“There are two types of wolves, the vengeful and the forgiving. One can’t be without the other. Together they form an inseparable pack.”

Hah yep kinda stupid but it works, Spent my morning. Doing this honestly I couldn’t stop working on it. The design of the character was just so fun to do. nd I really hope I didn’t get anything wrong. Its the one and only from Huntertale!

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If there’s one thing I learned from you, it’s that everything passes.
Hurt passes, pain passes, disappointment passes, unabashed happiness and days full of laughter and you and I pass.

And love passes, too.

No matter how much you love someone, even if it feels like there is not much of an existence without them, it will pass.
And you will be okay again.

—  Diary Of A Heartbreak, Day 585
I would do anything for you if only you would hold me. But you told me to stop, so I did, for you. You told me to let go, but I couldn’t, for us, for me. My heart would shatter if I just let go of everything and I wish you would feel the same. Somehow I don’t see the pain I’m in reflected in you. You, with those big dry eyes and perfect face with pretty hair that falls around it. Did I love too much? Did I lose my sanity when I thought you were the best thing in my life? The worst part is that even with all my poems and late night crying, I don’t miss the hugs and kisses and hand holding as much as I miss you being a friend. Just talking about our days and sharing stories, that security and knowing you would have my back when I feel bad. And now that I feel the worst I have ever felt, you don’t want to talk. Forget romantic love, where is the reliable, consistent love we give our closest friends and family? It’s not about holding hands, it’s about holding hearts and you dropped mine.
—  I’m not angry, never angry at you. Just disappointed. I’m sorry
I don’t think I want things how they used to be. That would be a lie, or it would require forgetting all these decisions and we can’t do that with the risk of similar mistakes. I was a different person, and so were you (I think I still love that version of you anyways). I just want things to be better, to feel better. To wake up and want to be there and if possible be with you. But I don’t believe in miracles, not really. Just the fact that you once loved me was enough magic for a lifetime, and you know how I feel about letting go.
I’m still trying but at least I can say I don’t love you anymore.
I hope you can stand the late night voicemails and panicked texts; I’m trying to survive.
—  Letter to a friend
  • Silently Screaming:
  • Scorpio, Sagittarius, Cancer
  • Obnoxiously Desolate:
  • Pisces, Gemini, Libra
  • Loudly Whispering:
  • Aries, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Ear-Splittingly Inarticulate:
  • Aquarius, Taurus, Leo
Diary Titles

Aries: The Entire World is on Fire

Taurus: The Memoirs of a Sexually-Frustrated, Self-Vilifying Teen

Gemini: I will fucking KILL anyone who reads this

Cancer: Literally Why am I Like This ???

Leo: *is too cool to keep a diary*

Virgo: My Secrets and other Equally Frightening Things

Libra: Tbh I don’t even know if these are real memories or things I’ve seen while high

Scorpio: DO. NOT. READ.

Sagittarius:  A Queen’s Diary

Capricorn: *names it something else to mislead people so they don’t read it*

Aquarius: A Discourse on Existential Despair

Pisces: Nightmares and Daydreams