Lati Yellow

Dolls for 300$ or less

This list compiles BJD under 300$ (and some SDs a little over that)

Please leave it under the Read More, seen as I’ll have to edit it multiple times

We have a HUGE diversity of sizes and styles to pick from, even under a budget. So support the original product.

And remember children, do your homework! Research the company/website reviews and owner pictures. Shoot me a message if you have something to correct/include. Do let me know if you find a doll in this price range that isn’t listed. 

UPDATE: Google Docs List with links that work hopefully

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Redid/Finished my darling Arivae (Lati Yellow Bat Children Noa) at 2AM last night while I had downtime! 

She’s been put away since November/December, because I chipped her old faceup then and decided not to seal/fix it, and it spiderweb cracked throughout her whole face! I didn’t have time or the inspiration to redo her.

I am very happy with the results! I did her faceup very light this time, especially the blonde brows with her white hair, it’s so much better than dark brown before! 

I am so happy to have her back out and played with! She gives me a sweet tooth! (๑✧◡✧๑)


For anyone interested in my doll updates I’ve got these three beauties on order at the moment.  The first two (Latidoll’s Haru and Mani) will be my smallest dolls at 16cm each while the third (RaMcube’s Lakia) will be my biggest at 67cm.  I can’t wait to get them! I’ve got so many ideas in my head of what I want them to look like but I’m trying to hold off until they ship before I go shopping.

Sometimes I feel like I am the only person in this hobby who loves Yo-SD boys. Why is it so super hard to find decent outfits for them ? While the market appears to be flooded by female Yo-SD dresses, I barely find anything cute for my boys and it’s always the same style too. Can we have more gender-neutral outfits maybe ? Also, I am super jealous of Lati Yellow owners because they don’t seem to suffer from this phenomenon at all :/ ? Why ?



Lati Yellow Cookie NS head par Nomyens cosmetic dolls

My Minifee New Family head came in for Pichi!
Here is my dolly family so far not including my Minifee Mika boy who will come in a couple months!
I’m selling my Juri 2010 head and my Lati Yellow Bat Children Noa (they are both already on hold)! Minifees are more for me. ^____^
I’ll paint Pichi sometime when I have some downtime!