Surrounding the discourse around Sadie’s age.

I’m rewatching SU because I like it and have nothing else to watch.

I know there is a lot of discourse surrounding the ages of Sadie and Lars.

I just finished watching Sadie’s Song and in that episode (I think) we get a pretty good idea as to the approx. age. of Sadie.

As Barb’s going through her closet and pulling out outfits, Sadie is giving off ages. For the softball outfit she says “yeah when I was 11”

Later on as she’s panicing about singing she mentions. “6 years later, I’m still getting nothing but gloves and knee pads” (don’t remember the exact equipment but that’s not important).

Her use of saying “still” suggests that at least to her last birthday she was getting these things.

11+6 = 17.

Now granted in season 5 Barb mentions she’s an adult and blah blah blah, but I see so many posts comparing Sadie and Lars as like. 35 year old woman and a 17 year old boy.

Sadie is obviously a young adult. Probably in her late teens, early 20s. Lars similarly is probably in his late teens as well (based on his report card, or if he was in college and was on academic probabtion that might be why his parents are involved in his education).

Just some random thoughts. I miss my otp.

Larsadie Realization

Lars is now the pink, semi-immortal leader of a band of alien rebels.

Sadie is now a singer-songwriter who, assuming she really uses “Sadie Killer,” has altered her last name to fit her musical gimmick.

Guys, Lars and Sadie have turned into a gender-swapped Rose and Greg.