Anon prompt: “Hi! All hail Jughead Jones. I’m in love. Anyway, could you write something where the reader is really close to Archiekins and Juggie asks Arch about how to get close to the reader? Thanks xxx”

A/N: I sure can! All hail Jughead P Jones!!

Jughead slumps down onto one of the library couches across from me, I smile stupidly at him.

“Mister Jones.” I say.

“Hey, Y//N.” He smiles at me.

Hands reach down around, fingers clawing at my sides enticing laughter from me as the unknown culprit tickles me.

“Archibald Andrews! If that’s you I swear I’ll end your existence!” I manage between laughs.

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Beer Goggles

The sun danced on your face, the concentrated heat slowly rose you from deep sleep. Eyes fluttering open, you stilled when a body shifted next to you. The previous night came blaring back into your head and if you weren’t mistaken, the body should belong to..

“You look so beautiful in the morning,” Steve’s voice was a little croaked and tired sounding, but sincere.

Chuckling you turned to face the man. “It must be those beer goggles from last night talking, Rogers.”

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I’ve noticed alot of negativity here due to the last episode and I thought why not get everyone’s mind off it by posting this!!😂😂
I hope this makes you guys laugh!!!!

OK so like,

- Edmund noticing you watching his sword fighting match, and instantly starting to use more complicated moves to impress you.
- You know what he’s doing, so you just laugh, because you were already impressed by him, and he’s such a cute smol bean.
- Secretly being even more impressed anyway because, damn boy, how did you pull that off?
- Him coming up to you afterwards and trying to flirt with you.
- You laughing because he’s just too cute.
- Him taking it as rejection, but you just laugh some more.
- ‘You’re an idiot, Ed, you think you need to impress me?’
- 'Well, yeah?’
- 'Okay keep doing it because it’s cute.’
- You walking off, leaving a blushing Edmund wondering what just happened.
- Him standing on the spot for a moment, before he comes to a realisation.
- Him running after you
- 'Wait, did you just call me cute?’
- Him rambling on about how he thinks you’re cute, and he wanted you to think he’s strong etc.
- You cutting him off with a kiss to the cheek, and reassuring him that you do think he’s strong and handsome.
- 'Well in that case you missed’
- Kissing Edmund on the mouth
- 'Was that better?’
- 'The best’

Abraham having a crush on you would include :

(Woooo more fluffy prompts! Wooo Abe :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Him realizing how comfortable he is with you around him and just smiling whenever he thinks about you

-Him complimenting you while making a joke out of it, just to see you smile and hear you laugh at him

-Him getting pumped at the idea of going on a run with you, only to get nervous the first few instances in the car, as you are both alone

-Him punching Eugene in the arm whenever he makes a not very subtle comment about how he actually has feelings for you, just making you laugh

-Him always being more excited after you would high five him and just closing his fist to have a feel of it for a while

-Him thinking you look good whenever you would work around the camp and just go blank as he stares at you, only to “wake” up when you would wave at him

-Him getting flustered whenever you would show him your kindness and tenderness, making him get quiet

-Him suddenly laughing it off and awkwardly telling you that he is fine, whenever you would ask him if everything was alright

-Him always adding to your ideas for fun activities and just not being able to deny you when it comes to your happiness

-Him hoping you’ll see him the way he sees you and just waiting for the perfect opportunity to make you his

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I really want to get the april fools dlc but before, i just wanted to make sure, since its on zen bday and all and the zen being venus and all, is the dlc zen centered, in other words, is the zen satisfying enough to be worth my hourglasses. Just wondering :/

In a way, yes, it is centered around Zen, but it’s much more of like a comedy than a romance; you’ll be laughing more than you’ll be swooning, I believe.

It’s 60 hourglasses, and I personally think it’s worth it. It has three endings (I’ve gotten the Normal and Good ones, and I found them to be pretty great); the chats are a lot of fun, the music arrangements are catchy, and the CGs are quite something (but not what you might expect). The VNMs are a bit short but all voiced, and the chats themselves are relatively long, in my opinion. The calls aren’t too memorable, but they are charming in their own way. It’s obvious that Cheritz put a lot of work into this DLC, and you can tell that they really enjoyed working on it.

If you enjoy seeing the interactions with all the RFA members and their crazy antics, I would definitely recommend it. But if you’re looking for lots of romantic Zen moments, you might be a bit disappointed. Even so, I would still recommend getting it if you have the HGs to spare because it’s extremely fun, and may brighten your day as it did for me.

Of course, it had been Phinks who proposed an armwrestling contest. Chrollo didn’t see the point. It wasn’t like they’d defeat their enemies by armwrestling them to death. But they were all reunited for the first time, they were all staring at each others in the corner of their eyes, they had nothing to do for the moment, and it was a way like another to make acquaintance.

Chrollo tried to oppose Kortopi on trying. He was just a child, and a conjurer, not the strongest nen type, and Chrollo worried that a shaltering defeat would sap his self-esteem, always fragile at this young age. But the kid insisted to do like the grown ones, this was just a game to him, and he took his inevitable defeat with a laugh and admired even more the manly muscles Phinks was showing off which was, Chrollo was convinced, the real point of all this mess.

They were more concerned about Machi. She was a transmuter, she was supposed to be strong, but she was trying to feel her biceps discreetly as if she doubted their firmness. She was eyeing Uvo, Phinks and Franklin’s arms with anxiety and maybe, a pitch of envy. Chrollo knew she had pecs that broke walnuts, a society talent she was content with, but it wasn’t a chest competition.Thank god.

Machi seemed to be reluctant to blend with the troupe. She got along well with Pakunoda, but it was only the second time they met for all Chrollo knew. She was a proud type, and was apprehensive of losing in front of people she barely knew but would have to rub shoulders with anyway.

