Mistakes in Lovemaking, a beyblade fanfic | FanFiction

Hey guys! Just posted a new short little oneshot that I’ve had saved on my laptop for the past year and just haven’t completed until right now :/ Shame on me lol. It’s not one of the best things I’ve ever written and it was more for a slow larf based on an anon’s request than anything else, but I hope you wouldn’t mind giving it a read.

It’s a TysonxHilary lovemaking disaster. 

Almost had a cheeky nandos last night my mate.

Cameron can take our NHS, push public schools into the depths of hell, shit on already impoverished families and kill foxes for “a jolly posh larf” but he will never take

our cheeky nandos

suho is actually so funny its just that u guys are #predujice and u cant see past the embrassing thigns he said and did in 2013 in the name of comedy its sad that u guys cant look past that…if bbh said linkin park was a park he’d like to visit in ny you guys woudlve pissed yoruselves….instead u called it a dad joke and larfed at him…end the discrimination now