Almost had a cheeky nandos last night my mate.

Cameron can take our NHS, push public schools into the depths of hell, shit on already impoverished families and kill foxes for “a jolly posh larf” but he will never take

our cheeky nandos

Dear student: no, you cannot defeat TurnItIn’s plagiarism-detecting software by cutting and pasting a paragraph from Sparknotes and then changing a few words or sticking in random phrases. See what it did there? It highlighted all the words from Sparknotes. If I read just the words from Sparknotes, it mostly makes sense. If I read all the words–not so much.

suho is actually so funny its just that u guys are #predujice and u cant see past the embrassing thigns he said and did in 2013 in the name of comedy its sad that u guys cant look past that…if bbh said linkin park was a park he’d like to visit in ny you guys woudlve pissed yoruselves….instead u called it a dad joke and larfed at him…end the discrimination now

George: "Well this week, we have a special person for you on our program – None other than John Lennon of The Beatles. Well John, I believe you’ve written a bewk. And this bewk’s called ‘John Lennon In His Own Write,’ folks. W-R-I-T-E, you see. It’s a larf. It’s a larf a minute with John Lennon. Some of you might find it a bit difficult to understand – because you see, it’s in a sort of funny lingo. Well, we get it, you see. It’s full of larfs. I don’t really know how you could describe it. But, it’s sort of rubbish. Maybe that’s one way. Well, sitting on my left I have another person of the Beatles called Ringo Starr. What, Ringo, do you think of this book by John Lennon?“

Ringo: "Well, I think it’s marvelous. I mean, I’ve never read anything like it.”

George: (jokingly) “You’ve never read before, though, have you?”

Ringo: "No. I can’t read, you see. That’s why I’ve never. I mean, the stories are so funny, I just… Ha-Ha!! I mean, the titles are so funny. 'Partly Dave’ and what else have we got here? We got many a nice story. 'Sad Michael,’ that’s a sad story. 'The Famous Five through Woenow Abbey’ that’s a well-known place. 'Randolf’s Party,’ I mean, that’s one not to be missed by anybody. We also have 'The Wrestling Dog.’ Many little drawings which will make you laugh.“

George: "Larf.”

Ringo: "George is trying to lose his accent, you see.“

Downton S6 Ep01 Reviews (USA journals)

“ Having accepted his wedding proposal at the end of Season 5, Mrs. Hughes has apparently been obsessing over the prospect of Mr. Carson wanting to get freaky. So she does what anybody in her situation would do: She asks Mrs. Patmore to ask Carson about it. Mrs. Patmore does her valiant best to raise the topic of Carson’s erotic ambitions, but they’re all just so frightfully English. Larfs abound. Carson declares that he wants a “full marriage” not a “brother/sister” relationship (has he met the Lannisters?). But if Mrs Hughes is too scandalized at the thought of Li’l Charlie coming out to play, he will agree to call off the engagement. When Mrs. Hughes finds her words, she reveals she was only scared that she would disappoint him. Carson practically swoons, and the wedding is on! And you’ve spent the whole episode imagining Carson and Hughes getting busy!” 

- Indiewire

“ The other forefront storyline involved Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson’s relationship. I loved their engagement at the end of the last season, and Mrs. Hughes recruiting Mrs. Patmore to finagle an answer out of Carson about the – ahem – sexual aspect of their impending marriage was hilarious.

Mrs. Patmore is consistently one of the funniest characters on the show, so watching her try to get up the courage to talk to the indomitable Carson about something as indelicate as this was great.

Equally great was the way this comic-relief storyline devolved into something incredible sweet. Carson’s speech about Mrs. Hughes and his love for her moved me as much as it moved Mrs. Patmore. Adorable!  Now that Carson and Mrs. Hughes are on the same page, I’m really looking forward to their wedding.”

- TvFanatic

“  This leads to several awkwardly hilarious and adorable scenes between Mrs. Hughes and her BFF Mrs. Patmore, and then between the beleaguered cook and Carson. Poor Mrs. Patmore, hardly an expert on the subject (she says she’s “heard it’s a wonderful experience – I wouldn’t know, of course”), is enlisted by her understandably nervous friend to find out whether or not the butler wants sex to be a part of their marriage. Without ever uttering the word, of course.

The only thing that helps us to maybe not forgive, but perhaps stomach Carson’s single-handed control of Mrs. Hughes’s sexual future here is the tender, love-filled, tear-stained message he relays to his bride via Mrs. Patmore: “I am happy and tickled and bursting with pride that she would agree to be my wife.”And, yes, he wants them to have sexual intercourse: “I want us to live as closely as two people can for the time that remains to us on Earth.”These two still have a long way to go when it comes to intimacy. (Step 1: Don’t use a go-between for sex talks.) But, at least by the end of the episode, having established that their marriage will not be a “brother-sister” arrangement, as Mrs. Hughes feared, the couple make up for lost time by sharing an amorous kiss and a warm embrace.

