Lati Yellow

Redid/Finished my darling Arivae (Lati Yellow Bat Children Noa) at 2AM last night while I had downtime! 

She’s been put away since November/December, because I chipped her old faceup then and decided not to seal/fix it, and it spiderweb cracked throughout her whole face! I didn’t have time or the inspiration to redo her.

I am very happy with the results! I did her faceup very light this time, especially the blonde brows with her white hair, it’s so much better than dark brown before! 

I am so happy to have her back out and played with! She gives me a sweet tooth! (๑✧◡✧๑)

Price: $200 + shipping (Firm)

Wig, brown eyes, 4 dresses, box, extra hands, CoA included in price.

Payment Options: Paypal

Splits?: No 
Trades?: No
Layaway?: Yes with conditions.
None-refundable deposit.
Max layaway is two months.

Item ships from: Leeds, UK
I will ship the item 1-3 business days after receiving payment.
will ship internationally.
will underdeclare an item if asked.
will not mark an item as a gift if asked.

Shipping Options: 
Royal Mail first class within UK
Royal Mail Airsure for International.

Someone please give her a good home. I feel really bad that I'v not played with her in ages, plus I enjoy MSD and SD dolls better.


For anyone interested in my doll updates I’ve got these three beauties on order at the moment.  The first two (Latidoll’s Haru and Mani) will be my smallest dolls at 16cm each while the third (RaMcube’s Lakia) will be my biggest at 67cm.  I can’t wait to get them! I’ve got so many ideas in my head of what I want them to look like but I’m trying to hold off until they ship before I go shopping.

The Most Precious Gift

Here is a BJD story that will make your heart melt! (I will try to keep it short.)

I was an admirer of the BJD world for many years up until this past summer. It was quite the journey but I worked hard and saved up for a Lati Yellow. During this time I had developed a character, a vision of who my new doll would be and I called her Madi. I was ready to order but life has a funny way of twisting things up at the last minute. Call it fate if you will, for at some bizarre hour of the night I found Kea up for adoption. She was a practically new Lati Yellow Lea with a stunning custom faceup and the sale included many extras. Needless to say, I happily jumped on the opportunity to have her. And as if my timing wasn’t perfect enough, I made friends with her previous owner and discovered that she only lives a state away!! Kea arrived to me within a couple of days (July 2nd) and I couldn’t have been happier. She was absolutely adorable and above my expectations. In a short time she became a stable part of my life. I had a lot going on and Kea was one of my favorite comforts. I made a lot of memories with her including a day at a lake and ConnectiCon for a small doll meet. Kea took on her own personality and although I bonded well with her I also struggled with her. When I adopted Kea, my character ideas and visions did not change. I became frustrated as I was trying to force a character on her that wasn’t meant for her. I was still stuck on ‘Madi’. Ultimately, after much contemplating and weighing my options, I decided to sell Kea and take the path I was meaning to take before her. I ordered Madi on August 12th and am still waiting for her arrival. It’s been tough waiting and it became tough missing Kea. There was a part of me that regret selling her, because I would have kept her if I could. I assured and reminded myself reasons for letting her go. One of them being I simply did not have the funds for a second girl and that her new owner seemed to love her too. And so I let it go the best I could, holding her memory dear.

My good friend Jon has been my support through all of my dolly decisions, waiting and struggling. Even though he isn’t in the hobby himself, he is the only friend I know in person that fully appreciates my love for tiny resin. I’ll always appreciate him for listening, giving me his piece of mind and becoming that comfort I’d been longing for without Kea. I don’t thank him nearly enough.

Today was a fairytale. Jon decided that today I would be receiving an early birthday gift from him this year. Excited and curious, I was in for the most thoughtful birthday surprise ever. For the past month or so, Jon had been plotting against me with the unimaginable. After hearing that Kea was back on the market, he secretly held her for me. He collaborated with the seller, having her pretend she changed her mind and decided to keep her. Shock cannot begin to explain what I was feeling when I saw her. I was so certain that I would never have the chance to see her again. Now I’ll never let her go.

Kea may forever be one of the most thoughtful and meaningful gifts ever to be received but I think we all know what the most precious gift really is. Having Jon for a friend. There is no price tag on his true, genuine friendship. I wouldn’t trade it for anything! :’)