I am thinking about marriage already. I may be young but I truly and deeply love this girl.

This is not a proposal but Trisha Marie Sapla. I really want to marry you.. I need  you in my life. I need you to be a part of my life. Without you I feel lonely, not my self. Sounds corny righhh’? but I say this whole heartedly. I love you, and if we do get married soon. I “promise” even “pinky promise” that I will treat you with so much respect and love you more than any man could. I will not cheat, I will not hurt you, and most of all love you so much that you get irritated lol.

Me when I stay up late writing. Cudos to my dad for sneaking this picture of me. #writing #write #writer #writers #writersofinstagram #amwriting #amediting #indieauthor #indie #currentlywriting #iwrite #writingislife #writingbook #shewrites #lovewriting #bookish #lovebooks #sleepy #fellasleep #latenightwriting #ya #fantasy #typing #laptop #blog #bloggers #blogs #bookblog #bookblogs #writersoftumblr

The right words

The wind blows against my window. I have been in front of my laptop all day, thinking. The sun has left and all that´s left in this darkness is the small light that comes from my screen. The cool spring air with the wet dirt smell sneaks into my living room. A small coffee mug that has been used several times today, waits for when it is needed. Today went by. So did yesterday. Yet I am still in the same place. Weird though, I do not grow tired. I want to write something big. Something that will impact the world. Until then, I will remain here. Tomorrow will go by. So will next week. My coffee mug will keep assisting me. The weather will keep changing. I will still be here though, waiting for the perfect words to come to my mind.

never thought you would tattoo my long term memories.. I’ll hold onto the dreams and wishes that will never come true, and all of the unbroken promises that we will share, forever. i could never let go of the small sliver of hope I have for us, but no longer can I allow my naked soul to shred itself to pieces. this chapter is over, but that doesn’t mean our story is finished. until we pick up the pens again, my love. I love you.💙🐧