I just watched a documentary about archeological digs in Iraq where they found over a million 3000-year-old clay tablets with ancient cuneiform writing on them. These tablets, having lain in the sand for three millennia begin to turn to dust within hours of their removal if not preserved and even with the best preservation they still degrade fairly rapidly. So, they use lasers to etch a hologram of each tablet on glass plates. This digital information can be transmitted over the internet. 

This is kind of cool. To think 3D holograms of 3000-year-old written words and these holograms once on the internet will live in the web. The actual glass plates can survive for tens of thousands of years.

The holograms are so accurate that they can be examined under a microscope.

Since the information is digital it can be manipulated by a computer to decipher even the most eroded specimens. 

Funny, as I write this little piece it dawns on me: I may be the only one on the planet who thinks this is cool. Oh, I suppose some of my fellow nerds might.

Handmade D20 leather bag

Hey, guys. I was at a Ren faire this weekend and ran into some of my old friends! They have a business that I thought some of you all might be interested in. 

These are hand-made, laser etched D20 dice (or whatever) bags! She has ones for Harry Potter (every House in house colors, too), Skyrim, Zelda, and they told me she takes commissions.

You can look her up on facebook, or go to her etsy page: here.


So I created a Spike Spiegel light box with my laser. It has a led tea light inside it, and I made it to where you can remove the paper in case you just… Didn’t want it. It has a inner box that is removable that the vellum is attached to. I may remove that in other boxes. I’m not sure yet.

But I’m completely done designing these! They are so fun but so hard to make! This version is ten inches tall and six inches wide. (Absolutely massive.) I have them for sale on my Etsy. Also I’m going to try and make some other light boxes soon, maybe Pokemon. I’m not sure yet!

Kittens in the walls

We are drinking coffee
instead of working -
and the sky is blue
and the cemetery is green
and quiet -
the valley of your back
is warm against my thumb -
and we imagine lives
and reasons
for the moss and
the marble
and the memorials that gather
out of order -
your eyes are damp
from the wind that isn’t there
and you stare
at a laser-etched headstone -
Russian, with a portrait -
wonder aloud
who sells these things
to the grieving -
later we walk past
your old house
and you tell me about
the kittens that escaped
into the walls -
that you found small and starving
and only just in time
and we part the way we always do -
with an awkward kiss
because two smiling mouths
mesh so very badly.


This fantastic glossy black necklace was etched and laser cut from strong, durable acrylic plastic. It was a collaborative creation with Mothlight Alchemy and the skull was modeled from a coyote while the silhouette is that of a wolf. These two beautiful pack creatures roam wild and remind us of what it is to be fierce, strong, and come together as a pack.

Sold by OakthornStudios via etsy