-  (X)

“However, it is not all doom and gloom in Downton. The episode is relieved with light moments of humour courtesy of Mrs Hughes and Mr Carson (Jim Carter), who resemble awkward teenagers when trying to approach the subject of sex ahead of their wedding. Mrs Hughes is worried about consummating their marriage having waited all her life to find “Mr right” and enlists cook Mrs Patmore to have “the talk” with her fiance on her behalf. Watching elderly – and experienced – people fumble around the topic of intimacy is already a favourite moment of the season.”

-  IbTimes

Yes, awkward sex talk, and we need to talk about this right now because there may never have been a more Downton-y story line in the history of Downton. When we last left Mrs. Hughes and her favorite “old booby” in the world, Mr. Carson, the two were happily and surprisingly engaged. Now, I have a question. In the down time between season 5 and 6, did your mind get to wondering what life would actually be like if these two fan-favorite characters tied the knot? We’ve seen them hold hands, but surely they couldn’t…you know. There has yet to be a date set for the Hughes-Carson nuptial, and there’s something holding up the proceedings, a sexy something. Mrs. Hughes isn’t sure that when Mr. Carson asked her to marry him out of nowhere, whether or not he expected their relationship to evolve into a sexual one. But let me be clear. The dialogue doesn’t come within a country mile of “sexual” and certainly not “sensual.” “I think we should be clear about what we’re doing,” explains Mrs. Hughes. “Or not doing,” replies Mrs. Patmore. And this is where Downton proves that it understands exactly the show that it is and why people love it. Mrs. Hughes just isn’t the type of girl to straight-up ask her future hubby whether they’ll be banging or not, but Mrs. Patmore is exactly that kind of wingman. “I’ve had some commissions in my time, but…” she says. So she’s game, but she’s not going to simply ask Carson if he intends to do Mrs. Hughes. Two attempts and one insistence that she look away while asking later, Mrs. Patmore has finally gotten the message across. The winning phrase-then-nod combo: “wifely duties.”Ah, yes. That. Carson’s answer is direct and rather sweet, considering that it amounts to “Yes, I’d like to hit that.” “I love her, Mrs. Patmore,” he says. “I am happy and tickled and bursting with pride that she would agree to be my wife, and I want to live as closely as two people can for the time that remains for us on earth.” Word gets back to Mrs. Hughes, who finally confronts her future husband herself. At first Carson thinks that she’s calling the whole thing off, but he’s just being an old booby again. “Well then, Mr. Carson, if you want me, you can have me, to quote Oliver Cromwell, warts and all.”Awww. Now they just need to figure out the whole “Mrs. Carson” thing.”

- EW

It’s rare for any show to balance sentiment and silliness as deftly as this episode does, and not just in Violet’s story. Mrs. Hughes, still engaged to Carson, confides in Mrs. Patmore (and remember, these women are “Mrs.” in title only, in deference to their rank) her reason for delaying the happy day—“I hadn’t fully considered all the… aspects of marriage”—and commissions her to ask Mr. Carson if he would settle for a marriage of companionship, not passion. It’s a tricky mission, and the scene is appropriately ticklish. Mrs. Patmore tries and fails to broach the subject; Mr. Carson is all decorous interest. Finally, the penny drops and they both curl up in embarrassment. “That’s it, I think we’ve got there,” Mrs. Patmore blurts out, and indeed they have. Awkwardness blooms into sweetness as Carson describes his feelings for Mrs. Hughes.  Under the comedy, this conversation is as intimate and as sentimental as Maggie Smith’s scene at her bedroom vanity. The camera shifts and dips like the gaze of a voyeur. The clock ticks away in the background, a reminder of of passing time, especially poignant for Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson, who have found love late in life.  

- A.V Club

Then there’s Hughes and Carson, whose chastity is both the most preposterous and totally best thing in this episode. They finally talk about[mouths word silently so no one will hear] … sex. Well, they don’t exactly talk about it so much as discuss it without saying specific sex-words. And they don’t even talk about that initially, because Mrs. Hughes asks Mrs. Patmore to do the speaking for her, which is completely unfair. Does shelook like a frolicker? Not surprisingly, she has no idea how to put the words, “Do you want to hit that?” into a sentence, in that order.

So many sweetly pathetic revelations come out of this storyline, though: the fact that Mrs. Patmore has never gotten laid (no wonder she yells at Daisy so much); that Mrs. Hughes feels so self-conscious about being intimate; that Carson has no qualms about saying of his fiance, “In my eyes, she is beautiful”; that they finally kiss in a way that generates enough sparks to … maybe light a very small votive candle, if they’re lucky?

Oh, whatever. It’s still charming because nothing is more adorable than older, repressed British people sharing a closed-mouth smooch. Besides, I’m pretty sure that episode two will open with a shot of Mrs. Hughes and Carson splayed out all over Carson’s desk, with his tiny sherry cups placed in some super-compromising positions. Can you imagine if that happened? Patmore would walk in on them and immediately drop dead of sex-shock, and PBS would lose all of its funding. But man: it would be worth it.

- Vulture