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Will you fix my heart, Y/l/n? ——Peter Kavinsky x Reader.

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REQUESTED/SUMMARY:can you please do an imagine where Lara Jean and Peter broke up because she likes John Ambrose McClaren and reader comforts Peter because she likes him. Also the reader is Josh’s cousin and he doesn’t like Peter.

AUTHOR’S NOTE:hullo hullo brotharz!I made the cousin Josh x cousin reader part comical unlike the rest of it!I hope you like thissss.


“John Ambrose Mc-fucking-Claren!” Peter sadly whispers, heartbroken, at Lara Jean, the girl who he thought actually loved him.

“I’m really sorry Peter..but i can’t choose who i fall in love with..” Lara Jean lowers her gaze and lets John take her away from Peter.

“So that’s it?You’re just gonna leave?.. Lara Jean Covey you owe me an explaination for this one!” Peter yells as the new couple walks away.

Lara Jean turns her head to give her first and now ex boyfriend, Peter, one last look.

“You broke my heart,Covey!” Peter yells again and Lara Jean faces away. She hates having done that, but couldn’t have done anything else.They slowly walk back into her house.

“Who the fuck is yelling?It’s like 12 at midnight what are they doing?” You close your sketchbook and get up from Josh’s (your cousin’s) bed.

“I don’t know, and i don’t care..” Josh says after clicking his tongue.

You broke my heart, Covey!

“No way!” You almost yell and run towards the window, immediately facing Lara Jean, holding hands with John Ambrose McClaren and Peter Kavinsky’s back.

“Did i just hear a sad Kavinsky or did YouTube mess up my brain?” Josh asks confused and gets up from the bed, walking to stand next to you. “Oh, it is him..”

“She just left him for John?What the hell!?” You widen your eyes and Josh rolls his.

“Took her long enough..”

“Oh don’t be so mean!” You send your cousin a look. “The poor boy loves her so much!” You look back at Peter, who,after turning around, looks up and sees you and Josh. “Shit!” You whisper-yell and run away from the window.

“Why do i feel like you were jealous of their relationship?”

“Because i am!” You say and Josh furrows his eyebrows. “Josh, they were literally the perfect couple, have you seen the way Peter looks at Lara Jean? Such a cutie!”

“Oh my God..” Josh’s hands find their way up to his his head. “You like Peter!”

“WhatShut up pffft course i dont”

“Yeah you do!” His eyes widen and he points at you, left hand still on his head. “You freaking like Peter Kavinsky!”

“I-ugh pfffff.. Okay fine. I do. I’ve liked him since middle school. I have a huge crush on him. What’s wrong with that?” You tilt your head at your more like a brother- cousin.

“I’m calling your dad!” He runs to grab his phone but you snatch it out of his hand, bringing it behind your back.“Uncle y/d/n is gonna ground you for life, you’re not getting out of the house until you’re 80! Give me the phone y/n, I’m calling him!”

“No you’re not Josh, what the fuck?”

“You’re not dating Kavinsky! I better not see you with Kavinsky!”

“What is your problem with me liking Kavinsky? ”

“Because Kavinsky is an asshole!”

“Kavinsky is kind and loving!”

“Can we fucking stop saying Kavisnky?”

“Ughhhh you are the worst cousin ever..” You slam his phone on his desk and grab your jacket.

“No i’m not and you know it!I’m trynna look out for you! When i was your age, i never listened to older people and then later i found out they were right all along!”

“Older peo-?- Josh you’re only 2 months older than me, stop with the when-i-was-your-age jokes dude!” You cannot stay serious and start laughing.

“Where are you going now??” Josh asks.

“For a walk. I’ll be back in like an hour, i’m staying here tonight anyways.”

“Hey, i wanna come with you!” Josh pouts and you open the door to leave.(Relatives man, one moment you’re about to kill each other and the next, everything is fine.)

“Nope!You’re staying her cous!”

You leave your cousin behind and get out of the house.You then start walking towards that Corner Cafe. Peter goes there to drink a milkshake and think. At least that’s what he told you the day he received that love letter from Lara Jean.

Turns out, he is there.

You open the door, the smell of coffee and cake filling you with warmth. There he is, sitting alone in the corner, looking at the empty seat opposite of him.

When that little bell rings as the door closes, Peter looks up and his eyes meet yours, making your heart skip a beat. He then brings a peace sign up to his forehead, something he usually does when you get paired up together for a project in class, or when you see him in the bus. It is usually his way of signaling you to go sit with him -y'all are these kind of friends we all have, the ones where you hang out with at school, but as soon as you step out of that gate, you’re strangers- so you took it as an invite.

“Hey.” You say when you sit down.

“Hey.” Peter answers and doesn’t look at you at all.

“Are you okay?” You ask.

“No.” He answers.

“Can i make you feel better?”

“I don’t know, can you?”


“Why did i have to get so attached to her?”

“I..i don’t know.. All i know is that you truly loved her, and she threw it all away for John Ambrose McClaren. She’s gonna regret it soon. Just wait.”

“Why did i have to fall in love with her specifically? Like, there are so many other girls.. You for example!” He points at you.

“Me?” You ask clearly confused and furrow your eyebrows.

“I mean, we know each other enough, i find you extremely beautiful, i’ve been thinking about you for a few days now whenever Lara Jean showed me signs she’s not in love with me anymore, why didn’t i fall in love with you? I know you, you’re loving. I could’ve loved you instead. And even if you didn’t love me back in that way, you wouldn’t break my heart the way she did..”

“Peter i-..” You’re in loss of words.

“I’m sorry i talk too much..”

“No i-it’s fine Peter.. i just don’t know what to say..”

“I wish we spent more time together… not just at school..”

“Yeah me too..” He looks at you with guilty eyes. “This was my number one wish for a long time..” you say and sadly smile at him.

Peter changes his seat and sits on the chair on your left. He puts a hand over yours.

“I really have been thinking about you these past few days..” Peter puts a strand of hair behind your ear.

“You shouldn’t move on too quickly.” You squeeze his hand.

“It doesn’t have to be quick..let’s hang out outside of school as well. i just need some comfort until i get over it.”

“Then we can see what we really feel about each other..”

“Then we can see what we really feel about each other..” Peter repeats your words.

You just stay there looking at each other for a few minutes, taking in the fact that your long time crush likes you. He thinks the same.

“Will you fix my heart, y/l/n?”

“I don’t know if i can, Kavinsky.”

“You can try…”

“I can try.”

You both smile and know that this is going to be the start of something new. Of something beautiful and powerful. Something strong. Something that’s gonna start slowly and then escalate quickly. Peter should’ve seen this from the start.That’s all that is going through his head right now. That he should have see—*dzzt dzzt*

Your phone vibrates in your pocket and Peter gets his hand out of yours.

1 message from Cousin Josh

You tap on it.

“Look up 🙃”

Both you and Peter (who read the message) look up and see Josh, standing right outside the cafe window, looking at you.

Peter just smiles at your cousin, who keeps his blank face.