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reddie for the otp ask please !!

of course anon! i love my gay boys

Which one sexts like a straight white boy?
- This is a tough one - but I have to say Richie, even if only for the fact that he’s the dom… The thing is, he starts off sounding like that, but once he gets into it, it’s all over.

Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?
- Again, Richie. It was The Odd Life Of Timothy Green - which is an emotionally-provoking movie, and he shoved Eddie off the couch for snickering at his tears. Eddie just climbed back up and snuggled back into Richie’s chest, causing Richie to put his face in Eddie’s hair as if he could block out the sad parts of the flick. (He really cried because he wished he had parents that loved him as much as Timothy’s loves him, but he “didn’t wanna be a little bitch and say anything about it while Eds was trying to enjoy the movie.”)

Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?
- Eddie. Though usually pretty meticulous, we all know our boy is still a certified gay dumbass that doesn’t even know forks can’t go in the microwave. When the microwave starts smoking, Eddie screams for Richie who comes bounding into the kitchen, yelling “DID YOU PUT A UTENSIL IN THE MICROWAVE?” “YEAH, WHY? WHY’S IT DOING THAT?” “FUCK!” And that’s how they destroyed their very first kitchen appliance together. Richie took a polaroid of Eddie looking downcast at the microwave (now on the floor) to commemorate the occasion.

Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?
- Richie, and every time Eddie threatens to bite his fingers without fail. Eddie tried it once, though, coming up behind Richie while he was sitting in His Chair watching something, but ended up just getting fingerprints all over Richie’s glasses and Richie licking his hands. “Ew! You’re so gross!” “You weren’t saying that last night, Eddie Bear.” “That changes nothing, you’re disgusting here and now.”

Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?
- Eddie. Like Stan, Eddie is often pretty cold - a feeling he hates. Richie isn’t exactly like Mike, he’s not always warm, but he’s not always cold like his boyfriend either. On nights that Richie annoys him, while they lay in bed, Eddie will pull over the entire comforter to himself, meanwhile pulling up his legs and putting his cold feet on Richie’s back. “CHRIST, EDDIE!” Richie usually hisses, and it just makes Eddie laugh.

Who had that embarassing Reality TV marathon?
- Eddie. He’s a sucker for The Bachelor as well as America’s Next Top Model. Richie would’ve joined, but they couldn’t hold his attention long enough. For three consecutive days, Eddie sat on their living room couch with his eyes glued to the screen. “Tyraaaa! Yes! Oh my god, you tell that bitch.” Eddie would clap, eyes never leaving the T.V. “I hate to say it, but you look exactly like your mother right now.” Richie said on the third day. Eddie immediately turned the television off and got up. “You know, suddenly, I don’t wanna watch anymore.”

Who laughs more during sex?
- Eddie. Aside from laughing at usual things, like Richie putting his arms in an awkward place or bucking his hips up too hard, sometimes Richie will gently slide his hand down Eddie’s side (Eddie is extremely ticklish) and he’ll just burst into giggles. Sometimes sex doesn’t even occur, it just turns into a shirtless tickle fight.

- RICHIE IS THE LITTLE SPOON BECAUSE HE LIKES TO BE HELD AND MADE TO FEEL SAFE also if he’s not then Eddie will hog the covers. If Eddie’s upset, though, Richie will gladly assume the position of big spoon until his boy wants to take back over.

Changmin previously…

Changmin in 2017…

‘when I had some free time, out of the blue, I heard TOHOSHINKI music in my head and I danced to that. Ah, I did not dance to the extent that I did on stage.. but just a bit so that no one noticed that I was doing so (laugh). It is more like my habit. Whenever I have free time, I naturally check choreography.. it is in my bone (laugh). ‘ /ViVi Mag

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To the dads who are into the walking dead, how would you react to Dadsona who played one of the worst characters on the show? Like, ‘Negan’-bad.

Hugo: I think it just demonstrates how talented he truly is. That such a sweet man could play the role so well

Robert: *manic laughter* Wait, you’re telling me he’s the bad guy!? *more laughing*

Craig: Aw, man. I don’t think I can watch the show the same way now… So weird watching my bro be mean.

Damien: Well I presume this Negan is someone to be feared? I’ve never seen the show never will, do all the terrible things, my love, I won’t see it.

Brian: This means can tell the guys at work I’m dating one the meanest bad guys on TV! *coughs* Not that I’m trying to brag ;;;

Mat: Sorry, man, I can’t watch him be like that, it’s like looking at a completely different person. It’s kind of scary.

Joseph: Talent is talent, even if it’s being good at being bad.*smiles* I’d be proud of him, but I still wouldn’t watch the show

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Request: Reddie Black Friday shopping

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Black Friday

“You can’t buy that.”

“Why not?! I like it!”

“Eds, it is so gay.”

