Give the Gift of Weird Fiction

Sometimes you need a read that’s just a little bit off-kilter, a touch left-of-center. Not strictly sci-fi or fantasy, necessarily, but maybe there’s a sprinkling of magic or horror or surrealism or humor on top. These genre-bridging books make perfect gifts for anybody who likes their reads to be a little outside the box.


VIKINGS MEME: [½] Battles → Mercenary

The forces on the right bank are much smaller than those on the left. And as far as I can see, there is no bridge. There is no way the two armies can easily re-join. We attack your uncle. Now stay out of our way. Sound the horn.

Spent the day restaurant hopping though Paris with friends yesterday 🐷🍕🍩🍰🍔🍟 started with coffee, croissants & waffles for brunch, then pizza followed by burgers and finally some hot chips! haha
And people say Paris isn’t vegan friendly 🙄Most junk good I’ve eaten in a day since… well Paris last year! 🙊🍴🌱 (à Hank Restaurant)

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hey, taylorswift, remember these places? :)

I went to Paris last Saturday (September 13th, YES! SWIFT DAY!) and visited all these places from the Begin Again video. They were all truly beautiful. I would’ve loved to stay there for ages. It was so great to see where you were while shooting the video! I even sat at exactly the same place as you in that third picture (under the tree)! c: That one was probably my favourite place of all. I loved the view, and it was one of the only quiet places in this huge city. I would’ve never gone there if it wasn’t for you, so thanks for that! :)

these three places were the only ones I could find though, so how about you come with me next time so you can show me the others? ;)