, to see if anyone claimed it, and when he comes back to officially adopt it, Louis asks him on a date!!!