okay but Victor and Yuuri casually strolling until they arrive on a street where they could hear a music that is coming from some house. They start talking and laughing while they listen to the song but starts to rain and instead of running out of the rain, they laugh even more and start dancing and singing on the sidewalk at the sound of the song + at the sound of the rain 

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I don't think I'll get over that scene in s10 when Cas is in bed and is coughing (I can't remember exactly what happened before, it's been a while) and Sam's talking about a case he's found, then he just says "you know what, it doesn't matter" (something along those lines) after hearing what state Cas is in, like, he doesn't want to hurt him, he cares about him, and I want more scenes like this except they don't talk about Dean

@ Dabb please can we have more Sam and Cas interactions without having anything to do with Dean. Just then hanging out watching a documentary, having fun, laughing, more hugs


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Sastiel is amazing, I love it, we have had hardly any of it but what we have had is gold, we need more of it.

They went from ‘he’s an abomination’ and ‘he’s a literal Angel of the Lord to be put on a pedestal’ to comfortable bros who care about each other, fight for each other and have helped teach each other learn so much…

The only reason IMO we don’t have more is because they downplay it because Destiel is so under the radar it has to be less than that and ARGH, so when Destiel is canon they can start being deeply rooted brothers and friends in a more obvious way.

Give me Sam and Cas going on runs in the morning while Dean rolls his eyes at them when they come back, but totally checking out Cas all sweaty and hot. 

Give me Sam and Cas sharing a massive bag of candy in the impala. 

Give me Sam and Cas sitting next to each other reading or watching documentaries on nice cushioned chairs or a couch and spending time together in comfortable silence. 

Give me them doing stuff NOT to do with Dean, just because they enjoy each others’ company and have mutual interests.


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Otayuri (dance, hold)

Yuri has never liked to dance. Not like this. Not the way Victor dips Katsudon and giggles so close up into his personal space. He doesn’t like the way everybody looks closely and studies the dancers’ moves (he’d feel so embarrassed and awkward all way through further on if his foot slipped the way Victor’s just did.- though Victor is just laughing and dances on).  

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UT, UF, and US Gaster crush headcannons (like how they act around their crush, and how they ask them out) Nice Blog u got here!!!

Here’s some cute Gasters for you, anon! And thanks!

★ He’s a cute, shy, awkward nerd around you. He gushes about little science tidbits every so often, hoping you like science as much as he does.
★ After a while, he tries bad pick up lines. You know, the punny ones. …What? They’re funny! Why aren’t you laughing? If you don’t react to his pick up lines like he’d hoped, he becomes a blushing mess and tries to get away for a bit to recover. But if you laugh and respond with more pick up lines, his whole face lights up and he looks like he’s just won the lottery.
★ You two end up going back and forth with bad pick up lines for a while. It’s become a game. But somehow, despite his best efforts, you’re winning.
★ He tries to kick it up a notch by wrapping his arm around you at random times. It’s never the right moment.
★ After a little while, he invites you over for a home-cooked dinner. He “casually” mentions that Sans and Papyrus aren’t going home to be home tonight. If you deny him, he’ll act casual about it, but stop talking to you as much. The pick up lines stop. But if you accept, he treats you very nice throughout the whole evening, and at the end of it all tries to kiss you in a confession of his affection.

★ What is this feeling? Affection? Admiration? The need to… protect you? He doesn’t know what’s happening to him; he thinks he’s going insane.
★ Against his better judgement, he finds himself doing little things for you, and giving you tiny gifts. He’s screaming internally because he still doesn’t understand what’s going on.
★ He even finds himself wanting to… hold you hand? To put his arm around you? To… kiss you? What the fuck were you doing to him? Did you drug him? He suddenly tries to cut you off in hopes these feelings dissipate. But it doesn’t work; now he misses you?!
★ He decides to do a little research on it, because the very prospect of all this happening is boggling, and his own research his getting him nowhere… Oh. That answers a lot of questions.
★ When he finally accepts what’s going on, after a couple months of denial, he makes his move by asking you to accompany him to a classy restaurant… for a date. You’re not allowed to say no.

