Lati yellow

Redid/Finished my darling Arivae (Lati Yellow Bat Children Noa) at 2AM last night while I had downtime! 

She’s been put away since November/December, because I chipped her old faceup then and decided not to seal/fix it, and it spiderweb cracked throughout her whole face! I didn’t have time or the inspiration to redo her.

I am very happy with the results! I did her faceup very light this time, especially the blonde brows with her white hair, it’s so much better than dark brown before! 

I am so happy to have her back out and played with! She gives me a sweet tooth! (๑✧◡✧๑)


Lati Yellow Lami Elf - my Faun, now complete!
Work done: facial mods, faceup, blushing, custom wig and pants, custom legs made out of Apoxie Sculpt and painted, panflute. All the work by me.

Special thanks to:
- Latidoll for conducting the photo contest wjere I won a sleeping Coco Elf head with limited faceup;
- _Ула_ for swapping her full lati Elf Lami doll to my Coco head;
- under-base for inspiring me to make my faun;
- Teddy School shop for providing me with a custom color faux cotton fur for my needs.


I apologize for the overwhelming amount of non-bjd posts today. No bjd-related stuffs to report.
On that note, I have this itty bitty teeny weenie Hello Kitty play set. It’s got, like, a couch, a table, a tele (maybe?), a refrigerator, and a sink. I think it would be perfect for a Pukifee. Should I get one? A lot of people who own them seem to like them a lot. Are they worth the money? What about Lati Yellow?