(So bad that I’m having my exams…will upload Larry fanart later x)

  • me:nah im a chill shipper y'know :-)
  • otp:are literally JUST next to each other
  • me:what the fukc? im yodeling theyre so in love? wha th efcu-
  • Interviewer:Is there anything you want to set straight?
  • *dramatic music*
  • *roughly flashback*
  • Louis:"I'd marry you, Harry."
  • Harry:"Me and Louis always wanted to move in together ever since the X-factor."
  • Louis:"Boyfriend!"
  • Louis:"Hands and knees for two days straight."
  • Louis:"If you could have any one in the world [for Valentines Day]"
  • Harry:"You [Louis]."
  • Louis:"Behind closed doors, something else goes on."
  • Harry:"I got these birds... because I liked them..."
  • Harry:"I love you."
  • Louis:"I love you too."
  • *back to interview*
  • Harry:I have a secret.... Not telling you.

Louis Tomlinson is the most underrated celebrity I know and he almost always gets hate for everything he does. But then moments like this, moments like this Cinderella Ball is living proof that behind the drug scandals and babygate and all those false accusations, is a man with a heart of pure gold who would give up the whole world for the people he cares about. Louis Tomlinson is a hero and a prince and it’s about time that everyone knew it.