Last Blade

don’t touch cyberpunk if you don’t get it.

don’t act like you’re on some holy crusade when you make a video game with neon and rain and the look of cyberpunk but then throw in stuff like how women’s rights and basic income are the backbone of a dystopia

don’t make a movie with scarlett johansson playing a poor send-up to motoko kusanagi and then lack the spine to even mention the socio-political points of why the character prefers a caucasian chassis in the first place (spoiler alert: it makes incredibly unkind point about western women). especially don’t call it feminist when the themes and narrative are stripped away in favor of a generic revenge tale. don’t retell akira and put it within and about the culture that dropped those nukes in the first place. the teenage edgelord connoisseurs can just go watch these anime and film in the first place

don’t copyright the word ‘cyberpunk’ no matter how noble your intentions are. you have no real way of guaranteeing that your successors at your place of work will share your sentiments.

don’t tell another faux-deep story that cosplays badly as Blade Runner about a hacker or a detective or an android and his manpain 

don’t give me more cool-looking stuff that either lacks the teeth to get political or has the fundamental politics of the genre contorted and perverted so that spoiled Gen X dudes never have to challenge themselves or their way of life. 

just…don’t, okay?

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Hey! Question, so you have a really good understanding of keith and I was wondering if you'd explain how being with the blade is a toxic environmenf? I'm not tryna argue against it I genuinely just don't get it haha

ahh thank you anon!! it’s actually kinda flattering you think i have a good understanding of him sksjsksksm i love my angel..

so, there’s a lot of posts that articulate this better than i can, and i can’t link you right now bc i’m on mobile :( but i’ll give you my short version:

the blade of marmora really emphasizes individual sacrifice for the greater good. this is fine, in theory, but keith has just come from voltron, a team where yes, there is plenty of sacrifice involved, but they care for the other members of their team and would go to rescue them in a heartbeat (this has stuck with Keith— we see this when he saves one of the other blade members last minute) and that’s….not healthy at least for keith?? like, he needs people surrounding him who would love and support him and save him if he was in need (even if he wouldn’t want them to). he needs that tight bond— and the blade of marmora doesn’t provide him with friendship or family. there are no close-knit bonds, little attachments. yes, this is what keith wants, but it’s not what he needs.

keith is pushing his friends away out of fear of being rejected (honestly, he probably felt quite rejected already when they got so angry at him, which is why he made the final decision to join the blade). what he needs to learn is that it’s okay to be vulnerable around people and it’s okay to let people in, to make friends, to have a family

the blade does not and cannot give him that. the blade sees him as completely expendable, because they see all of their members that way. and that’s how keith sees himself. he really doesn’t have a sense of self-worth—at least, not a strong one. sure, he knows who he is, but that doesn’t mean he likes who he is.

the team means everything to keith and we know this. the blade of marmora is him running away to a place that is cold and devoid of love. it’s what keith has known all his life. it’s not what keith needs

keith needs family, and he needs love. the blade is not any of that, and we know this

my hot nerd || peter parker

Characters: peter parker/reader

Genre: fluff, slight smut

Warnings: make out session (;

Summary: Peter comes back from his nightly shenanigans and finds his girlfriend waiting for him in his bedroom.

Request: Pls do this one like with the reader and peter making out or something and it it’s the “Ya know for a nerd you have some pretty nice abs" idea cause that would be so good x
 -  @amber-b242

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Blade Runner 2049 is a rock-solid masterpiece. I was in tears by the end, since I found it so profoundly moving. It’s also the most beautiful film I’ve seen in years. Villeneuve is a genius director, and he has made a film that effortlessly improves on the original in all respects - it has a more striking aesthetic, grander ideas and genuine emotional heft. It’s simply unmissable - if you can, try and view it in IMAX. The cinematography is exquisite, and deserves to be seen on the largest possible screen.

There was also an incident at the cinema that was both amusing and exciting - acting all casual, I asked the girl at the ticket counter if she had any info on when The Last Jedi tickets would go on sale in the UK (indicating that I knew they’d be released on Monday in the US). She radio’d her colleague, who took a few moments before stuttering his way through an explanation that was halfway between ‘we can’t talk about that’ and ‘very soon, very soon’. He clearly knew exactly when the tickets were coming, but obviously couldn’t say. The excitement is building!


fffffffffff icouldntresistfinishingthelast4framesforthesetomakeemfunctional

I got so much accomplished today :D I feel proud

Also the last one’s half transparent apparently sooooooooooooooooooooo


I might or might not make a series depending on how it goes but as a followup to my post kinda meandering about how certain folk react badly to protagonists in video games no matter what I’ll go into protagonists in games that are actually genuinely bad and I’ll attempt to explain why they don’t work, in my opinion.

As a general warning for this series, there will be spoilers for every game that I cover (of course) and content warnings for the specific games will apply, which I’ll tag to the best of my ability.

This one will be about

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Dante, from DmC: Devil May Cry, the intended reboot of Devil May Cry (aka Donte, aka YOUR PROM DATE YOU UGLY SACK OF SHIT)

More under the cut, cause this gon b a lonnnnnng one

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After seeing the amazing Blade Runner 2049 this weekend (yes, go see that movie!!!), this awesome piece, “The Emperor has returned” by Marko Pudar, really felt like it was done in that style. 

804 Days until Episode IX

230 Days until the Han Solo Movie








We live in trenches. Underground, most of the time. Like rabbits. And it’s cold and dark and…noisy and wet, and you just spend every second wishing you were somewhere else. But there’s a now-ness to everything. It’s like you’re seeing it for the first time. Like a blade of grass in the mud or colours. The sky is amazing. You can smell the air. Everything’s just more intense. It’s like your brain’s taking it all in knowing it might be the last cloud or blade of grass you’ll ever see. It’s hard not think that way, though. You see life disappear in front of you. And as it goes you realise just how precious it was.

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: We all make mistakes, glue is not necessarily the solution. Sometimes mistakes can lead to more mistakes. Like asphyxiation. 

Taurus: Like it or not, you are part of a statistic.

Gemini: You know whats like a day without sunshine? Night. Its really not that dramatic. As long as it only lasts that long.

Cancer: Triple-bladed knives are banned under the Geneva convention because they cause wounds that never heal. The stars said you should know that, but they didn’t say why. 

Leo: Notice how the world changes when you photograph it. It can tell you whats real.

Virgo: Everyone wears a mask, a costume. Be something cool and interesting, like a dragon, or coral.

Libra: As we walk among this urban sprawl many see it as a despoiling of nature. Those who cannot see the magic in the concrete are not looking hard enough.

Scorpio: Some things should hurt.

Ophiuchus: She is terrifying. She guards you. You cant imagine against what.

Sagittarius: The world is burning and you really have to pee. Nobody ever thinks that you might have to pee. This is certainly a problem. 

Capricorn: Its hard to find a good place to practice the harmonica but we cant all be hobos hitching a ride in box cars can we.

Aquarius: Things will probably be fine. If they aren’t then we get to that problem if it gets here. That’s what the machete is for. 

Pisces: Everyone has something wild and primal inside them. Yours just happens to only come out during board games.