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TBC/James Herondale

I LOVED WHEN MAGNUS MET JAMES IN THE MIDNIGHT HEIR AND JAMES TELLS MAGNUS HIS NAME IS JAMES HERONDALE AND MAGNUS SAID “I thought it would be something like that” BECAUSE OF COURSE THAT’S HIS NAME,, of fucking course Will and Tessa named him after Jem, that’s such a them thing to do. If Magnus knew anything about A Tale of Two Cities and how much they love it, I don’t doubt he would have been amused by Lucie’s name I love them so much okay

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Another “small” collection of shokunba onedraw entries

i draw these two way too much but im not ready to stop yet

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Have people really been wondering about who the Franken-character is...? I mean in the last comic strip you added Error Sans/Errortale to the credits. Surely you wouldn't put that there for no good reason?

Haha well I usually add the Errortale/Error sans tag to most of the comic update posts, but good thinking on your part!



In the Nether they have a number of Demon Kings and Queens. These demon “royalty” are extremely powerful and, on the very occasional visit to Earth, are considered a Category 7 (as a comparative reminder, the Hurricane Method of categorising demons only goes up to 6 in practice).

Demon royalty can be any species of demon, so their main sets of powers range greatly. One thing demon royalty do have in common is the “Demon King/Queen Link”, which is a gained power that mentally links them up to any demons they happen to be the royalty of. With the link they can 1) surveillance - see through another demon’s eyes, essentially using their minions as cameras without them even realising and 2) control - telepathically give commands (as there are so many demons, this is usually used on demon soldiers but can be extended to commoners). Demons outside the nether are affected by a weaker version of control, in that they don’t HAVE to do what their royalty tells them…however it is often in their best interests to because it’s quite easy to tell someone else to kill you if you don’t.

Common demon weaknesses such as salt and iron do not apply to these guys. The only weapons that work on them are holy and even then your best bet is an exorcism circle (one time it took 8 Battle Priests to exorcise a Demon King and 3 of them died).

The Game:
Many demon royalty don’t leave the Nether, as their powers are slightly diminished whilst on Earth. For some of those that do occasionally go up (for either a spot of business or pleasure), if the opportunity presents itself they sometimes partake in the thrilling and dangerous game of Priest Collecting. Basically: who can corrupt/collect the most priests - after all they are but human. Bonus points for a priest who’s interesting.

Is a Tempter demon (not his species real name). His powers include Deal Making - the big “exchange for your soul” kind - and Ichor, which is the ability to manifest viscous black liquid (that can be solidified or liquefied at will) for various uses. When Rire manifests Ichor “extras” they always stem from his back/between his shoulder blades and are often tentacles, though occasionally he’ll form a pair of very large extra arms.

Rire is actually Izm’s Demon King, and Izm would have never even blipped onto Rire’s radar had it not been for the incomplete Demon King Link. No link = explainable, demon probably dead, but a broken one that couldn’t be gotten through? That had never happened before and caught enough attention when it was noticed to warrant a little…investigation.

That investigation yielded a very interesting group of travelers and a very. interesting. priest.

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I love how in that last comic strip, Victor obviously loves that his fiance has curled his hair for him and Yuri just doesn't care and ruins it anyway because he's an ass.

And not a single fuck was given that day.

If you want to keep your relationship private, ramparts smooching is probably not the best way (or place) to keep it on the down low :P

I just really love how he’s all hoping to keep things private, even tho they will eventually get out (I’m lookin’ at you Jim =_= ) but then like your makeout spot is like… right in the open where there are always guards patrolling? Not super subtle there, Commander :P I mean to be fair, it could just be that my Inquisitor made out with him a LOT, like WAY too much, but… naahh, that can’t be it ^_- 


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LOL ok this is how I imagined the 5vs5 match of the guys for this Sunday… until the last Raw episode screwed it completely xD
I’m posting it anyway because I spent a lot of time on it! The one in the crowd with the sign in the fist picture is our beloved @wrestlingfanatic that is proudly repping all us Ambrollins fangirls in Toronto! Scream for us Mary!!! ♡♡
Ok that’s it, I hope you’ll enjoy this first (and probably last) comic strip of mine, and please don’t blame me for shipping so hard Ambrollins and Oweigns ahahah (I would have gladly made some Y2AJ stuff too but there was no room anymore!) :P


Black History Month Spotlight

Floyd E Norman

  • Born June 22 1935
  • Worked on the Film “Sleeping Beauty” in 1956, becoming one of the first African American artists to remain at Walt Disney Studios on a long term basis
  • Other work in Disney included “101 Dalmatians”, “the Sword and the Stone” , “The Jungle Book” and" Robin Hood".
  • He cofounded “AfroKids” which did various segments for shows like “Sesame Street”
  • He was the last Mickey Mouse Comic strip Scripter before it was discontinued in the 1980s.
  • He has been a Story Artist on WDAS  and Pixar films including, “Toy Story 2”, “Monsters’ Inc”,“Mulan”, “Dinosaur”, and “Hunchback of Notre Dame” and continues to work for the Walt Disney Company as a freelance artist.
  • He was also a story artist for other animation studios, recently doing work on the movie “Free Birds”
  • Awards and Honors include the 2002 Winsor McCay Award for “Recognition of lifetime or career contributions to the art of animation, being honored as a Disney Legend in 2007. the Inkpot award at Comic-Con international in 2008 and the "Sergio Award” in 2013 from CAPS (The Comic Art Professional Society)

“This was like joining the Marine Corps of animation. If you made it at Disney, you could make it anywhere.”