Last Romeo

In honor of Infinite’s 4th Anniversary, sungjonginwonderland @ I (purpleboyhowonee) decided to do another small giveaway with the help of our amazing friend Nikki! 


One lucky person will win a copy of <Season 2> [w/ photocard]


Reblog MAXIMUM of 5 times a day. No more than that. 

Likes Count!

[Remember: No giveaway blogs ㅡ ㅅ ㅡ;;;;]


June 9th 2014 EST ~ July 16th 2014 11PM EST

Miscellaneous stuff

  • It would be nice if you followed us [but don’t follow us for just the giveaway  ㅡ ㄱ ㅡ ]
  • This is International woop. 
  • if you have any questions come to my inbox or tweet me <@infinitizinghw>