★ He’s much more confident about perusing his crush than the other Gasters. Though he’s still nervous about it.
★ He does sweet things. He picks flowers for you, he tries to smooth-talk around you, all while still respecting your space. He’s a gentleman about it.
★ He takes you out a few times as a friend before properly confessing. Cute places, like the local coffee shop or the movies.
★ He doesn’t try to get physical with you. He may really, really, really want to hold your hand right now, but he won’t make a move without your approval first.
★ He finally decides to invite you with him for a walk in the park, where he confesses his feelings. If you deny him, he’s hurt but respects your space. If you accept, he pulls you into a spinning hug and hugs you tight. He takes you home to prepare you dinner and a movie.

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Anyone can believe their race is superior. Thats why i made the assumption you were a brown supremacist. How about instead of laughing, take things more seriously? Laughing isnt an argument.

Projecting and calling it logic as usual or, lol, an argument. Nice.

The question is horseshit and you know it. Stop projecting the idea of supremacy onto minorities who don’t pull punches with you

Supremacy is white culture in the western world. Don’t try to smear us with that crap when you want to play the victim.

With You

 a few of you said you really liked my parallel fics, and this idea just came to me while i was scrolling through my dash. so here’s my third parallel fic, “With You.” hope you enjoy :-)

Meredith stood in the elevator, surrounded by scans and pictures Derek had pinned all over the walls. She looked around in awe, wondering what in the world this all could be for. She glanced at the scans of the infamous Katie Brice. Derek spoke surely, “It was the first surgery we ever scrubbed in together on right? Our first save.” He pointed to another scan.

“Right here is a cerebral cyst. Tough save, but we did it. I kissed you in the stairwell after the surgery. And this right here is where Dr. Bailey kicked you out of the surgery because she caught us in your driveway in my car.” They laughed in sync.

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making out with vixx


  • will literally kiss you for hours, is content with just making out and not taking it further
  • lies between your legs and if he’s in the mood, he’ll gently rock against you
  • keeps his hands in your hair or on your face but will occasionally give your butt a squeeze
  • kiss his neck or else he’s gonna be unsatisfied
  • tasting like his lip balm afterwards


  • gently pinches you when you tease him with your lips or tongue
  • leaves hickies all over your neck, collarbones, and chest
  • grabs your wrists in one hand and holds them down
  • if he’s feeling sweet, he’ll murmur things to you in between kisses
  • his favorite part is feeling your lips against his own and getting them red and bitten


  • restless hands messing up your hair and tugging at your clothes and touching you everywhere
  • the one who grabs your ass five seconds in no chill
  • moans at every little thing and gets you so hot that it turns into more
  • laughs when he pulls you close too eagerly and his nose pokes you in the eye
  • looking like a mess afterwards


  • sweet, close-mouthed kisses
  • likes to hold at least one of your hands while kissing
  • gives an airy little moan when you bite his pretty pink lips
  • blushes so hard that you can feel the heat from his face when you move his hands to where you want them
  • sucks gently on your neck, won’t leave marks


  • deep, languid kisses with lots of tongue
  • sitting on the bathroom counter after you’ve brushed your teeth with him between your legs, hands on your thighs
  • takes one of your hands and puts it on his chest, over his heart
  • hikes your leg around his tiny little waist
  • enjoys being pressed up completely against you, so close that you can feel his sighs rumble through his chest


  • likes soft, slightly wet kisses
  • always sticks one hand up your shirt to stroke your skin
  • kissing sprawled out on the floor, in the kitchen, whenever and wherever he feels like it
  • gets all shaky when you push your hand under his shirt to touch his chest
  • makes whiny noises when you tug at his nipples

This is the story that I was writing the other night that I’m planning on entering for the short story contest and my library. Please let me know what you think!!

