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I'm genuinely not trying to be rude when I say this, but I've been a larrie since 2012 and I'm just starting to think that maybe antis are right :/ maybe we are acting crazy. What's the difference between what we do and what they do? I'm genuinely asking- please don't take this as me trying to be rude:(

How can we be wrong about this?

Bottom line: we aren’t

Louis - i am gonna mention the hickey i gave harry yesterday and i am gonna admit i gave him that ❤
Harry - i am gonna blush and turn red like there’s no tomorrow ❤
Simon - see i told you they hate each other , they broke the band !!!

Gah they’re so fucking pretty together! Why?? It’s not fair! Must they be pretty and perfect and happy and wealthy and successful and kind and caring and just wonderful human beings? Most beautiful people in the world, inside and out. xx

(Side note; Harry is staring at Louis’ lips, he wants to kiss his boy so bad haha)