She lost against Franklin, and her embarrassment was almost tangible. Phinks, subtle as always, laughed at her and it just made things worst. She was almost shaking with anger and humiliation when Chrollo put their elbow on the table, presenting their opened palm.

“May the best wins!” they said with a smile.

She looked down and waved her hand, almost missed Chrollo’s one, and stuttered : “If sayou… if you say do… say so danchou…”

Ho. She wasn’t at her best and now she had to face her boss. She was so uncomfortable Chrollo sweared they saw her hair turning more pink.

They knew she had all the potential to be a strong and confident woman, but she needed a hand. Quite literally. So when the countdown ended, when they started to push on her wrist, and saw she was still so deconcentrating she couldn’t push back properly, they faked a struggle for victory, and then let her win.

It wasn’t totally cheating. They were sure in a better day and a bit of training she’d beat them. But she really needed to feel confident about her skills. The new glow in her eyes and her little smile said their little attempt was a success…

They stood up to let Feitan take their place. They winked at him and he winked back. Fei and them were friends since they were toddlers, they didn’t need to speak to understand each other, he had seen Chrollo let her win and knew he’d have to…

“Hahaha, take that in your gum, bitch!” yelled Feitan smashing Machi’s wrist on the table.

Okay nevermind.

Chrollo sighted discreetly while taking Machi’s place. At least Machi had beaten her own boss, it wasn’t so bad.

Chrollo grabbed Feitan’s hand, and tried to ignored he pushed half a second before the countdown end.

Feitan had always been strong and proud of it. Well, at least he was stronger than his physique supposed, and more proud than his strength deserved. So Chrollo felt a genuine surprise when they noticed they resisted his force quite easily.

Very easily even.

Wait. They had trained a lot these past months, and Feitan had always been a bit lazy about physical exercises without any killing as a reward. Chrollo couldn’t have become stronger than him without knowing, could they?

They were. It wasn’t good. If they defeated Feitan who had defeated Machi who had defeated them, she’d know something was off.

Ho, well. They didn’t even want to do this armwrestle thing anyway.

They let Feitan beat them, and the guy almost doubled in size under the pride spurt. Since he had already been beaten by the stronger guys, he finished his turn on two victories and just pretended his previous defeats never happened. Phinks tried to remind and shame him, but it slided on his highly-polished ego.

Chrollo watched his fuss and smiled for themselves. Well, a little self-esteem boost was never wrong for anyone.


Of course, they hadn’t considered the show would start again one day.

When Hisoka joined the Troupe, Phinks immediately felt defied. This guy had something of a coq.

“We need to do the strength rank again!”

“No!” shouted Machi and Chrollo at the same time. They exchanged a look, and Machi had a knowing smile. As time passed she had been able to estimate Chrollo’s brutal strength and she understood the real meaning behind their fake defeat.

“We do!” protested Feitan. He was already warming up his muscles. If Phinks was a coq, Feitan was a very belligerent chick.

“I take Hisoka first,” said Franklin, eyeing Feitan’s game with a concerned look.

Chrollo sighted in relief. If Franklin lost to Hisoka, it meant every rank below the fourth one would be untouched and Feitan wouldn’t have to face anyone. It also meant Franklin was aware the previous rank was a joke, and guessed the whole purpose of their supposed weakness.

Franklin lost and him and Uvoguin shared a conniving look. Maybe Franklin had faked his defeat too. Chrollo heard Bonolenov melodious sigh of relief. He was aware what they all escaped.

Chrollo felt proud of their spiders. The effort they put on sparing their most short tempered member was touching. They were clever people.

“How about me?” asked Shizuku.

Ho, yeah. This one was a newcomer, she had no idea what was going on.

“I take you!” said Chrollo immediately. Feitan who was ready frowned at them. “I’m left-handed too, it’s more fair,” they made-up.

Shizuku didn’t look that strong, but Chrollo had to defeat her so she wouldn’t face Feitan, and he would still keep his pride of defeating the boss if they stayed in the middle of the rank instead of in the bottom. Damn, the strategies they were forced to put on for this little brat.

They faced Shizuku and put so much force they almost broke her arm. Ho. Ok. They didn’t have to worry after all.

Finally the new ranking was settled, Feitan didn’t face anyone and went in a sulk for a week.

It was exactly what Chrollo needed to take every new spider apart and tell them the rules :

1/Spider’s life over individuals’ lives.

2/No fight, flip the coin in case of disagreement.

3/Never telling Feitan the armwrestling ranking is wrong.

4/Never, ever.


Much to their surprise, this secret was the easiest they ever had to keep.

It became obvious that Feitan was a very good fighter no matter his supposed brutal force was. He just rushed to his enemies, his blood lust and self confidence so thick and deadly it almost knocked them off before he even have to touch them.

This is how he defeated Zazan. He complained about his rusted fighting skills, forgetting that actually, he had never been that good.

And it worked.

Machi confirmed. The respect she saw in her companion eyes after she supposedly defeated their boss motivated her to train and becoming, indeed, stronger than she’d ever been.

“A self fulfilling prophecy,” concluded Chrollo.

“The best part about it is, even when I realized it, it kept on working. I have achieved so much, just moved by the sheer conviction I could do it, that now, I know perfectly my limits and now they are real far.”

“It’s fascinating,” muttered Chrollo dreamly. “The Phantom Troupe was in the beginning a story of thievery and murder, and then joined it a story of learning one’s inner strength and the power of friendship.”

“Yeah. i wonder what Feitan would say about that.”

They both imagined the scene.

“We’ll never tell him.”





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Noct’s interaction with animals is what i live for (´▽`ʃƪ)