Britney: Piece Of Me by the numbers:
• over 3,500 sq ft of LED surface
• 4 piece band
• 28 premium tables w/ bottle service
• 20 top ten hits
• 7 acts plus encore performance
• 8 costume changes
• 4,600 seats in the Axis Theater
• 56 hd projectors in the largest projection theater in the world
• 94 victims for “Freakshow"😏
• 16 dancers @britneysboys 💖
• 400+ moving lights
• 1,300 attendees in the Mojave Desert for the residency announcement in 2013.
• 350,000+ fans in attendance
• POM has grossed over $50 million dollars!!
• 2015’s Best Show In Las Vegas!

The Famous #FollowMeTo Couple Recently Posted Their Honeymoon Photos

Russian couple from Instagram, Murad Osmann have garnered over 3 million followers after posting photos of his then girlfriend and Natalia Osmann (now wife) leading him around the world since 2011. After years together, the couple recently posted images from their wedding and honeymoon to Las Vegas. After the success of their stunning and love-filled journey, they decided to publish a book Follow Me To: A Journey around the World Through the Eyes of Two Ordinary Travelers  on Amazon with more breath-taking photos.