Perfect Strangers: Balki & Larry dances to MC Hammer

Ugh none of you care about Perfect Strangers and it’s making me very unhappy.

Like, Larry and Balki are such adorable sweethearts and you don’t even know about it. YOU COULD NEVER UNDERSTAND THE WAY I FEEL.

And I can’t even show you really because now they’ve taken it back down off of YouTube….

*plunges into a sea of melancholy*

I don’t see a lot of stuff from ‘Perfect Strangers’ on Tumblr.  And I think that’s sad.  It’s not incredibly well known because only the first two seasons are available on DVD (maybe because of licensing fees for the songs the characters constantly start singing?).  But oh those seasons.  They’re gold.  Balki and Larry meet, Balki plays baseball, Larry’s surprise birthday party, Balki learns to drive, Balki’s first love, Larry meeting Jennifer…I love this show.

It’s silly, it’s fun, the physical comedy is fantastic, but it’s also capable of bringing the feels.  Such a great balance.