Performed by: Sharna Burgess and Tony Dovolani

Number: “No Doubt About It”

Style: Cha Cha

From: The Brian M. Anselmo Foundation’s 7th Annual Dine & Dance with the Stars (2016)

E’ proprio un altro mondo.
Quando indossi le scarpe, stringi le stringhe.
Ti tiri i capelli il più possibile, in uno chignon che li tenga tutti e sei pronta.
Schiena diritta, petto in fuori.
Cominci a sentire le melodie più belle e inizi a ballare.
Nessun pensiero, nessuna preoccupazione.
Ci sei solo tu. Tu e i tuoi passi.
—  inostri-occhichediventanomani

I am proud to announce and reveal more of the characters from my

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what started off as pose practice ended up as a bnha dance!au

in which Uraraka is a ballet major, Bakugou is in a hip-hop/b-boy crew with Kirishima, Kaminari, Ashido, and Jirou, Tsuyu is a jazz dancer, and Todoroki and Yaoyorozu are ballroom/latin dance partners


Best salsa social dance, ever. Alien and Oliver deliver a flawless and mind-blowing display of musicality, creativity, grace, sensuality and perfect connection. 


Performed by: Dmitry Chaplin and Jenna Johnson

Number: “Stay with Me”

Style: Rumba

From: Dance Temptation rehearsals (2017)