Genre: Horror (?)
Word Count: 1,600
Warnings: Some blood mention

There were many things that Katie Rayburn wished she could redo that night, most of which had to do with following her two (only) friends into an abandoned building that was supposedly “haunted.” It’ll be fine, they said. It’ll just be for an hour or two, they said. You’ll be fine, we can both protect you, they said. They. Said.

They began their night by going out for pizza, as normal teenagers do. Jason made stupidly funny jokes that made soda come out of Alek’s nose, which she was not happy with. But still, they were having fun; finally acting like the teenagers they were supposed to be. Katie has never laughed more in her life.

By 12:52am the manager finally kicked them out, saying that they should go home before they got themselves into trouble. If only they listened.

They were on their way back to Katie’s house, taking the long way because they felt like it that night. The streets were empty and dark, the only light coming from the lampposts and occasional neon sign. But it didn’t matter. The silence was filled with Katie’s giggles and Alek’s snorts and brightened with their cheerful smiles and loud voices. The street seemed to react the same way they did when they came together. Individually, they were fractured and broken, a darkness clouding the inside of their mind. But together, the dark clouds that hung over them evaporated, leaving a bright blue sky and a sparkling sun that appeared in the earliest hours of summer.

Then Jason stopped dead in his tracks, staring, which caused the rest of their entourage to bump into him.

After a disoriented moment, Katie asks, “Jay what is it?” She follows his gaze, trying to pick out what he was looking at, but came up with nothing.

“If you say squirrel I will personally kill—“ Alek started to say, but Jason waved her off.

“Katie has that building always been there?” Jason asked, his tone wary. He gestured to a house that seemed like it could be blown down with a single breath with no big bad wolf involved. The world around it seemed to be holding its breath for the day that it would collapse.

“Of course it has,” Katie and Alek responded simultaneously.
“It’s a little… freaky isn’t it?”
“Well it kinda has to be if it’s Wellenhallow’s ‘designated haunted house,’” Alek said, making air-quotes with her long fingers. Katie rolled her eyes, a smile on her face.

“It’s not the ‘designated haunted house,’ Alek. It’s just an abandoned building that they were too lazy to tear down.”

“I still think it’s haunted.”

“We should go in,” Jay says, interrupting their banter. Alek bursts out laughing.

“Are you crazy?” She snorts.

“What? What else are we going to do with our time?”


“And by that you mean staying up till 5am arguing about which movie to watch, correct?” 


“That’s a waste of time. It’ll be fun! Plus, if you do this will me, I’ll get us t- shirts that say, ‘I survived a night at Wellenhallow’s designated haunted house!’” Alek shakes her head and laughs.

“Well I do like t-shirts…” Jay nods and turned to Katie. 


“Will you be paying for said t-shirts?” Jay sighed. 

“Yes I guess so.”

“I’m in.” And thus began their adventure with Jason taking the lead and Katie and Alek sharing a high-five.

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To put myself in the writing mood in preparation for tackling my Star Trek Friendshipfest challenge, I decided to go through some of my mostly-finished fics to see if there were any I could finish up and post, and I found this one that I have no recollection of writing but which amused me enough to want to post.

I have no idea what to call it, but it’s 300 words about Tom Paris and things he would probably definitely do (for the laughs).

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“What’s this?” You asked picking up what looked like a tally list off of Jake’s desk. Everyone looked at each other as if they were trying to decide if they should tell you the truth.

“We’re keeping track of how many times we’ve caught you and Rosa kissing in the supply closet” Jake finally answered. You went pale.

“I’m currently in the lead” Gina called.

“There’s no way you guys have caught us this many times” you said laughing nervously but the more you thought about it the more it seemed possible. You andRosa were going to have to find a new place to go when you needed some alone time at work.


honestly im laughing the more I think of the e e Cummings thing Bc his name is an innuendo, he was a prominent writer of the fucking lost generation (basically the original “god we got fucked over” generation), he literally wrote every thing in lower case, and he’s literally known for not using proper syntax and grammar in his writing


Oh, look. It’s a mysterious light. Shining round a corner. Approximately ten feet away.