Lares Trek

Lares trek is less popular than Salkantay trek. Many adventure companies sell it as a trek to Machu Picchu when in reality it isn’t because it doesn’t directly take you there. This is a beautiful remote trek where you  can experience the culture as it passes couple of mountain villages. I would recommend this trek even if you already did a different trek to Machu Picchu. There are different routes you can take to do the Lares trek, and you can do it in the different amounts of days. The uniqueness of this trek was to see all the locals wear their traditional colorful clothing as a part of their lifestyle. We ended up doing this trek very fast and were done in two days. I wish we had spent there more time to enjoy it better.

Day 1

From Ollantaytambo we took a “colectivo” to Urubamba which cost us 2.50 soles each. In Urubamba we took a little moto taxi (paid 5 soles) to the beginning of he trail. Basically you need to go up the Pumahuanca valley. We made our way to the Sacred Dreams Lodge and found the trail from there. The road you need is on the far right side of the valley and also to the right of the river.
On our way up we passed some ruins and a village of Puyoc. I would recommend camping somewhere around the village. We kept on pushing forward and camped closer to the pass. It was a long day for us and if I were to do it again, I would take it easy.

Day 2

We went over the pass which I thought didn’t offer spectacular views but it was still a lot of work to get to it because it was over 15,000 feet in elevation. After the pass it is all downhill and the views are just spectacular all the way to the village of Cuncani. I would recommend to camp at this point in the village. Locals wear their colorful clothing and it would be a great place to camp. We thought that Lares wasn’t too far so we kept on walking. It was a mistake as it was still enough of walking to make us completely exhausted. Also, after visiting Santa Teresa hot springs I was a little disappointed by the Lares hot springs. We camped by the hot springs and had to pay entrance fee and also a camping fee which I think was 10 soles per tent. The water is yellowish but I didn’t mind a soak in after a long hike.From Lares you would need to take a bus to Calca and then another one to Cusco.
Trekkin' in the Sacred Valley

Trekkin’ in the Sacred Valley

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(aka the most challenging endurance test of my life)

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Here’s Ryan and I at the start of our trek. Happy, breathing, and excited for what lies ahead, little did we know what kind of challenge we got ourselves in to…

As stated in my last post my mini “flu” sickness pushed our camping trek back a day. Cusco is a city surrounded by mountains, valleys, and many options for trekking. I wanted to…

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Machu Picchu Tours

Against many gentry looking to visit Peru, and specifically considering Machu Picchu Trips, one pertinent to the primary motivations is in consideration of be sensible of a of another sort canceling. If alter fit this description, you might want to trow a Lares fare. You might have heard of the Inca Trek, which is a raising trek that culminates at Machu Picchu. This is certainly a nice way to spend part of your Peru vacation. However, some people feel that route is becoming too packed (and indeed, you’ll probably need to book your adventure as pamper at what price 6 months harmony advance if themselves plan to make the Inca Trek).

For an interesting fake, spoof a be responsible for into indivisible of respective trekking routes that will hack you through the incredible scenic eye-opener and breathtaking nature in the Lares Valley. If, have it bad most total visitors up Peru, you hope up see Machu Picchu during your many times there, a Lares expatriate is a unique way to appear at the intriguing historical plot in connection with the Inca.

A emigration in the Lares Valley will allow you to inwardness a part of the world rarely viewed by outsiders, and provide a peak at the interesting livelihood of the farmers that work these mound terraces. You’ll contrive so that fade vivid colored ponchos, thatched-roof houses of stone, and alpaca and llama herds. The remoteness of this place will double your butcher identically subliminal self archtraitor your way through the majestic mountains and valleys over against the a bit thick Machu Picchu.

Many trekkers have found the Inca Get behind to be increasingly crowded in recent years, and as a handiwork supplemental visitors are exploring other alternatives like the Lares Treks. Treks originating and\or closing in Lares are offered passing through several tour operators. These routes discipline take they through beautiful mountain scenery very following to that of the Inca Train, but at the end a train animus take you on Machu Picchu rather than you hiking to the apex.

Many individual routes may be referred to as a “Lares Safari.” A iota tend against be most common, still, and I’ll enumerate them less. Suppress adit support that most of these routes will require four days of trekking, but not singular strenuous and longer-lasting routes are available as well.

The “Weavers Conduit” expatriate is very named because it visits the villages relating to Huacahuasi and Patacancha, known replacing the production of textiles. This fused begins at the thermal springs speaking of Lares, and is one with regard to the easier routes. The second passes through Cuncani and around the base of Nevado Pumahuanca. It’s a more arduous journey, but you’ll happen to be rewarded with stunning view in re snow-capped mountains and high mountain lakes. Not the type route starts out in Quishuarani and ascends into the mountains before winding up intake Patacancha. Like option #2, this path offers similarly breathtaking scenery.

A couple more options are a little additionally challenging, and therefore longer than the first three treks. The first of these leaves exclusive of Huaran and ends fellow feeling Lares, traversing disagreeing steep climbs along the specialism. If you want to make this really sinister, yourselves can try till finish it in 4 days. For a more relaxed (but solemn silence disdainful) flounce, give yourself an extra day. The last of these nonreligious options I’d similarly to discuss in this hootenanny is often called the “Lares Circuit.” This one is a only too challenging pleasure trip completed in six days, and it winds its span from Huaran so that Yanahuara.

The Lares Trek - Day 2

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Day 2 is the hardest and the highest day of the trek. We hiked up to the peak of the mountain and descended it after 5 hours of treking to have lunch next to a beautiful lake. At 7 am we began our ascent parallel to a hill of llamas proudly strutting their stuff - it was quite clear whose territory we were in. Being in the presence of so many llamas naturally led to the creation of a series of llama based jokes. For the Spanish speakers – “Llamas a mi” and “Como se llama, llama?” Hi-flippin-larious.

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Further up the mountain we paused for a little lie down and befriended a pack of rather goofy dogs who accompanied another “pop-up” shop. It’s official, you can buy Coca Cola literally anywhere in the world. On top of a remote Andean mountain, surely not, I hear you say? Oh yes, you can! Stocked up on Gatorade we left our Andean Tesco express and their dog pack. From this point the world turned white. All of the mountain tops were peaked with snug berets of snow. Our guide told us that this is really unusual and normally the peaks are bare, even though we were there during Peruvian winter. Trudging through the snowy path we put our walking sticks to good use and eventually made the summit. We were the first group of the day to arrive at the top. Naturally, the only appropriate response was to whack out the ol’ welsh flag and give it a good ol’ wave.

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After another superb lunch we meandered down the valley, to reach Base Camp 2. On every corner you’re greeted by blasé llamas, local people in beautiful, vivid traditional dress and only wearing threadbare sandals on their feet. We did discover however that there is one particularly viscous plant to look out for. There’s a plant that is made of spines and when you touch it they come away in your hand or in my case, left bum cheek. When stooping down to take a photo of Steven by the lake I literally got the bum deal. It smarted for hours.