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Timothy Omundson as…..

Cain, Father of Murder (Supernatural)

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Carlton Lassiter, head detective of the SBPD (Psych)

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King Richard, evil tyrant (Galavant) 

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Lassiter’s head snapped up as he heard a familiar laugh. He glanced across the station to see Y/N, his girlfriend, laughing at something Shawn Spencer had said. Carlton set his jaw as he heard her laugh again at something Gus was saying. He cleared his throat.

“Hey Spencer.”
The faux psychic turned toward him. “Lassie face.”

Y/N smiled softly at her boyfriend, waving slightly. He smiled briefly before returning his attention to Spencer. The man had nearly made it all the way over.

“What’s up Lassito?”

Carlton put an arm around him and faced away from his girlfriend. This caused Shawn to knit his brows. Through gritted teeth, Carlton gave his answer.

“Let’s get one thing straight, Spencer.”
He nodded. “All ears.”
“Y/N is my girlfriend, and if you so much as touch her, I will hunt you down like the pheasant you are. Okay?”

Before allowing him to answer, Lassiter left Shawn and walked over to Y/N. She beamed at him as he placed his hand at the small of her back. Shawn arched a brow as Gus glanced over. The pair shrugged as Shawn smirked slightly before walking back over to the group.

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