“Oh fuck you!” Eddie threw the sweater back on the rack almost knocking over the whole display. They kept walking around the store, dodging through shoppers, and stepping over discounted clothing strewn everywhere.

“I need a new sweater and you keep saying everything I pick is gay!” Eddie said in frustration. “Can you just let me live, Richie?”

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Okay okay, so I’m not usually one to go for being overly sappy on Thanksgiving, but there’s a lot I’m grateful for on this site.

@chemiosmosises thank you for putting up with my weirdness for almost three years now?? You’ve been there for me when I needed it most, given me the best advice that I try to follow, and have inspired me to take better care of myself. Thank you, Nik, and thank you for being my sestra, my best friend, the Jemma to my Daisy (and vice versa)

@hanorganaas Nor! Can you believe it’s almost been two years since we met?? I certainly can’t. Thank you for the past two years of fangirling and brainstorming, of making me laugh more times than I can count (and when I needed it most) and for inspiring me to have more of a Carrie attitude. Thank you for being my best friend, my beta reader, and motivator!

Thank you to @evaceratops & @naberiie for introducing me to the wonder that is @arcmaiden, for being wonderful friends that always support my writing, and listen to my rambles.

To everyone in @thefitzsimmonsnetwork, @aospositivitynet, @quakeridernet, @aosficnet2, @yoyomacknet for bringing some of the best content in the aos fandom, and for being so welcoming to me, and really just being my internet family. And thank you to the fantastic mods behind those blogs, @fitzsimmonsy, @theclaravoyant, @omgfitzsimmons, @lornamarcos, and @muchadoaboutdoctorwho!

(apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone, it’s been awhile since I’ve been really active in networks).

Thank you to @sighfitz, @the-shy-and-anxious-fangirl, and @stilinski-martin for chatting with me, providing me with insightful meta, and making some of the best icons ever. Y'all rock!

And thank you to @tenthdoctorr for, a: the awesome nickname “Teegs” and b, for always sending me messages when I do ask games. Thank you for being a marvelous mutual, and I hope we get to talk more!

And thank you, of course, to everyone who followed me and continues to today. You’re all marvelous and I love you.
Blue - Chapter 1 - yellowskies - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
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Title: Blue

Relationship: Klance 


“Lance.” Keith whispered. “Lance…Who are you?”
“I’m…” Lance laughed nervously once more, his hand still within Keith’s grip. “I’m Lance! Lance Mcclain! I’m in my first year in General Arts and—“
“No, who are you?” Keith tried again, leaning in, watching the blue of Lance’s eyes flicker back and forth from his own. “Why…Why are you here? How are you here?”
“Dude, what?”
“I see colors.” Keith whispered, Lance furrowing his brows. “When I touch you. I see colors.”

For @klancematic !!! Merry (early) Christmas geohisjfalk

Net Neutrality

To be honest, I cried hearing about how Net Neutrality could be removed. I cried. The internet has been such an amazing place for me to reach out and meet people with similar interests, find other people like me who know some of the things that we as the people have to go through. Supportive posts about being LGBTQ+ helped me feel that I was okay. That I wasn’t a horrible person for loving people. Tumblr is a place where I could and can learn more, laugh, or relate to posts. Buzzfeed LGBTQ+ videos helped me when I was younger and didn’t have social media, and I can’t imagine what I would be like without the Internet, a place with safe areas for people like me. I don’t know what I would’ve done, because I grew up in a small private school with a lack of exposure. The internet is one of my favorite places to be, and the thought of having to pay to use a social media platform that has helped me in so many ways breaks my heart. Also, without these platforms, I wouldn’t be able to speak up and post about an issue I care about without having to pay extra money for it. Removing net neutrality is, to be quite frank, unconstitutional. It makes hardworking people pay more of their money to be able to tell their followers and friends about their political standing, their opinion on an issue, or something they are against. This limits the freedom of speech, which is pretty unconstitutional if you ask me. I want to continue to use these platforms, and I want those platforms to be there for young people questioning their sexual/ gender orientation to be able to get educated and figure out more about themselves. So please, email the three members of the FCC that are going to vote ‘yes’. Tell them what you want. What the people want, because a majority of the voters voted ‘no’, and they need to listen to us.

Thank you.



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Sticks tongue out at + Garak

Garak nearly fell to the ground with you when your feet tangled together. But he managed to keep you upright. “I should really have to talk with Quark tomorrow about limiting your beverage choices.” Garak muttered out. “No alcohol.”

“No alcohol?” You echoed, frowning at the Cardassian. “Garak, you’re not fun. Not fun at all, nope. Boring. A buzz kill.”

When you started laughing at your own words, Garak decided to ignore it. “I don’t want to have to carry you home every time, darling.” He carefully replied.

So you huffed and stuck your tongue out at him before devolving into more laughs.

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I am channeling my energy through Nino…


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Oh, look. It’s a mysterious light. Shining round a corner. Approximately ten feet away.