Lars: Cliff… man, it took him a fucking hour to wake up in the morning. About a fucking half hour to brush his teeth; it’s like “uh, the bus is leaving at 2” “I’ll be down as soon as I brush my teeth”.

Kirk: About an hour to comb his hair about 3 times… Get out of the shower, comb his hair, then dry it, then comb it again, then wait until it’s dry and then comb it. Again.

James: There’s one picture that we gave you, a picture of him sleeping in a waterbed… it’s fucking about 200 degrees in the house and he has this thick blanket… *laughs*

James, Kirk & Lars remembering Cliff

Doing things the way you see it, going by your own heart and soul, that is pure artistic integrity. Whatever the hair is six or sixty inches long, the eyes have make-up or not, the riffs are in ‘E’ or 'F’ sharp, the amps are Marshall or not, all those things don’t matter if you are doing it for the right reason, which to me means doing it for yourself.

-Lars Ulrich