A Tumblr prompt! One of those OC ask thingies, but I thought I’d have fun and use these as prompts. <3

Continuing with, #48 OC who is a perfect cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure.

That’s a shut-out for Fat Dave.

He is too sweet for his own good.

And this was the last prompt I got~! It was a lot of fun to do a few illustrations.

Back to comick-ing now~~

Finn does not give a fuck about your idols

Star Wars: The Force Awakens established the male lead Finn as an antifascist, anti-authoritarian hero, and he is justly celebrated as such. I don’t think people talk as much, though, about his relationship with authority and legends in general: Specifically, that he does not trust authority and has no use for legends.

This makes Finn a different kind of hero, one who is not only anti-authoritarian but anti-authority. He is not like Luke who was all starry-eyed about the Jedi and his father. He is not even like Rey who filled her starved soul with dreams of heroes, or Poe who grew up surrounded by legends. Finn also stands in contrast to the main villain, Kylo Ren, who turned his back on the heroes of the Rebellion and Republic only to bow down to idols of the Empire and First Order.

Finn’s closest predecessors are Han Solo of the original trilogy and Jyn Erso of Rogue One, especially Jyn who was the traumatized, world-weary outsider before she threw in with like-minded comrades in the Rebellion. With Finn, however, I believe the ambivalence about choosing a side is portrayed as not only a reflection of his trauma but also a healthy reaction to it.

This hesitation about the Resistance puts Finn in a fascinating position in the Star Wars universe and opens a whole new window into the nature of political thought in the Star Wars franchise. Here’s how:

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Sorry @prsphn.
You gotta stop writing such cute scenes, I can’t stop myself.

 Adam reaches out and puts a flower in Ronan’s hair and to hide how his cheeks flame up Ronan turns around and starts plucking flowers. He gathers a bunch and sits down on the blanket again, smiling up at Adam as he begins to weave them together to a crown.

Adam stares at him in wonder, wide eyes.
‘How do you know how to do this?’ he asks and Ronan doesn’t reply, just sort of shrugs.

‘Don’t tell me you looked it up on YouTube or something,’ he says and Ronan looks away, thinking fuck. ‘I’m fucking punk,’ he says instead, not looking Adam in the eye.

‘Oh my God,’ Adam says, laughing at him. ‘You did. Ronan Lynch, so-called punk, spent two hours on YouTube learning how to make flower crowns.

’‘Shut up,’ Ronan says, but there’s a smile tugging at his lips.

-Larger than Life, chapter 6 by belljar (AO3) / prsphn on Tumblr

i just… i just love that it’s this massive, sprawling, literally-larger-than-life epic, universally acclaimed and regarded as one of the greatest literary works ever, and it belongs to us, it is by us, it is for us, it is about us, it is not for straight people’s rubbernecking or consumption, it has somehow reached this level of mainstream cultural status without sacrificing one single iota of what it means and what it stands for, it’s big and it’s beautiful and it’s ours

Ah yes… Larger than Life. A staple in any BSB fan’s playlist. First track on Millennium and one of the many songs that are dedicated to their fans. Also the name of their Vegas residency. Apt. Anyway, I’m a fan of the video mix more than I am the album version but I still rock out this one. Like I Want It That Way, it’s very catchy. And I just recently realized how much it sounds like (You Drive Me) Crazy by Ms. Spears. They also set a record with the video, which at $2.1 million was the most expensive video at the time. And I looooove the dance sequence. I still know it. They performed it at the 9.9.99 VMAs aka the BEST VMAS EVAH. I don’t think that VMAs will ever be topped. It’s the Wrestlemania 17 of VMAs.

Writers: Max Martin, Brian Littrell, Kristian Lundin
Producer: Kristian Lundin

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Meet Me In The Morning - Freddie King (Larger Than Life, 1975)


BackStreet Boys Larger Than Life. Here’s The BackStreet Boys singing Larger Than Life.