Larry Cedar


Tonight I get to see Larry Cedar play King Lear.

SO SO SO SO excited.

There’s no right way to go up to someone afterwards and say “the music you performed on public television back in the 1980s is seared into my brain,” right?


Angle Dance - I think it had a profound influence on my aesthetic tastes.



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One of the comedy HIGHlights of the year, Oliver, Stoned hits DVD and digital August 4 from Uncork’d Entertainment and BG Pics.

A smoke-filled, fast-paced comedy adventure starring Pitch Perfect 2’s Brea Grant and Southpaw’s Skylan Brooks, Oliver, Stoned fixes on the trippy antics of 26-year-old Oliver Barnes(Seth Cassell) who, upon…

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I just bought tickets to see Larry Cedar play King Lear with The Porters of Hellsgate.

If someone had told six-year-old me that someday I would get to see Larry Cedar in person, who ranked right up with Gordon and Susan and Mr. Rogers in my esteem, I would have danced with excitement.

I can still dance with excitement, right?


Atlas Shrugged Part 3: Who Is John Galt (2014) - Directed & Co-Written by J. James Manera

Laura Regan as Dagny Taggart
Kristoffer Polaha as John Galt
Joaquim de Almeida as Francisco d'Anconia
Eric Allan Kramer as Ragnar Danneskjöld
Rob Morrow as Henry “Hank” Rearden
Larry Cedar as Dr. Floyd Ferris
Greg Germann as James Taggart
Jen Nikolaisen as Cherryl Taggart
Louis Herthum as Wesley Mouch
Dominic Daniel as Eddie Willers
Scott Klace as Dr. Thomas Hendricks
Mark Moses as Midas Mulligan
Lew Temple as Ellis Wyatt
Lucinda Manera as Bakery Owner
Peter Mackenzie as Head of State Thompson
Stephen Tobolowsky as Dr. Hugh Akston
Neil Dickson as Dr. Robert Stadler
Tony Denison as Cuffy Meigs