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A great kiskadee eyed me
Crouched atop mesquite
Head tilted to match mine
I wonder what it thought
Seeing me still
Admiring its striped eye
That yellow-bellied beauty
I wonder if it cared that I crouched
Catching sight of deer tracks
Delicate toes digging into muddy banks
I looked back from the water’s edge
Found it’d gone
Only the gentle lap of rocky shores
To keep me company

Reasons I love Laredo TX

- white minority
- the heart of import/export
- 10 minutes from Mexico
- authentic Mexican food
- tons of history (established in 1755)
- quinceañeras are fun as fuck
- being a quinceañera
- we have our own Texas A&M branch
- weak ass white people don’t come here bc/ were so close to Mexico
- no police brutality
- average only 2 murders each year
- all of the beautiful people, I swear

Laredo Hospital: A Rant

So, my mother in law had to be admitted to the hospital last night, she’s doing better but Mr. Hallease and I are down here for the holiday and we had to deal with the E.R here.

It’s times like these I hate that I have a lot of knowledge about standard medical care because I came in there ready to cut several people, the staff in the ER was absolutely horrible. Basically she woke up yesterday exhibiting stroke like symptoms and my father in law took her in, she was not brought back into the ER until 4 hours later…

What the fuck.

They didn’t give her an IV until 6:30p she had been there since 10:30a.

“Did you take her vital signs yet?”

“Why the fuck is she still out in the waiting room it’s been 4 hours and she’s showing life threatening signs!!”

“Um, hey instead of just handing her pills and saying ‘take these’ how about you explain them, what do they do, why does she need them?!”

Needless to say when Mr. Hallease and I got there and started laying on some pressure, they quickly admitted her and brought her upstairs. Which they should have done hours ago…

I’m mostly pissed because she’s my husbands mother and I fucking love her and she’s scared as hell and NOBODY FUCKING EXPLAINED ANYTHING TO THEM UNTIL WE STARTED DEMANDING EXPLANATIONS. That’s scary for a patient and can cause unnecessary anxiety and stress on the body AND MAKE THEM WORSE.

What pissed me off even further was the fact that their ER is freakin huge and empty as hell…so what have yall been doing for the past 5 hours while we were driving down?!? Twiddling your fucking thumbs?!? Fuck!

That’s your job as a nurse! “Well we think this is wrong, this is what that is, next steps are this…I’m giving you this to help with that”

Anyway…once she got admitted for overnight watch the upstairs nurse was exponentially better. Needless to say everyone is tired, but we’re happy she’s doing okay. I got my mom/family back in SA on a heavy prayer circle for her and told them to add me to the prayer list so I don’t cause a scene and get kicked out of this hospital.

People fucking with my family - not okay.