So…. I may be a Ravenclaw and admittedly would probably mash up words to try and make the ultimate spell….is that bad? Any other houses?

reading latin poetry is a delight because you really never know what to expect. like lucan is a poet known pretty much only for an epic he wrote about the fight between caesar and pompey- yknow, a fairly serious topic- but we also have a fragment of lucan’s poetry that says something along the lines of “if i’m not getting railed, then what’s the fucking point” and i just think that’s great

my favorite part of Roman philosophy is the times (yes times there are multiple) when Cicero goes over theories of what makes up the universe, and he goes through them all in detail discussing the history, pros & cons, etc, and then is like “you may have noticed I’ve omitted the theory of atoms, WELL, that’s because it’s so clearly wrong I don’t even need to refute it”. and like you have to appreciate the boldness, his heart was in it 100%, not his fault that’s a stupid thing to say

I’m trying something new for my Latin I students’ final project, and this is either going to be my best idea all year or a complete disaster, and I’m not sure which yet. Each student has to create a “Latin Survival Guide” for a future Latin I student, a packet including an overview of the most important info they learned throughout the year, with room for humor and creative freedom (I am expecting a large number of memes and am 100% okay with this).

Right now I’m proofreading their cover letters addressed to their students, and they are hilarious.