Sus ultimas palabras

“Regina… George….es….una….puta…zorra”: Cáncer, Virgo

“El dinero esta en *muere*”: Sagitario, Leo

“Dile a (x persona) que siempre lo odie”: Géminis, Capricornio, Acuario, Aries

“Dile a (x persona) que siempre lo ame”: Piscis, Escorpio, Tauro, Libra


Love being published up on STUDY GROUP comics dot com but its often very difficult to gauge just how many people are seeing TYPHOOn 99 and all of its chapters.  Seeing as I’ve brought things to a temporary close with chapter 15 this seems like a good time to do some Promotion:

Everyone who reblogs gets an 8.5x11 Sumi brush Ink drawing (they came out kinda Well I think) while supplies last!  All drawings are of principal characters in Typhoon 99

Charlie Wood and I wanna share Chapter 15 with new people, with many people.  Wont you help us help you help us? 

My one hope for you is that, someday, you realize the stars you’ve been chasing all your life, have been in your eyes whole time.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write, 5
“You are made of stardust”