Lati white

Dolls for 300$ or less

This list compiles BJD under 300$ (and some SDs a little over that)

Please leave it under the Read More, seen as I’ll have to edit it multiple times

We have a HUGE diversity of sizes and styles to pick from, even under a budget. So support the original product.

And remember children, do your homework! Research the company/website reviews and owner pictures. Shoot me a message if you have something to correct/include. Do let me know if you find a doll in this price range that isn’t listed. 

UPDATE: Google Docs List with links that work hopefully

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So I recently got my new Lunna (which I already showed), a tan skin pukifee vanilla named Nyramell, a pukifee juri 14 faceplate and a tiny lati white cherny named Eevee in. Earlier this week I painted them all and I wanted to show pictures of them :3

I also made the dress that Eevee is wearing just like two days ago and it turned out perfect for her! :D

Lastly, I hope you all are having a really nice weekend! ~


My handmade Japanese diorama and kimono for my Lati white Belle by Cilla Mimi
Via Flickr:
These are my last miniature project before my labor. See you guys soon!