Lati Yellow Lea NS par Nomyens cosmetic dolls


The Dollstars Crew Portrait Shots 2014

New year, new portrait shots! ♥ Here’s the current crew plus guests Doki (who belongs to PropertyoftheUchiha) and Axie (who belongs to HeyTanya). :) (minus Drift and Kin) I wonder if any new ones will join us come 2015.

Latidoll - Thank you Event

“Lati’s Big Thank You Event for the 2015 New Year! 20 Lucky people will be given one "White Skin Marshmallow Pet” as a New year’s gift! They will be randomly picked up among the customers who placed order from Lati’s new release “Little Angel Sweeties”. Happy new year to all of you.
We always appreciate your supports and love for Lati dolls.Thank you"


AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !! 11!!!!!1 !!!!1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!

@beansproutmomo the flower crowns are amazing and wonderful and everything i could have hoped for and i LOVE THEM and marshall’s crown fits PERFECTLY HOW DID YOU DO THAT????

aaaahhh i cannot wait for the sun to come out again (it hasn’t been here in LIKE THREE WEEKS) and then these guys are getting the flower crown fashion show of their LIVES

thank you so much TAT


So I recently got my new Lunna (which I already showed), a tan skin pukifee vanilla named Nyramell, a pukifee juri 14 faceplate and a tiny lati white cherny named Eevee in. Earlier this week I painted them all and I wanted to show pictures of them :3

I also made the dress that Eevee is wearing just like two days ago and it turned out perfect for her! :D

Lastly, I hope you all are having a really nice weekend! ~