im awesome, eat my dust

for when the world wants to put you down and you just have to laugh and tell them to go fuck themselves. fuck it. you’re awesome and you’re worth it. 

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“Welcome to my humble abode,” The young starlight led her friend through the larger than life apartment, “Please don’t mind the mess.” She said though it wasn’t much of a mess, just unpacked boxes from Sean moving in, “And this here is the project you are here to help me with.” She pushed the door open to one of the bedrooms, but it was just full of packages and bags of mail. “I just got a new load of fan mail and I have no idea where to start.”

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i love seeing photos of the boys doing ordinary things. they seem so untouchable and almost unreal onstage and then you compare it to gerard ordering starbucks or carrying boxes of toys and you're like 'oh yeah, they're people just like us'

It’s funny how celebrities seem to be larger than life, when they’re just people like us. Especially people like Gerard, who weren’t born into fame. Before MCR, he was just an ordinary guy. Sometimes I wonder if he ever feels “famous” or if the whole thing is still weird to him. Imagine people dedicating their lives to you and plastering your name/face all over their social media.


The Department of Astounding Hyperrealism has previously featured the jaw-dropping work of Los Angeles-based Japanese hyperrealist sculptor Kazuhiro Tsuji because of his astonishingly lifelike bust of Abraham Lincoln. Today our minds have been blown once again by two more of Tsuji’s sculptures, portraits of artists Salvador Dalí and Andy Warhol. Both silicone sculpted, mixed media busts are larger than life - much like both artists seemed to be in real life - and so incredibly detailed that we keep waiting for them to blink or wink or maybe even speak.

Visits Kazuhiro Tsuji’s website to check out more of his phenomenal sculptures and click here for a brief video interview with Tsuji about his process.

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Today the Department of Astounding Hyperrealism is exploring the awesome oversized sculptures created by Spanish artist Rómulo Celdrán. For his Macro series Celdrán wanted to inspire a sense of wonder about even the most mundane things. So he meticulously handcrafted giant versions of everyday objects, each perfectly accurate down to the smallest detail.

“As children, we view the world on a much larger scale than other people. In order to satisfy that feeling of relationship with the external world, many brands of toys try to create a world on a child’s scale. They manufacture cars, kitchens, tools and other objects to scale for children. That memory of playing, of curiosity, of identification with what we apprehended remains somehow fixed in our memory.”

From giant sponges and hot water bottles to spilled, crushed cans of paint, a used bottle cap and burnt match to a slice of bread that’s missing a single bite and a towering ice cube tray standing in a pool of water, each object is completely familiar but still utterly astonishing for its size, details, and imperfections. When creating an enormous ballpoint pen cap, Celdrán covered it in bite marks that look so real, we can’t help but wonder where the giant is who chewed on it in the first place:

Visit Rómulo Celdrán’s website to check out more of his work, including the entire Macro series.

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Of the hundred times I’ve kissed you in my dreams,
it’s never felt right. Every time,
your mouth is all wrong; my tongue
is all left. We press together and
my metaphorical heart skips a beat,
but we are less kissing–
more slow-dancing out of step,
less kissing–more
teenagers with twisted cherry stems
we can’t Houdini into knots.
If this
is yet another red flag I have
mistaken for surrender, then I am sorry
for the selfish way I hold my body
for the both of us.
I wake up
and convince myself that the
make-believe car accident of our mouths
has everything to do with the months it’s been
since anyone properly kissed me and nothing
to do with the fact that even my subconscious
doesn’t know how to touch you.
I’m a coward.
Anyone else would have found the word “love”
somewhere more real than poetry.
You are not the first ship I’ve gone down with,
but you might be the fastest. So
you’re the prettiest anchor
I haven’t even kissed yet–
you’re prying out my teeth with a guillotine.
This isn’t the way I wanted to write about you.
This isn’t your fault, anyway.
See, it’s not that I made you into a god–
It’s that you were just a man
and I made you out to be a mountain.
—  LARGER THAN LIFE by Ashe Vernon