Last Son of Krypton

i think about the way diana reacted when dr. poison’s gas killed everyone in the village, at a complete loss, total distress on her face because she didn’t save them. i think about the way clark reacted when the bomb went off at the court and everyone died, how he froze, didn’t even look around him despite the flames engulfing everything, becaused he didn’t save them

diana’s “they are dead. they are all dead. i could have saved them.” and clark’s “i was standing right there and i didn’t see it.” are the same statement, they’re both acknowledging that, under different circumstances and mindsets, they would absolutely have the power to help and even prevent the harm from ever reaching those people, but it all got overshadowed by their personal battles, beliefs and expected outcomes. and at the time of those events, they’re both young, they’re both more naive than they should be but no less than they have the right to, and yet it’s all going to unfold differently for each of them

diana essentially stops ares, wins the war, but ultimately detaches herself from man’s world. she sees we all have the choice to do bad things, nobody forcing our hands, and we choose it. we choose to do bad things and there are no other gods of war she can slay to help us. it’s all on us despite an ever lingering hope we can change for the better. we can. we mostly don’t. clark is thrown into our world on full display without wanting or planning to, simply because he’s forced to fight by someone else’s hand, on more than one occassion. but he does fight because it’s not our fault earth houses the last son of krypton. because the people he loves and wants safe aren’t to blame for the fact he’s feared and misunderstood. it’s not his fault either

diana will go on believing that the number of people choosing to do good aren’t enough to make a considerable dent on the scale, yet the unfolding events upon the justice league’s formation and bruce wayne’s newfound hope in humanity will eventually change that. she’ll learn the scales might surprise you. clark, having died protecting the same people that did everything in their power to show him how much unwanted and feared he was, will return and no matter his newfound disposition either about humanity never deserving him or his resolve to be there for us despite everything, will have changed his mentality considerably due to all the events that caused and took place up until his sacrifice and death

the potential of strong character development between and through any possible interactions diana and clark might have in the dceu is ridiculously exciting to consider. they have so many things in common and yet they’re so different, both when they started and where they currently are. one regained hope, the other posthumously became it

  • Dick: *in bed* Jay, Jay.
  • Jason: It's 5 am. What's the problem, Dickie?
  • Dick: What if aliens actually exist?
  • Jason:
  • Jason: One of your longest relationship is with an alien.
  • Jason: And we just had dinner with the last son of Krypton last weekend.
  • Dick: Ah. Yeah you're right.
  • Jason: What's the point of watching sci-fi movies when you truly live in one?